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Ito En Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 12 Pack $13.50 (Was $15) @ Woolworths


Finely milled from high quality Organic green tea. vibrant in taste and full of powerful health benefits.
This green tea powder is a versatile ingredient that can be added to any new recipe — whether hot or cold.

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  • Any sugar in this?

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      For the Matcha green tea latte from Aldi, the first ingredient was Sugar, then glucose solids, dried vegetable oil and 4% of Match Green tea. The sugar was 59.2g per 100g.

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        Worth nothing this product from Ito En is not a matcha latte, so the comparison with the Aldi product would not be like-for-like.

        It's hard to say as the info is a bit scarce (even Ito En's own webpage doesn't list ingredients) but if I were to guess, I would say this product is probably mostly matcha powder and likely unsugared

        • Sure, I should have been more clear.

          Watch out for the variations with high sugar just because there's a Matcha label on it. For example the Aldi one almost caught out a diabetic friend who purchased it to try out a trendy health product after hearing about its benefits and seeing it pop up in a recent catalog. But I convinced them to check the values on the back and point out the word Latte in small writing on the jar.

          For the Ito En product, there is a break down of ingredients, values and box pictures in the smaller sized version if anyone is interested

          Green Tea (95%), Matcha (5%)


  • If this is the same as the Japanese equivalent, the active ingredients are
    Theanine 50.3mg, Tea catechin 171mg / 3.4g

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    Taste is really weak matcha. Not recommended

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    So expensive.. 100 bags in Costco for like 20 AUD

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    This mad expensive for the net weight.

    100g on Amazon for $12.73


    • just want to point out, when it comes to tea, country of origin matters a lot to some people. so they are willing to pay a bit more.
      just like coffee, some people prefer single origin over 'blended' locations.

      so on the surface, it's unlikely you would get a like for like comparison.

      afaik ito en have a green tea farm in australia, and imports their matcha from japan.

  • Which one should I pick if I wanted to make green tea ice cream?

  • Is Matcha and Green tea same thing?

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      Yes and no. Basically green tea would be the umbrella/general term, whereas there are more specific terms that are used depending on how the green tea leaves are processed, when they've been harvested etc.

      Matcha is a specific term and essentially refers to green tea leaves that have been processed into a fine powder.

      The Ito En website actually has decent info on the different types of green tea if you want to read into it further:

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        Also love green/white guava, though never ate pink ones fresh (loved the flavoured soda by Bundaberg).