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70x Telfast Generic Hayfexo 180mg + 70x Zyrtec Generic Cetirizine 10mg $23.49 Delivered @ Pharmacy Savings


Hi Ozbargainers,

Spring has definitely sprung with Fexo (generic Telfast) flying off the shelves faster than we can stock it. To celebrate the beginning of Spring (and of course fathers day) I thought I'd couple up the best 2 sellers of the past couple of months on our website. Not only is this the lowest price in Australia - its the ALL TIME low for our own store.

I've allocated 200 boxes from my (hard fought for delivery) to Ozbargainers.

ITEM: 70x Hayfexo 180mg (Telfast Generic Alternate) + 70x Cetirzine (Zyrtec Generic Alternate)
PRICE: $23.49
LINK: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/70x-hayfexo-fexofena...
EXP: 12/23 - Fexo, 02/24 - Cetirizine
DELIVERY: FREE Via Snail Mail ($6.99 express)

For those looking for Nasonex Generic (Mometasone) - I have 60x units left of the previous ULTRA POPULAR deal which I have restocked tonight:

ITEM: 3x 140 spray, Mometasone Spray + Bonus Item (client selects)
PRICE: $39.99
LINK: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/3-x-140-dose-mometas...

For those looking for the items in this deal individually:

Dr Reddy's - Hayfexo FEXOFENADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Generic Telfast)
70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

Item: Dr Reddy's Cetrine
Price: $9.99
Delivery: Free
Code: NO code required - I'm hanging on to this price only to avoid being accused of price jacking - but we are now paying MORE for this item making this price genuinely unsustainable moving forward.
Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/cetrine-dr-reddys-ce...

PRICE: $13.99
CODE: Not required (i'm getting plenty of complaints about the codes being too hard to apply)
LINK: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/100-x-trust-loratadi...

100x FEXO + 100x Loratadine + 100x Cetirizine + 100x Paracetamol
PRICE: $49.99 inc express post

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  • +7

    Just passing by to say thanks for the last 2 orders.

    • Still waiting for the delivery of my order of Cetirizine from the previous deal. Can you help OP?

      • +1

        Hi,delivery is generally around 10 working days, the last deal was posted around 5 working days ago, so hopefully you should see delivery later this week.

  • Any decongestant?

  • +3

    Anyone has itchy eyes and nose for the last 2weeks.??

    • No
      Hope you got a covid test

    • +9

      I’ve personally packed 1,000 hayfever orders in the past 2 weeks, so I can say with confidence at least 1,000 people :-)

      • I've personally not had any hayfever in the past 2 weeks but the long expiry dates on these make it an easy purchase because it'll be back soon enough haha

    • Been sneezing and runny nose for over a week. Not covid got tested and not flu so must be hayfever

    • +1

      Yes, with the tremendous amount of wattle that’s been blooming in my corner of TAS in the past month. Got a test at the first sign (which also coincided with a case brought in from a Mainlander) and came back negative so have been getting relief from one of the OP’s earlier deals on Loratadine and C-zine. The generic brands work just fine for me.

  • What’s the best before date look like please?

    • EXP: 12/23 - Fexo, 02/24 - Cetirizine

      • Thanks. Bought one.

  • Why there's no market equivalent for Telfast 120mg? 180mg is too much.

    • There is, demand is just so weak we don’t stock it. Pm if you want a bulk deal I can order in for you.

    • If 180mg is too strong, break the tablet into half to get 90mg.
      I do that for all my 180mg to try and get less reliant on the higher concentration.

  • How do these compare to claratyne?

  • Any deal just for Hayfexo?

  • +5

    Does ivermectin work for hayfever? Asking for a friend…

  • +2

    Why thank you Australia Post - in addition to rising prices 6/09/21, you also take your website offline 1 hour beforehand so business clients can't even push through their orders in real time before the price rise:

    We'll be back soon
    We'll be making some updates between Sun 5th Sep 11pm AEST and Mon 6th Sep 12am AEST. During this one hour window, you will be unable to access our APIs or UIs.

    • +1

      Looks like OP need to change the price for his surviving but honour the Ozbargainers who ordered.
      I was going to order but will wait…

      • Good news, just logged on, looks like my rate only went up 13c per small satchel.

  • Thanks OP just placed a order

  • +1

    What's the expiry date on TRUST LORATADINE 100x?

    • Exp: 07/2023

  • Thanks OP, bought some hayfexo and mometasone. Hay fever has been kicking my butt the last 2 weeks.

  • Hi OP, I'm not familiar with the brand so did some google research and noted a few past recalls from this company. Are you able to provide some reassurance re the manufacturer prior to to me biting the bullet and ordering? The pricing makes it very tempting though. Thank you!

    • Why would a manufacturer needs to be re-assured?
      Tablets offered by pharmacy in Australia would have been approved by TGA.
      At these prices, just get one and try for yourself. Or you can pay higher prices by using a well know brand from a pharmacy down the street.

  • Thanks more than I can express.

    I take Zyrtec daily (if I stop even for one day the sneezing starts and my nose is so itchy I want to scratch it off) so go through about 5x 70packs a year and as you can imagine it costs, over time, quite a bit. I haven't wanted to test non brand but this is a deal worth trying.

    I have taken Telfast just not continuously past one pack. I will test both now and see if there is a difference for me.

    • So you have hayfever 24/7?

    • +1

      Cutting out/reducing carbs and zero black tea works wonders for me… life long allergies (avoid eating foods high in histamines and eat foods high in antihistamines .. in winter i dont worry about what i eat.

      Now i live a life were i only need to take a tablet once or at more twice a month.

      • +1

        I can surely do no carbs but no black tea… life will be meaningless:''(

        • +1

          How about something like Rooibos?

          • @Doy: I actually started on them last Sunday! Found a pack of 20 on sale and was intrigued by the print of a lion sipping tea on the front haha. It's pretty nice! Nothing like what I've had before so I shall get more.
            Do you have a favourite brand for Rooibos?

            • @xhch0930: Get the Nerada Rooibos & Vanilla!!

    • You don't find they lose effectiveness over that long? Doc told me to rotate them. I'd be buggered without them too

      • what ones do you rotate between? Ive only found zyrtec really works for me unfortunately!!

        • Same here. I throw clarintyne and fexo in for a week or 2 when the symptoms aren't as bad as I just don't want to risk the zyrtec losing its punch when I need it.

  • Why is the bundle two different brands? I heard a rumor that you were supposed to swap brands every few years.

  • Any chance of a bulk deal on Chemist's Own brand ibuprofen?

  • Thank you so much. I have to take a telfast 180 every day, which becomes expensive.
    This is my second order with you, saves me so much.

  • I am just here to say massive thank you..🍻I am still going through generic zyrtec that I ordered last time and will order again before it completely runs out.

  • These are Telfast just rebrand to a different name?

  • hi OP, do you have any generic Nexium? My hayfexo order is already on the way but thought I'd ask.

  • Bought 1 - thanks OP!

  • Which one ???

  • Hi how long does it take too send out?

    • Generally 1 working day, but it will take longer on this deal as the order volume is off the charts.

  • is this deal still available?

    • +1

      Sorry - looks like we're out of stock. Drop a PM if you desperately want the item, I usually list slightly fewer items than I actually have in case of packing error etc - I will get back to anyone via PM if I have stock after all orders have packed.

      Just on that note, please hang in there -delivery times are currently around 10 working days and I think I'll need 2-3 days to pack/post all orders from the past 12 hours. All clients will receive a dispatch confirmation email (if email address supplied) to confirm when their item has dispatched.

  • Stay away from this shonky business a friend of mine bought some nasal spray off these guys and both bottles where not sealed.They obviously had been opened who knows maybe even used he emailed them for four days and got no reply he is now in the process of getting on to PayPal.

    • Nasal sprays all ship in a satchel (they can't be flat packed) so there is no need for us to open the packing prior to shipping, they have no security seal on them and if it even needs to be said - we don't sell used nasal sprays.

      If you or your friend want to PM me I am standing by ready to assist.

      We've now served over 20,000 Ozbargainers and happy to help many more!

  • +1

    Anyone else still waiting on their purchase? i purchased on 5th September and still have not received.

    • +1

      Same here, shipping link doesn’t indicate any movement either… not sure if they have been despatched yet?

  • +1

    Im still waitin on my order need it asap as the hayfever kicks in!!

  • +1

    Still waiting on the order placed on 9th September. Very disappointed as almost 3 weeks passed and the hay fever season is starting to kick in ☹️.

    • Got the order delivered today.

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