Hayfexo Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 180mg - 70 Tablets (Generic Telfast) $13.99 Inc Postage @ PharmacySavings


Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the support for our previous post - I've had several emails and phone calls asking for more Fexofenadine to be released, earlier this week I asked our supplier for an Ozbargain exclusive price.

While I can't quite get down the price of the previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542467) which was basically selling at a loss to get our website to stretch its legs - we're only $1 off on this limited supply I've secured.

I've got 4 cartons of Hayfexo and a couple of cartons Cetrine exclusively for Ozbargainers!

USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

For those interested in Cetrine, the same supplier has also provided a few cartons for release at a discounted price

USE CODE: ozbargain2 (price will come down to $11.49)

If the Ozb community is over hayfexo deals but is looking for me to scout out something else as an exclusive offer with our suppliers, please let me know via PM, if I receive a few folks all searching for the same item I'll see if I can secure a deal to post for fellow Ozbargainers.



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    What do both of them do??

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    Hayfexo sounds like something Dr Nick Riviera would prescribe.

  • I feel a bit drowsy after taking zyrtec. My gp told me Claratyne would be slightly better in this regard. How is the generic Zyrtec Alternative? will i feel even worse in terms of drowsiness? What after telfast? Could anyone comment?

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      These are same ingredients essentially just different brands. If you're having trouble with Zyrtec it's unlikely a generic Zyrtec would be better. In terms of other brands, different antihistamines have different effects. Best to try it. Antihistamines are considered to be very safe.

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        Thanks. ordered hayfexo.

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      I'm a Pharmacist and fexofenadine (telfast) is the least likely out of those three to cause drowsiness because it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier as readily compared to the others, with Zyrtec crossing it the most of the three.

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      Last time I took zyertec I was the small minority that had bad side effects… heart palpitations, ect…

  • presumably the expiry date is 06/2022 as per previous $12.99 deal that i unfortunately missed?

    • Hi this is new stock, but looks to be the same exp date 6/22. If you missed out waiting for my delayed response please PM me.

      • thanks, but all good, already ordered - posted comment more to avoid others asking in case they didn't see previous deal :)

  • Awesome. Got a pack this time ;) Thanks OP!

  • I just ordered the Cetrine but would love to know what the difference is between the Cetrine and the C-zine which is twice the price, both are 10mg Cetrizine hydrocholoride and both are a pack of 70.

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      Same, just different brands.

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    Thank you for them last time, good job settings and testing new platform

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    Ordered last time. Super happy with speed of delivery and value.

    Thanks again OP. Will order again

  • Thank you bought a box!

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    Good price I'm assuming on this but $10 for .69-$2 panamax?

    • Paracetamol and fexofenadine are completely different?

      • Maybe it reads funny. I was attempting to say that while the p r ice on this is good the Panama is very pricey.

        • Oh right, I didn't see the Panama(x) price but yes Panama is also very pricey!

  • Got a pack, cheers

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    OP got a request. Kids paracetamol. Teething is a b****

    • Serve their milk cold straight out of the fridge, especially for bedtime and if they wake up at night! This worked better than bonjella and panadol ever did for my boy!

  • The description says it will be shipped flat packed without the packaging — does anyone know if it'll fit into a standard mailbox? I'd prefer to avoid a trip to the post office to collect the parcel if possible.

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      The deal last week came in a normal satchell, with the 6 strips loose inside, along with the open box (package).

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      Mine arrived earlier this week… nearly forgot about it :)
      yes the tablet strips + flattened box in envelope.

  • Thanks OP, ordered hayfexo. Good saving

  • Cheers OP! i just bought like 5 packs of fexofenadine and a 4pack of panamax you guys have.

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      Can we buy from you for $2 a pack?

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      Also interested in $2 for 1 pack, pls PM

  • Thanks

  • Yep, OzBgn Viagra please

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      You don't need Viagra, just get your partner to softly whisper "eneloops" into your ear. If you need to last longer then think about Gerry Harvey.

    • I sheepishly second this request.

  • Thanks OP!

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    Thx op..
    One of my kids is bloody allergic to nearly everything so antihistamine cheap like this is awesome..
    well done on diversifying to keep business going..
    I am more than happy to help support a local small business rather than cwh or the like 👍..
    Look foreward to more deals you post

  • Can you get something similar (product and price) to Costco's Kirkland Signature Allerclear or Aller-tec? Family member relies on my brother to buy it from the US and drop it off when he visits.

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      After a quick google, the above is Loratadine - which is very regularly available in Australia and cheap

  • This is living

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      This is a schedule 2 medicine, not a schedule 3 medicine. It is not a "pharmacist-only" medicine, it is a "pharmacy medicine" and this listing has been made on behalf a registered pharmacy and authorised reseller of this product.

      • -8

        Thanks for clarification. Can you please update the "Banned Items" accordingly. It does not mention the ban on "Pharmacy-Only" medicine.

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          OP is not a mod of this site you know…

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          I think its a bit of a grey area - Modified release paracetamol (Panadol Osteo) recently moved from S2 to s3, I made a specific representation to the TGA as to whether the item could be sold online, albeit dispatched after telephone or email consultation with a registered pharmacist (my reading of the law refers to a physical handover being required between pharmacist and client in NSW). The answer I received from the TGA was unclear and the TGA referred me to various other state government departments (ie different departments within each state, for further clarity as to laws may apply in each respective state regarding physical handover vs email/phone communications) - in the end it was all too hard and we withdrew items from sale online. On review of the banned items page I can see "prescription" medicines are noted already.

  • Ooh you have loratadine now! It’s usually my go to allergy reliever. Will it always be in the shop and at $14.99? I bought a pack of cetrizine last time so I don’t really want to bulk buy more haha.

  • sold out, missed it again

  • is this recreational?

  • Fexofenadine is sold out.

  • I like that you accept Google pay.

  • +1

    Is this a Donald Trump approved cure for Covid19?

  • Thanks OP for the great deal. Will buy from you guys in future if price is same or lower than my local.

  • Still waiting on my shipments of fexo and Cetrine from the previous sale, postage from ADL must be at a standstill at the moment!

    • +1

      hmm.. A bit of a worry, all orders from that deal went out same or next day after the order date, if you PM me your details I can confirm the dispatch address etc - if you bought multiple items they most likely would have shipped separately which makes freight loss (of both items) fairly unlikely.

      • Agree. Mine came in a matter of days to Melbourne. Super impressive!

  • Codes dont seem to be working?

    • +1

      Once I’ve packed all ozbargain orders I’ll pm you if I have left overs from this price batch, I usually under list available stock to avoid overselling and causing upset.

      • +1

        Thanks let me know.

        • pm sent

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        Can you also PM me please if there’s left over stock

        • pm sent

  • I placed an order & it would not complete with the code supplied..what now?

    • The code has expired as all stock allocated to the promotion has sold. If the code isn’t working as all promo stock is sold and you don’t want to pay usual pricing, please don’t complete checkout.

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    Hi Jason. Missed out on both your posts. Possible more discount stock coming soon?

    • Thanks - once all Ozb orders have packed (I have sent off around 200 orders since 7pm last night, have about the same number to get out over the next 24 hours. If there is any of the Ozb allocated stock left I will get back to anyone who has left a note here.

      • Hi Jason, count me in pls, thanks!

        • Hi, you have private messages off - message me and I'll send you a code I have a few packs of Ozb stock left.

          • @jason101: Any chance of getting more stock for ozbargainers, showing in stock but code's not working anymore?

            • +1

              @koolchamp81: I just paid the full price. It's still a great deal. Off brand Zertec at my local pharmacy is nearly as dear as the real thing.

            • @koolchamp81: Please retry - I've pulled a carton of each from our ebayu allocations for Ozbargainers and reactivated the code.

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