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6-in-1 PD60W Magnetic Charging Cable, USB A to Type C (2 Pack) $43.49 (Was $69.99) Delivered @ The Big Plus Store


UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The 6 in 1 Magnetic charge Cable is compatible with almost all charging equipment. Equipped with 3 different types of magnetic tips, you can easily switch between different devices. You will also receive a free clip on tip holder with this cable, so you don't have to worry about losing your magnetic tips again!

PD60W FAST CHARGING & DATA TRANSFER - The 6 in 1 Magnetic Charger Cable supports QC3.0 fast charging and satisfies high efficiency in charging your devices. Photos, videos and all your data can be transferred and synchronised at ease. High-quality copper wire maximises signal quality and increases durability. All BIG+ cables are tested to ensure they meet recommend safety standards.

CHARGE WITH A SINGLE HAND - Automatic adsorption with double magnetic force, more stable to connect and not easy to fall off when charging. The nice LED light design can assist you at night and help you to find cables easily in the dark, and the gentle blue light won't disturb your sleep.

STRONG NYLON BRAIDED CABLE - The 6 in 1 Magnetic Charger Cables are well made with smooth braided Nylon that protects the wires core. Tested with 30,000+ bend lifespan, our cables are extremely durable and strong. The iPhone charger cables are also tangle free and flexible for your convenience


2 × Magnetic Charging Cable, (1 Metre, 2 Metre)
2 × USB Adapters,
2 x Magnetic Micro USB Tips,
2 × Magnetic Type-C Tips
2 x Magnetic IOS Tips
2 × Clip-On Tip Holders,.

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    • Yes we are

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    Yes we are

  • Will this charge an iPad Pro 11" 2018?

    • If the Charging port is Type-C then yes it will

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    That part name is so deceiving. This will not deliver PD at 60Watts

    • It will if you have the 60W wall charger

  • Any summary on the differences to look for between the various models and clones?






    Copypasta general info https://www.reddit.com/r/UsbCHardware/comments/mejuu0/pros_a...

    The 100W cable has thicker wires to allow it to transmit a current of 5A. (5A * 20V =100W).

    The 60W cable can only handle 3A, so up top 60W at 20V.

    So those magnetic cable models that do not explicitly advertise PD rating should be considered as 5V/2.4A (Max).older phone charger capacity or below?

    Unclear whether there is a deal

  • +1

    No mention of MFi certification either.

  • The low stock warning appears to automatically refill on the direct site? (or maybe it automatically decrements in a regular cycle)

    The model sold through Catch also lets you select obscene quantities in the dropdown

    also see Big Plus new Ebay account and listings

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      The low stock warning appears to automatically refill on the direct site?

      Probably some psychological thing to get people to impulse buy. Considering this just looks like a drop shipper, I don't imaging stock levels are low.

  • +1

    These are good and do proper Super Fast Charging on my Samsung S21 Ultra and Fold 3. However I got a different brand one from ebay for around $11 delivered. Shame that seller doesn't sell them any more as I'd buy some more.

  • https://m.made-in-china.com/product/6-in-1magnetic-USB-Data-... - the real ozbargain - just need to buy hundreds of cables and you have a deal!


    would be more of a deal if this was a pack of two for $24

    $43.49 seems like a standard marked up price

    especially as it is soon-to-be clearance when the cheap batches of 100W cables roll through per above links.

    So… My big plus cables just arrived… usb port ends slightly bent. Cable feels cheap and flimsy

    Does appear to be PD60W model with the 20V * 3A support.
    Wonder if big plus will pick up the bill if this fries a laptop though…

    Would be nice to see which generic ends are supported by other resellers.

    Cable does confirm charging + data on the packaging though does nothing to reassure which standard USB 3 3.1 3.2 or 5gbps

    • Can see slight manufacturing defects overall on most of the cable

      Same generic tip-holder clip seen on other clones

      Would expect higher quality at this price point if big plus is aiming to become another well-known clone brand like BlitzWolf Cygnus Baseus etc

      I do not understand the market for the 540 degree rotation variant of this magnetic cable

      This makes my first third-party mobile/usb-c purchase. Hope it isn't a lemon!

      Would appreciate more information from the seller/poster.

      Cool to see an 8 year-old OzBargain account now opening their own brand

      • Rough edges like the LED end not being covered by plastic (looks like bare circuit board)

        a bit of a fragile cable even though the outer surface is braided

        Hope this will last for years

        Expect that if it can survive two years of usage I will still be able to use this and the magnetic tips for five years as a spare

        • Not sure why these types of cables are still so expensive

          do they all have smart chips?

          embedded malware?

        • magnet feels sufficiently strong until using it for usb data

          The angle of force of simply twisting the cable a bit makes this a risky proposition for general phone/camera usb to PC usage during a file transfer.

          Useful for easy one-handed charging and dust blocking as advertised, though people are likely to have already learnt how to locate and plug in chargers one-handed from common usage.

          Precarious to have the magnetic pins exposed when not in use.

          oof interruption while journalling this experience I simply bumped the cable a bit (simply tapping the phone screen was enough) without even twisting the cable off the tip connection and that was sufficient to lose data connection even though the cable was ostensibly still connected (this cable will probably not last more than a few months for data transfer purposes)

          Hope no data was corrupted due to this cable…

      • cable durability-wise the quality feels like a nylon version of one-dollar flimsy plastic cables

        needs more rigidity

        surprisingly tangle-and kink-prone for nylon braided

        wonder about the core material

        • adding the clip-on tip holder feels like it will contribute to the cable ends snapping off prematurely due to accelerated wear and tear

          • @UsernameChecksIn: The blue LEDs seem to serve no purpose other than to add more glaring lights in households that already have numerous devices.

            the LED has no smarts on it (i.e. voltage/current/full-charge status)

            Magnet not strong enough for connected devices

            • @UsernameChecksIn: plug end gets very hot when charging a phone

              like those old tiny Sandisk fit USBs (hot enough to burn if left on your skin)
              * does not feel safe for the durability of the charger plug/chip, let alone the connected expensive mobile devices

  • 540 degree rotatable magnetic cables likely solve the loose fit problem

    Quick charging inconsistent.

    Does not reliably work as advertised. Wonder if they would even offer a refund with this valuable feedback.

    Misrepresentation misleading online store gimmicks (i.e. stock quantity cyclic decrementer)

    This is not a deal.
    overpriced compared to $5 average for a single cable
    * UKIYO offered a 3A charging + data sync cable with 3 magnetic tips."3-in-1" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639570
    3A * 20V is the PD60 rating.

    overpriced advertising spam.

    Not seeing where the 6-in-1 actually makes sense other than having a 2-pack.

    Will not trust this dodgy big plus store for at least three years.

    Lack of response of any deeper details for a supposed long-time OzBargainer OP is a big turn-off.

    Looks like they just wanted to try their hand at dropshipping. ~ 1 to 2 year-old online presence. Perth-based online store.

  • Fake stock count (and purchase alerts?).


    You can either set actual or bogus values for stock count
    Set random or actual stock values

    Does not sound legal in Australia?
    Perpetual countdown timers, fake limited quantities overused in various online seller ecommerce stores.

    Big plus store uses a less sophisticated pressure-selling unethical scamming system that shows different stock quantities on different devices…

    (Posting here as a journal/record, even though I would not want to provide sellers more information to obfuscate scam tactics)

    Surely illegal / ACCC issues in Australia; at the very least unethical in other countries.

  • Here are some keywords for nomenclature to search further into the lying practices


    Simply see that no network requests are being made when those spam popups are appearing on bigplusstore.com

    ecommerce terms call them fake sales popups / social proofs / live sales "someone just bought" notification

    They could even implement more sophisticated lying tactics by randomising a list of location names (at the risk of giving them ideas…).

    Big Plus Store Pty Ltd

  • Think this is accurate?

    Published business information

    DUNS lookup company profile

    Company Description
    THE BIG PLUS STORE PTY LTD is located in DARCH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Australia and is part of the Grocery Stores Industry. THE BIG PLUS STORE PTY LTD has 4 employees at this location and generates $635,521 in sales (USD). (Employees and Sales figures are modelled).
    Key Principal
    ** GANDHI

    ~ $1 million AUD sales sounds enough to take up on the misleading deception news.

    Erring on the side of respecting the guidelines for the key principal name - though this is from public business reg information.

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