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2 Chicken Royale Burgers $5 (Was $6) Pickup @ Hungry Jack's via App


Available as a one time use voucher on the Hungry Jack's App.

Credit Best Aussie Markdowns

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    Normal Price - $6. Decent but not amazing.

    • not great, not terrible.

      • claimed it okay

        first world problems of people throwing food away below

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    What do they call a Chicken Royale Burger in Paris?

    • +6

      Quarter Chicken

      • +9

        No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the f**k a quarter chicken is.

    • +7

      Poulet Royale sans fromage.

    • +6

      Le Big Quack?

      • +2

        Le Big Cluck*

        Quacks and McQuacks were in Duck Tales.

        • +3

          Yep, you got me. I don't know my poultry sounds :(

          In my defence, "quack" rhymes with "Mac", whereas "cluck" rhymes with…hmm, let me think…

    • +1

      for those who haven't seen the movie, this is a Pulp Fiction reference

      • +12

        For those two people who haven't seen the movie, watch that movie.

    • +2

      But he didn't go into Burger King….

    • جبن رويال

  • +2

    Tastes like cardboard. Give me $5 and I still wont eat it

    • What would you eat at HJ, to give us some reference point?

      • +2

        Whoppers and grilled chicken burger for sure! Haven't you eaten at HJ's before? You know the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks! * Disclaimer - Burger tastes better when you buy in person and ask for freshly made (a few times when you receive it cold).
        *&^ Excluding home deliveries & frozen which are the same temps

        • +5

          New grilled chicken is trash compared to the old one

          • +1

            @Heebz: Ok. Thanks for the update. I haven't had one for a while. Cheers

          • @Heebz: its a different bun for sure, but is the fillet prepared differently too? i think it might be

            • @la ciudad respirando: Yes different fillet too, the old one was more processed but tasted much better and juicy. The new one is less processed but dry and tasteless

        • Aren't all burgers technically made 'fresh'? I thought the only items kept warm are the nuggets and fries

          • @songsong: What do you think when you eat one? Does it taste fresh? Edit, I always ask for freshly made as I'm focusing on the chips. Normally the warmed chips that sit on the warmer are served which tastes a little bland/luke warm

            • @vinni9284: Yeah I get asking for fresh when it comes to fries and nuggets, but with burgers I can only assume they heat up the patty when the order comes in and thats as 'fresh' as it gets lol

      • the outlaw big jack is pretty good

    • +5

      You should go to Big Kohuna Burger instead. I've heard that is a tasty burger.

  • +4


    going to Hungry Jacks for the chicken is like going to a hooker for the hugs n kisses

    • +4

      Hold up, what else do you go to hookers for?

    • I didn't order all that cheese with the joke.

  • +2

    Tried one of these as a side burger the other day. Got two bites in and threw it out. Was terrible

  • Does anyone remember the Hungry Jack's Country Style Chicken Burger? Those were elite

  • +3

    Love browsing through deals here. Laptop, SSD and Chicken Burger

  • Participating restaurants it says.

  • Why do Hungry Jacks not do grilled chicken burgers?

    • They do

      • They wouldn't happen to be called Grilled Chicken, Grilled Chicken Spicy, Grilled Chicken with Bacon and Cheese and Grilled Chicken Spicy Bacon and Cheese, would they?

        • +1

          don't be silly

        • Yeah I tried the Grilled Chicken with Bacon and Cheese when I got it on that daily shake but was very disappointed- bloody small burger and never again. I’d rather buy the current deal the bacon deluxe meal for $6

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