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ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO N8+ 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $799 (Was $1199) Delivered @ Ecovacs Amazon AU


$799 for vacuum & auto dumping station, 33% off $1,199.

【Auto-Empty Station】Ejoy hands-free cleaning over 30 days!The large volume of 2.5L can hold the dust and hair up to 30 days, dramatically reduces the needs to frequently clean the dustbin. The Station can be smartly controlled by ECOVACS Home App, so you can also choose to turn off the "Auto-Empty" function.

【Upgated Suction Power-2300 Pa】 With the optimized suction channel material and design, the Revolutionary Pressure-Retention System optimizes energy efficiency and ensures high vacuum pressure, with a surprisingly low noise level. The suction power upgraded to 2300Pa, inceased by 53%*. (*compared with O920 series), delivers a powerful in-depth cleaning experience.
【dTOF True Mapping Navigation 】TrueMapping combines precision laser technology and advanced dTOF sensors to map your home 4X faster than standard laser mapping, with a 2X increase in detection distance, and the ability to detect objects down to the 2mm. With the detailed interactive map created, new levels of cleaning efficiency and customization are achievable using the ECOVACS Home App.
【Bacterial Removal+Disposable Mop】Innovativa Disposable Mopping Pad A user-friendly cleaning experience
【Vacuum & Mop simultaneously】 With an innovative electronic water pump and reservoir, your robot will mop and vacuum at the same time, leaving your floor impeccably clean. Using precision micro-control water pump, the robot cleaner support 4 levels of water flow adjustment (ultra high/high/medium/low) for different needs and floor types.

Family have been happy with other ecovac models with mop and vacuum on tile flooring. Can't comment on the auto dumping version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    These are great.

    Anyone looking for a more basic version for less though, ALDI has the deebot 920's for $399 this satuday.

    • Does that have an auto bin?

      • +3

        nope just the internal one. we had one for ages. it was fine until we had multiple pets inside and started to need to empty it mid-clean. if you're emptying it after the clean, there isn't a huge difference between this and one with an auto bin, as you're also going to need to empty the auto-bin (obviously just not as often). before we had multiple pets inside, just a single short-haired dog that malted year round (bull terrier), we only had to empty it every few days (with daily cleans) - when we threw 3 cats into the mix, it started filling up before the clean was entirely finished and wouldn't do as great a job towards the end.

        • Righto. Yeah, I have the OG Xiaomi one and find the internal bin is enough for 1 - 3 cleans (so about a week).

        • +1

          And you still need to clean the main brush and remove hair/fluff regularly anyway.

  • How good are these at navigating kids toys and furniture? I presume it will struggle if you have a lot of things on th floor like toys etc?

    • +7

      it will more than likely push the toys around, it's not really designed to clean untidy floors, it's more for regularly cleaning areas that are already clear of random objects and just need to be vacuumed.

      we usually do a tidy up before going out then trigger the cleaning cycle

    • +3

      My T9 ate a sock this morning and just stopped. It's also eaten black iPhone charging cables too.

      Definitely designed for floors that arent cluttered. Navigates furniture fine (dining tables, lounges it can get under etc.). Mine goes through the kitchen, lounge, entertainment room and my office.

      I love it, haven't had to vacuum in weeks. Let it run daily at 7AM (so there's light so it can navigate the darker rooms).

      I bought accessories off Amazon (non-Genuine), like the bin bags and brushes. They work fine.

      Mopping function is meh.

      • yeah, the mopping function is akin to attaching a damp cloth to your shoes/children/pets and sliding them around. if it's already been mopped properly recently (like the day before) and there isn't much/any visible soiling after the vacuum cycle, it can kind of.. 'maintain'.. that 'just mopped' look. it's good for getting rid of the foot prints on your tiles if you've got tiles that show foot prints easily.

        • akin to attaching a damp cloth to your shoes/children/pets and sliding them around

          As in it's random? Because slide-mopping (ie. mopping with your feet) I find super effective!

          Also, I can see that the emptying station has "auto-sealing bags" - does that mean they're not reusable in any way? I wouldn't mind emptying it once 1-2 months, if there's a way.

          • @pizzaguy: It's basically just a microfibre cloth that gets wet from an auto-feed of water. no chemicals, hot water or going over certain spots until a mark is removed, etc.

            they use vaccuum bags essentially.


            this probably has everything you'd want to know about it, and more hah.

            the deebot branded ones are pretty pricey, but you can buy cheaper ones on amazon/ebay, like the lemonqueen and sodial bags. you can get 8 sodial's for about the price of 3 deebot branded ones.

            edit: updated link for n8, accidentally linked t8

            • @lulzenberg: Thank you, that's super informative. The bags look like a typical vacuum cleaner dust bags and they can be emptied with some effort.

              Looks like N8+ PRO has a proper obstacle avoidance, ie. it can avoid random items on the floor.

              Also I learnt that for mopping it requires you to attach the cloth to it, so does it mean it can't switch between vacuuming and mopping on its own? So when the cloth is attached it either omits carpets and rugs or it drags the cloth on them - can someone confirm?

              • @pizzaguy: Gotta swap em out same with the water tank. It's a bit annoying. I usually just hit the floor with a steam cleaner every couple of weeks.


                • @lulzenberg: I see. And now I also realised that the Auto-Empty Station is for the bin only, it doesn't touch the water tank.

                  Thank you!

      • We have the Viomi V3, and I'd agree with this overview.

        I just don't send it into the kids rooms cause there'll undoubtly be a sock/leggings/hoody (with draw cord) etc on the floor (let alone charging cables), that will get wrapped up and cause an error. But we get the kids to so a quick pass over the main living spaces for loose items, then we let it rip and it's great, even with dog fur that gathers around the perimeter of the tiled areas.

    • I have the T8 AIVI and it's actually very good at avoiding obstacles. Somehow even untangles itself from cords.

  • +1

    This one is also better than the T8.

    • On the topic of comparison, the key difference to note is that N8 has higher suction power (2300Pa vs 1500Pa) while T8 has better runtime(180mins vs 110mins) due to its larger battery.

    • "better" is debatable - depends on what you want.

      It has more suction, but a smaller battery. If you have a larger area to clean, the T8 might be better for you.

      • Your link is talking about a different model than what I'm talking about. Besides, I had actually asked Ecovacs to discount the model but was beaten to the deal 😅😅😅

      • Agree. Couple of things that might swing in T8's favour is the superior obstacle avoidance and compatibility to Ozmo pro mopping system. Afaik N8 lags in those areas.

        • Which one? T8, T8+ or T8 AIVI?

          • @Clear: My comments above were for T8 but applicable for T8+ and T8 AIVI as well. I ordered a T8 from JB Hi Fi recently for $599

          • @Clear: It T9?

  • Can anyone help me understand what the difference between N8+ and N8 Pro if there is any?

    • +1

      pro has higher suction and true detect, an obstical avoidance camera at the front.

    • +4

      The '+' means it comes with the auto-empty bin.
      The 'pro' means it has the obstacle avoidance.

  • Seems like the Viomi one, just a bit more expensive right?

    The UV on the viomi seems pointless although the other features look the same to me?

  • Never heard of this brand, is it good? how is this compared to roborock s7?

  • I am really torn what to do here.

    My missus wants a robotic vacuum and I agreed we'd buy the Aldi $399 Deebot 920 this Saturday.

    However then doing some research, I see it only has a maximum of 1200 pascals suction - whereas this n8+ is 2300 pascals and there are plenty of competing models with 2700 pascals of suction.

    Then there is the matter of auto-dumping - I think that would be very useful but I dont know for sure because I have never owned one of these things before.

    EcoVac does have a very big Chinese market share - much more than the Xiaomi spinoff brands.

    So the choices:
    - Deebot 920 at Aldi on Saturday $399 (or slightly cheaper via EBAY but no 60 day returns)
    - Deebot N8+ above $799 (dumping station and better suction)
    - Viomi S9 UV $599 (dumping station, better suction, UV, arguably lesser brand)
    - Dreame D9 $399 (
    - Dreame L10 Pro $719.20 ( 4000 pascals of suction!

    • for me, it's showing delivery on the 18th of september. the aldi deal is next saturday (11th) - you could order this, then get the one from aldi, if the aldi one suffices, cancel the amazon order - if it doesn't, take the aldi one back. if you aren't able to cancel, amazon also has a change of mind policy you could use:

      unsure if you're up for the hassle though.

    • I recently purchased D9 for $360 (Gearbite will send you 10% off coupon if you email them). Arrived in a week (Auspost delays). I am quite pleased with the unit. Build quality is good, connects easily to wifi and Xiaomi app. really good at mapping and saving map and works flawlessly. Carpet boost is really good too. Mopping is quite basic - just draggin a wet cloth around the house. Follows virtual boundary, no mop zone, silent mode etc. First robot vacuum so not sure how good other brands are but overall pleased with what we have got for around $350.

    • I've got the Deebot 920 and im very happy with it. Pretty good suction and cleans well. It also has a mopping but havent tried it yet.

      • I ended up buying the V9 Vioimi today.

    • you can get L10 Pro from for $689 delivered (code welcome10) .
      Seems a bit much still imo - almost double the price of some models that people seem to be happy with.

  • +1

    This or s7?

    • If mop function is important its roborock that come with vibration tech and its very good as per reviews.

  • +1

    Is there a new N8 Pro? Is that why theres a discount?

    • New one seems to be 2600Pa and you get it for $779.00 without the Auto-Empty Station. Are the auto empty stations any good? I was also looking at the Pro from JB.

  • Just looking at the design and the app itself.. it's pretty much exactly the same as the Viomi ones for considerably less. Almost guarantee that it is OEMed from the same factory out of China.

    So save a few hundred bucks and go for the Viomi models instead.

    • Which Viomi would be the equivalent model?

      • I've got the Viomi V3. Specs are pretty much the same and as I said - so is the design of the robot and the app itself. Only difference I see is the placement of the on/off switch.

    • +2

      No it's not. Viomi is a Xiaomi brand, who also own Roborock.

      Ecovacs Deebot is a separate company and a competitor. The app is different and the Ecovacs Deebot is made a lot better then the Viomi. The Viomi looks like it only has one edge brush too which is odd, but it doesnt clean near as well as the N8 in this deal.

  • I had the T8 AIVI which would not climb this rug from ikea (18mm thickness). Also, had a lot of trouble setting up the map as it would not create one even after the whole house was cleaned a few times. Just be mindful if you have rugs of similar thickness.
    Hopefully the N8 does not have this issue.
    I have the viomi S9 at present and it climbs over the rug without any issue.

  • +2

    These vs Roborock S5 Max?

    • Want to know this one too as Roborock hasn't been on sale these days

      • I have the S5 Max (and S7) and while I like it, the self empty station on this new N8 Deebot is hard to pass up at this price.

        If I'm being really honest, I am not sure if the s7's vibrating mop pad has made that much difference to my floors each morning - perhaps a few smaller fresh stains are cleaned up - given its much higher price tag. That said, for carpets (we are about 35% hard floor and 65% carpet) I love the s7's new bristle-less main brush as it doesn't get as tangled up by hair.

        I don't think there's any advantage of the s5 Max though I got mine for $560 from Flora Livings eBay last November but it is currently is $849 for a non grey market version!

        Agree with others that all of these work better in non cluttered households and where your floors are not terribly soiled.

        That all said, there are few professional reviews of the N8+ currently.

  • Tempting. How does it vacuum and mop at the same time exactly?

    • You have to manually attach the mopping attachment, and fill it with water.
      I haven't bothered doing that with mine, so can't comment on the effectiveness.

    • I have the Deebot 920 model so not sure if it's going to be the same as this one, but basically there's two attachments/heads you get with the product. One for vacuuming, and then another one for mopping. All you do is flip the unit over and replace the attachment/head on the underside. Very easy to do and takes about 10-15 seconds to do.

  • damn, been eyeing the n8 for a while. I hate how amazon sells the non pro version, hoping gg or jb would discount their version to 800 too

  • Good vac. Just gotta keep the floor clear for it to do it's thing.

    Was $749 on Prime day.

  • +2

    Just bought this, have had it for two days. So far so good:
    - great obstacle avoidance
    - good functionality (mops + vacuums relatively well)
    - the auto empty is great

    biggest con so far:
    - manual and instructions are absolute garbage and you have to figure out a lot on your own / googling

    • How is the vacuum and mopping simultaneously? I'd normally vacuum a few times with my current robovac then mop. So I'm curious how this would perform. The wife really wants something like this.

      • From what I've read it's either one or the other but not both at the same time.

      • It does the job. It's definitely not the same as doing it manually with a standalone vacuum and mop but if you run it daily or so it should keep the place noticeably clean. The app has a scheduler so I will start turning mine on at night when I go to bed. I heard the disposable mops are better than the attached mop pad but haven't given it a go yet.

        This video is what convinced me to buy it in the end and has a lot of info that was really useful on pros + cons. I think vacuum wars considered this the best robo vacuum of 2021

        • That was the N8 Pro plus, this deal if the N8+ (the pro version has the laser avoidance tech in the font end.)

    • How does it perform on carpet?

      • my bad, I bought the n8+ pro not the n8+. N8 pro has higher suction power… here's a good video if you need help deciding between the models

        • Where did you get the N8 pro+ from and how much?

          • @spasto: I got it the N8 Pro and the dustbin from JBHIFI (which is the same as N8 Pro+ since the difference is the dustbin).. I got it for $800 as my partner works there so we used family/friends discount. It worked out almost half price.

            • +1

              @ddab568: Cheers.

              That is a very good price considering that it’s $1400 in Amazon right now.

  • -1

    L10 pro is better!4000 pa suction. Prove me otherwise

  • -1

    on RRP:
    so if good robot vacuum is $600, is dumping station worth another $600? you need to clean it and damp it anyways, +it is an eyesore

    would not pay more than $600 for any robot vacuum even I love mine.

  • We have an Iroomba 630, is this a better machine? (Auto emptying aside of course?)

    Also, for the owners, in regards to the mopping function, once the house is mapped can I tell the unit to mop 2 separate rooms and will it go into those rooms by itself? I read somewhere that when in mopping mode it stops it it detects carpet?

  • +1

    I saw somewhere on the webs that this model can map up to two floors.

    Can someone confirm it can only do two different storeys?

    • Yes it can.

      • Bummer.

  • 3.5 stars here:

    Not an overwhelmingly positive review

  • +1

    I’d imagine these are great during normal life where everyone leaves the house you set it and come back to a vacuumed home.

    This thing would get sent by the kids at the moment.

  • This or t9+?

  • What has a better carpet vacuuming performance. This or Roborock S5Max?

  • +1

    Whats the difference? apart from the price…

  • Wonder how these compare to Roborock?

  • I just purchased this via the app, I received another $100 off that only seemed to appear via the app, no mention of it on the website. Paid $699 total, not sure if targeted or not..

    • what app?

      • Amazon app, on IOS in case that makes any difference.

    • I bought on Android app of Amazon but it was only $799, so maybe it was a targetted extra discount?

      • Are you sure it's the N8+? I saw that $100 discount for the N8.

    • ooo after seeing some of the other comments further down, noticed that my order was only for the n8, not n8+, cancelled and ordered the n8+ but no further discount was offered on this model.. I might send support a msg and see if I can get it applied to this order also..

  • +1
    • +2

      The above comments mention N8+ pro is different to N8+, difference was the camera to avoid obstacles.

      • Sorry yes I should have clarified.

  • I would prefer viomi S9. mopping is better with Y pattern and vacuum as well this is available for 599$ so far 15 days cleaning we didnt change the bin bag from auto empty dock

    things which I wish this had.. an indicator for water level + and Alexa support

  • +1

    Got $100 off too. Look at another vacuum then an ad for 100 off comes up. Pretty awesome

    • I can see $100 off the version that doesn't include the auto dumping station. But pretty good value if you got an extra $100 off this set.

    • I think that's for the N8, not the N8+.

  • I have heard (and researched) the mapping function sucks (no pun intended) for the DEEBOTS. However, the roborock is better for mapping function.

    Anyone care to comment?

    • +1

      Take my comment with a grain of salt as this is my first robot vac and don’t have any experience with other brands and models.

      Got the T8 AIVI. Mapping works well as long as you leave it alone to complete the job, else you won’t be able to save it. Still trying to figure out how to edit the map by marking out areas and label them. Once that is done you can command it to clean a set area.

      Other than the map management on the iPhone app everything else works well. It does an adequate job on tiles and carpets. Obstacles avoidance is good. Haven’t try the mop feature so can’t comment on that.

  • Does anyone have advice on if this (or another model) goes well with long-haired pets? I have a Maremma and an OG Xiaomi Mi, and I need to clean the brush after every single cycle.

    • I have a samoyed and have the 920 model. Works fine. Only thing that's annoying is that you'll have to clean the brush every couple of days since long pet hairs often get caught on it.

  • Viomi S9 @ 2700pa vs Ecovacs 2300 pa is a no brainer for me. Especially when it comes to the price.

    Higher battery life on the S9 would be nice, but I'll take higher suction over everything else. I was hoping a bin would be developed for the S6 Maxv so I think it might be time for an upgrade to the S9.

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