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UGREEN [email protected] HDMI Bidirectional Switch $9.67 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ UGREEN via Amazon AU



$9.67 down from $16.99.

Have one of these myself and find it perfect for working from home and switching between machines. It's mounted on the back of my monitor near the bottom edge and you can feel for the indented touch button to quickly switch from work laptop to personal rig.

Compliments a USB switch from the same company well for other peripherals like keyboard and.mouse. Expires in about 8 hours.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Price missing from the title.

  • thanks op bought 2

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    this looks like one of them Zip drives

    if anyone here remembers what those were

    • Without the Click of Death, too!

    • Yes I do, a floppy that can hold up to 750mb data. Why didn't they become more popular?

      • +3

        $100 a pop, and CDs were 50c I guess would be why.

        Marketing? Ie beta max vs VHS.

        • -1

          CD's were not 50c when first released, they were like $2 at the start. And CD's were not writable like zip disk unless you got re-writable CDs

          • +1

            @Homr: the first blank CDs I started buying were about $8 each

      • +1

        750? Pretty sure they were lower - Ie: 128mb…

        • +2

          originally launched with capacities of 100 MB, then 250 MB, and finally 750 MB.

        • I used the 750mb one for taking print designs to color proof

  • I get the odd blackout with my Baseus one but it’s great otherwise. anybody able to speak for this one?

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      I get the odd blackout with my Baseus one

      Did you see a doctor after you regained consciousness? =p

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        he should probably ensure he has a carbon monoxide detector installed in his house

      • +1

        Haha fair call

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      I have one from when COVID WFH first became a thing, works great for switching from the work laptop plugged into external monitor to switching to the gaming rig plugged into the same monitor.

      The USB dongle from the same brand works great also, meaning for switching between keyboard and mouse for work laptop and gaming rig.

      • Yeah awesome I'll pick one up.

        Thanks mate

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    With swith ith thith?

    …asking for Mike Tyson.

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      For anyone seeing this after it's been corrected, the title was "UGREEN HDMI Swith"

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        I wath in a hurry.

      • +9

        Mean bastards taking the pith

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    These are one of those things that might sound silly to most, but in reality once you get one you cant live without it.

    It might sound like a first world problem but being able to just tap a single button nearby is so much easier than having to fiddle with my monitors poor UI and 5+ button presses

    • These kinds of switches have been around for decades - definitely not silly or a first world problem. 🙂

      It would pair nicely with the Logitech MX Keys and Master 3.

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      Its nice when you have a monitor that will do the switching for you, Its my favourite thing about my Mi monitor 34, it automatically switches to the active connection if there is only 1

      • Same for my Panasonic, HDMI for work laptop, DisplayPort for personal desktop. It has a USB hub too but that's a manual job, although a couple of extensions makes it easy.

        i've also found a USB soundcard with TRRS which you can get for about $10 is amazing mounted just under the front of the desk so don't have headphone cables running over the keyboard.

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      After a few days of plugging and unplugging or going into menus I went looking for a solution. This and the USB 3 switch meant a lean forward and just 2 clicks. Well under $50 at the time. Auto would have been better but alas.

      • You can have the 4 input [email protected] + USB switch combined, so would be only a single click.

        • @DmytroP have you got a link for something that can do the single click and switch? something that you can vouch for would be brilliant

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            @WarChief: I used the similar KVM to https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164321184781

            It worked well to connect the 1440p 60Hz monitor to 3 systems and switched between inputs with the single click (it's also convenient to have the remote panel, with the buttons and indication LEDs away from the rest of the cabling.

            Later I switched to another monitor with the resolution/frequency exceeding the KVM specs but still using it to switch between USB keyboard/mouse.

  • Would this allow me to play HDCP content from Netflix on a non-hdcp monitor like the hdcp strippers do?

    • Sorry, don't know.

    • From the Amazon listing:

      Comes with HDCP 1.4, fully compatible with HDMI devices such as PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, XBOX, Blue-Ray Player, DVD Player, PC, Laptop, TV Box, tv Stick, Chromecast and more.

      I'm not sure if that means it will work like an HDCP stripper though.

      • Thanks, I’m going to try and return if it doesn’t work.

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      works for wfh strippers

  • Needed something like this for my WFH workbench.

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    I actually just looked for one last night, but I'm after the display port, not HDMI ones. Pity!

  • I was after one of these. Thanks for posting OP. But first few reviews seems product is not working for a lot of people.

    • +1

      I can only talk to my experience which has been great. I have seen a lot of people try to push something through that isn't compatible like a huge res to a big desktop screen from a laptops built in GPU that just can't do it. I think some of the complaints come from those type issues or maybe bad cables. At this price it's not a huge gamble to try it out either way. I purchased some short HDMI cables and cable management clips which push the price up a bit but it all sits on the back of my monitor out of sight.

      • Agreed. Thanks 😊

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    Any recommendations for a 3 or 4 port HDMI switch for multiple game consoles?

  • I have a similar one to switch between Projector and TV.

  • Bought and then realised it was 60hz and cancelled :( can't give up the 144hz of the mi monitor!

    • +1

      The 60Hz spec only applies to resolutions of 4K. Lower resolutions at higher refresh rates should be fine as long as HDMI 2.0 supports it.

  • +3

    Need one for DP

  • Bought one. Now to find deals on short hdmi cable to go with this.

    • ugreen has some 1 m ones.

  • Must have just missed out on something I don’t need yet

  • +1


    I just yesterday bought a competitors version of this from Amazon AU and paid RRP.

  • Ordered this a while ago. It's annoying because everytime you switch the desktops rearrange. I'm not sure if theres anyway around it as the only way it seems is for the hardware to treat it as a physical cable unplug from the graphics card and a physical plug back in.

    • I guess in a way that's essentially what it's doing, probably best for switching between say a PS5 and Series X than a PC.

    • +1

      Win 11 will fix this issue

  • Does anyone know if there is one that has DP and HDMI, but also can handle 144Hz?

    • If the resolution and refresh rate you’re using are supported by HDMI 2.0, then this switch should be fine.

  • so its 4k but limited to 60hz no matter the resolution? So no point using this to switch between a Nintendo switch and the normal PC on a 144hz computer monitor?

    • The 60Hz spec only applies to resolutions of 4K. Lower resolutions at higher refresh rates should be fine as long as HDMI 2.0 supports it. The switch supports HDMI 2.0

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    Do these add latency?

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    One of these with some USB ports would be awesome to switch between 2 docks at home. Anyone know of a solution?

    • When I got mine the all in ones were a much more expensive option and at first my work laptop was easy reach for usb. I got the USB3 hub a few weeks later anyway. The two buttons are either side so I hit them at the same time in the same motion anyway.

  • I realise this particular deal is over now, but would still ask those in the know if something like this can overcome a (minor) problem we have. Our 4K OLED Sony TV has the usual eARC, but we have both a Surround sound Amp with standard ARC and a Samsung soundbar with eARC. Obviously we want the surround amp connected up for ARC, but don't actually have the amp on unless watching a bang crash movie. We connect the soundbar to the TV with an optical cable for every day use which means that when using the soundbar we're limited to DD when streaming services like Prime and Netflix which is capable of outputting DD+ and Atmos. Quite simply would a HDMI one to two splitter like the one offered here mean we could replace the optical for better audio via HDMI?

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    Any not crazy expensive 4k60fps KVM with 2 USB? Was going to buy one of these and just use a hub but it's sold out so here I am

  • Missed it.

  • Isn't it easier to just have one machine on HDMI and the other on DP?

    • No, then you have to use the monitor menu to switch between HDMI and display port … which is a pain in the arse, and slow, also involves at least 5 clicks on my monitor … way too much work :-(

      • Mine auto switches to whatever the active input is or you can manually switch in 2-3 clicks, takes two seconds, monitor dependent I guess.

      • Yes but you’re limited to 60hz with this switch :(

        This is fine if you’re monitor is 60hz but if it has a better refresh rate you’re wasting your hard earned

        • I think the 60hz is the limit only at 4k. Better at lower res.

  • OOS now but does it come with a remote control? Thinking to try this one given its rating when my current Simplecom switch retires.

    • No it is very simple. Just a click button in the middle. For my use on the back of the monitor the dimple in the middle of a raised bump made it easy to lean forward and feel for.

  • Can you guys test if it can strip HDCP?

  • Omg I didn't know something like this existed and now I need this in my life but it's OOS 😭