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[Back Order] Hisense 150L Art Series Bar Fridge (Graphite Black) $315 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


This product is currently out of stock and will be back-ordered upon purchase. Customers will be contacted directly and advised of current fulfilment timeframes


Meet the happy medium, the 150 litre Hisense Art Series – not too large or too small, big capacity for areas with a small foot print. Available in colours such as Bull Red, Graphite Black, and Burnt Orange the Art Series allows you to have it either contrast or complement any studio, dorm, lounge and office break room.

Features include temperature control, an adjustable glass shelf and even a fruit and vegetable crisper.

Key Features

Ice Maker Compartment
Achieving between -2°C to -8°C the Art Series ice maker compartment is ideal to make & store fresh ice for that spontaneous mid-week catch-up with friends.

Interior LED Light
Using the latest technology for a brighter and more efficent use of lighting throughout your appliance.

Semi- Auto Defrost
With the press of the blue defrost program button you can easily activate the ice making compartment defrost system with no further action required. Once activated the program will resume normal operation 3-4 hours once finished.

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  • “This product is currently out of stock and will be back-ordered upon purchase. Customers will be contacted directly and advised of current fulfilment timeframes”

  • +15

    Why is there a whole fish in the freezer

    • Cheaper to buy a whole fish than buying a piece?

    • +22

      It's a standard unit of measure. This saves you having to take your whole fish to JBhifi and see how many fish lengths each freezer is.

      • +7

        Almost hooked me in.

      • +1

        something fishy about this!

    • +1

      It's for when you want to smack your mate in the face with a fish.

      • +2

        I see, you might be compelled to do that during one of the spontaneous mid-week catch-ups with friends

      • +1

        Have you been playing Sleeping Dogs recently?

    • Having a closer look; the green bottle water is watson's water a company in hk that sells in it in Asian countries.

      So I think the picture of the fridge is from an Asian country that sells this fridge.

      Hisense is a state-owned China company; according to wikipedia!

  • +3

    These are typically electricity guzzlers

    • +3

      Yes but it's 'Art' so it makes it ok.

  • +5

    Seeing the price for this fridge, I've gone to give another hug to my $206 269L Euromaid fridge from Appliances Online.

    • +2

      Yours is ugly, and this is a bar fridge.

      • +6

        Don't care as long as my beer looks beautiful.

    • +3

      True ozbargainer: no no no… it was $206-20=$186 through "sign up for newsletter" (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641239)

      • Was in a rush to purchase it before it was sold out, so didn't "sign up for newsletter".

    • Same here, I got that deal of the year too. $186, well technically I paid $116 (that's what I tell myself, lol) because I was going to pay some guy $70 to take the old piece of crap garage fridge to the tip and they took it for free.
      I like this fridge better than my more expensive Hisense fridge in the kitchen. Pretty much silent and holds a perfect temperature. Sooo happy.

  • is this good for dry aged beef

    • dont see why not though.

  • Been looking for an outdoor bar fridge, but the ones made for outdoors with the glass fronts are so expensive.

    Hoping I can get one even cheaper than this and should be ok. Ideally without a freezer though.

  • +2

    Thought this was an Xbox Series X post for a second there

  • Bloody bar fridges. Complete waste of energy. This will cost you $100 a year, typically, on your energy bill. Walk to your main fridge.

    • +1

      Sometimes, it is mainly for spacing if they have not enough, just imagine a small unit have a big fridges standing there…

      • +1

        5-6 star full fridge will use less electricity. They don't even properly publish how inefficient these are.

      • Better off having two big fridges

  • +1

    I have a bar fridge which actually has a two doors and has proper freezer. The freezer section on this seems to be like the small ice sections, which doesn't work too well if you need constant temperature.

    It would be okay for drinks, but not icecream for example.

  • I bought an as new normal bridge in perfect working order for $200, then tried to sell it on Gumtree for the same amount but nobody wants it, so I'm now using it as a bar fridge for all my beers / soft drinks.

  • +1

    We have this for a small apartment and it’s a horrible fridge.

    Extremely uneven temperatures throughout, uses a lot of power, and quite slow to cool down.

    If just for beverages it’s probably Ok.

  • Good guys commercial also had this for $315 if you have access and wpuld like it now.

  • True ozbargainer brews his own beer and dispenses it from a keezer he built from a free chest freezer on gumtree.