Anyone Have Experience with Micro USB 3.1 SSD Drive?

Hi all,

So a mate of mine sent me alike following a purchase of 2x USB 3.1 Micro SSD drives and he isn't sure if he should have done so or not.
(Little money, so, not a big deal - told him, what's done is done!) lol… He is still waiting for them to arrive.

I've not had any experience with these things, so thought I'd ask if anyone else has wisely used, or blown cash on this sort of thing?

Wondering if the sizing is accurate, and/or if the speed is really at/around the 300mb/sec mark? He wants to use 1 of them to do a mobile phone backup OTG, and the other to use as a dump drive on his notebook. Told him he should have just used a free cloud backup for the phone and used an external HDD for the PC.

I'm taking a guess, they might be junk…?

Any ideas?

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    There is no way that 4tb unit is $55 if it's legit. These will have poor memory modules in them and be hacked to display data sizes that they are not.. do NOT store anything of value on these drives.

    • Figured as much. Told him he wasted some coin today! lol
      I did read that they were 2x 2tb for the 4tb version. Thought that was hilarious too!

  • Wondering if the sizing is accurate

    Absolutely not.
    Fake drives.
    It may appear as 500GB or 1TB or 2TB or 4TB within Windows but it's probably only about 2GB (if that). Can't write after that "2GB" is written

    This may be handy -

    Edit: Could've just been me but the seller's feedback went from 0 to 5 within a few minutes (was 0 when I originally opened the link)

    • hahahahaha! My thoughts exactly.
      I couldn't even understand how it could be done unless it was a reprogramed/fake value.
      Crappy/slower Micro SD cards ain't even that cheap (usually).

      Think he will need to be doing a refund/product claim on his purchase…

      Knew there was a reason I'd not come across these things myself!

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    4TB USB 3.1 External SSD

    Fake! Even as a memory stick 4tb still fake!

  • Just buy a brand name and put it in an enclosure. I use Crucial, Samsung with those USB3.1 A enclosures.

    • Thats gold!

      I want to send it to him and film his reaction. Maybe I can store it to the 2x 2TB drives he has bought! lmfao

  • Beware, The enclosures come in several types

    • mSATA
    • m/b key NGFF
    • m.2

    Make sure not to get the wrong one for your chosen SSD!

    Also they can have different types of USB-3 connectors, USB-C, the wider, flatter (slim) ones, and of course, USB-A.