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Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies from $27 + Delivery (Free for Members) @ Bonds


They're back, Ozbargain's favourite hoodie. A number of colours with fill size runs on sale. Excellent prices for an excellent quality hoodie. I'm holding off personally as I have a drawer full.

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  • +10

    reverse weave hoodys are super thick, great quality, get one

    • I also really like my Champion™ Reverse Weave Hoodie with Signature 1x1 rib side panels for maximum range of motion

      • +2

        lol, i like hoodies and have bought a few, just giving back

      • Are they a big fit? im a M in SuperDry Hoodies… but S in Nike Hoodies… this is why I hate online shopping

        • SuperDry run small.

          Nike would be true to size so you should be a S for these.

          • @nayfon: Thank you. Ordered one :)

          • +1

            @nayfon: These run probably a size larger than normal. So you could be a XS in this.
            I'm usually a XL in SuperDry, L in everything else and M in this.

  • Do you know if they're 100% cotton or a mix?

    • +1

      They are mix.

  • I am still confused at the sizing.. last time, i followed the sizing chart, purchased a XXL Champion Reverse Weave Script Crew and was swimming in it..
    I have a 115cm chest, do you think XL is the best size?

    • +1

      Yes definitely a size down.

      • They also shrink a bit after washing

      • I am regretting getting the XXL of the Bonds Polar Fleece Zip Jacket now from last weeks sale, should have stuck to my original order of XL

    • From my experience, for French Terry fabric I've had to size down, but for Fleece I go true to size.

  • +8

    I found the black hoodie generated HEAPS of black fluff on clothes that were inside the hoodie, the first couple of times I wore it. Make sure you give it a good wash inside-out in a washing machine to reduce this.

    • +2

      Second this. I got one in orange and first wash was a mess!!

  • anyone know why bonds are selling champion stuff ?

    • +13

      All owned by the same parent company, Hanesbrands

      On July 15, 2016, Hanes acquired the Australian-based clothing and underwear and clothing company Pacific Brands (which owned Bonds)

      • thanks

    • +2

      Hanes Australasia

  • I'm having issues logging in, even after resetting the password. Anyone else?

  • +2

    reverse weave is like the tesla of hoodies

    • +4

      Except you get better range with Reverse Weaves ;)

  • +1

    Hell yeah, siesta pink!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, Ordered the "Gizmo" Grey. Can never have too many Reverse Weave

  • -1

    how do they sell Champion products for so cheap tho i dont understand

    • -1

      Usually it's end of line/limited sizes left.

    • +1

      It's a piece of cotton

    • +6

      Because that's what they're actually worth, but most of the time people are duped into paying heaps because of a C logo.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, these are my go to hoodies for the winter now! Picked up a couple.

    • Technically we are in Spring, but I get your point.

    • Yee, nice hoodies jumpers with a hood!

  • are these better than Fear of God Essentials - asking for a friend ?

    • probaby the FOG based on how much they cost

  • +1

    Thanks, got the crew neck jumper for $33 free shipping!

    • +1

      On ya son, on ya!

  • Do these run big?

    • yeah a little big

      • oh no, bought my normal size M… might have to return now

        • +2

          i’m a M and i wear M champion stuff, it should still fit you pretty well

    • One size large, unless you have a large chest/arms.

  • last time I bought one I didnt hear from them for a month and had to chase up my own refund

    • +1

      Same, they didn't bother to let me know they were out of stock. Would've liked to get some this time but sold out

  • op

    • +15

      I have been summoned?

      • 😂

  • +11

    Thanks, this has my WFH gear sorted for 2022

  • +2

    Super cheap for a quality hoodie. cheers op

  • I dont get why products in the 'also you might like' show like '$20' then when you click on them theyre actually $32?!

  • Ombre out of stock apparently. Can't add to cart

  • +2

    Was deciding if I really needed one, added to cart and it's sold out. Ozbargain'd again :')

  • Cant add to cart

  • Showing stock but won't add to bag. Terrible site

  • +1

    website crashed?

  • -2

    Didn’t know there were a lot of eshays on ozb…

    • I don't even know what I am — I just get whatever everyone else on OZB gets before they go OOS…

    • +1

      Champion isn’t an eshay brand, you’re thinking Everlast.

      • +1

        Bruh everlast is Kmart. Too cheap for an eshay

        • If we’re getting fancy then it’s Polo

  • yeah website is crashing for me

  • website seems to be struggling to keep up unfortunately

  • RIP, bought 8% discount gift card, then the hoodie I wanted was out of stock, added another one instead and website crashed

    • insert Rick Astley GIF

  • Champion gear rocks!
    Good quality hoodies.

  • It's going down, IM YELLING TIMBERR

  • -1

    Cool hoodies jumpers guys!

  • +5

    Doesn't let you add to cart

  • +3

    Had items in my bag, now its empty :(

  • Gonna need the 3xl like you can get off Amazon for lard arses like me to hide my lockdown belly.

  • +2

    website keeps crashing!

  • And there goes the website

  • Late to the party :( oos for the color i like

  • Hoodies are OOS in my size. HOODOOS!

  • +1

    If it helps I'm a Uniqlo XXL and ordered XL, and it's huge would've preferred to get L, 180cm, 100kg. Got it in the last sale they don't allow exchange only refunds

  • +5

    website is dead meat atm

  • +1

    Do you think they will add new stock/ styles to this sale?

    • +1

      Yes, they did with previous sales

  • +1

    Anyone have success yet adding stuff to cart?

  • +2

    ozbargained - 500 Bad Gateway

  • +1

    Still waiting on my order from July..

    • already got mine check with bonds

    • Mine was out of stock and they didn't let me know. Send them an email

  • -3

    Oh wow, Champion. Now I just need a bag of meth to complete the look.

    • +6

      Back to 2015 with you, Skeletor

  • +5

    Everytime a Bonds champion sale gets posted, their website gets destroyed. You'd think they would have learnt by now.

  • +1

    Down for maintenance - at this hour?

  • sites back up and working

  • Can also confirm it's working! You may once again open your wallets, ozbargainers!

  • working now!

  • Thanks, a couple of sizes have now popped back up, so was able to grab another jumper.

  • +1

    Showing some sizes, but says out of stock when trying to add to cart

  • https://www.bonds.com.au/champion-script-beanie-zyr8n-fix.ht...

    $6 champion beanie as well if someone needs one

  • sizes are showing but when adding to cart says out of stock.

  • My size for Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie - Country Walnut came back in stock, managed to grab it. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    My order status is now "on hold", never seen that before.

    • Weird, mine says processing. Did your payment go through successfully?

      • I tried placing an order & it said transaction has been declined, yet the money was removed from my account. No order confirmation either…

      • yes, successful using PayPal

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