This was posted 4 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bonds Bloody Comfy Womens Period Underwear $4-$8 (RRP $19.99-$29.99) Delivered (Free Account Required) @ Bonds


Bonds have selected items from their period underwear range heavily discounted, bringing them down to $4-$8 (RRP $20-30). There are various designs and colours with sizing from 6 to 22, most sizes are still in stock. Period underwear can cost anything from $20-60/pair, but this sale brings it down to regular underwear prices.

Absorbency levels (Bonds defines 1 tampon as 5ml):

Ultra-light: up to 1 tampon
Light: up to 2 tampons
Moderate: up to 3 tampons
Heavy: up to 4 tampons

Choice article on period underwear and review on the Bonds range.

Warning: It appears that since 4pm, prices change on non-white items when you go to cart. Please check prices in cart before paying

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    That's a bloody good sale!

    • +11

      For all the pregnant humans that leak urine, you need the moderate or heavy. The light doesn't absorb enough and leaves some running down your leg or absorbed by outer wear.

    • +7

      I wish bond had this kind of sale every month

  • +8

    Womens Period Underwear $4-$8

    Are there any Victorian ones ?

  • +6

    I really wanted one of the prints one but the ozbargainer in me wouldn't let me pay RRP. Grabbed a couple of the discounted ones instead.

    Thanks OP

      • +4


    • Hey were you able to check out with the discounted price on multiple? I'm stuck with them showing $5-8 in cart but full price less 25% (Buy 2 Save 25% applied) in the checkout!! Badly designed website :(

  • +44

    So many lame men boys making lame jokes in here

    • -33

      Always has to be someone offended. Some of those men probably bought some for their significant others, or sent their significant others a message in case they were interested. We can't have any joy anymore. And all jokes must be a sure sign of toxicity.

      • +25

        Make better jokes then

        • -6

          I made no jokes. Try again.

      • +19

        I didn't say the jokes were offensive. I said they were lame. The only person who seems offended is you. Stop projecting. Yikes.

        • -4

          You're splitting hairs. You were the one that made the first complaint and put people down by calling men boys. If you weren't offended you sure did a good impression of being offended. Either that or you decided that not liking the jokes gave you the right to put people down. You may have the popular vote but that doesn't mean you're right or that your comment was helpful.

          • @syousef: I'm not out here trying to claim any moral high ground, be politically correct or win any popularity contests. I'm just out here being me. I'm not offended, I'm not trying to be PC. I'm not trying to be right or helpful. Why are you so triggered, trying to label everything, clutching at straws? lolol idgaf.. chill, you [email protected] boy.

            • -3

              @NoApostrophePlurals: You can't expect me to take you even a little bit seriously when you post a whine about jokes you think are lame and think that justifies calling men "boys" and then doubling down by calling me a "[email protected]". I would suggest you don't have a leg to stand on if you are calling others immature. The fact that you think I'm upset by this is the funniest thing on this thread. You can keep calling me lame all you like but I didn't make a single lame joke on this thread. Speaking of not caring (aka "IDGAF") I'll make all the lame jokes I like and if you don't like it, too bad. If you're "too cool for school" that isn't my issue. I'm actually sitting here sipping a coke no sugar on ice, not fumming like a cartoon villain. As for you being you, that would be grand if you were less abusive.

          • @syousef: He didn't call any men boys. You didn't make the jokes apparently (I'm guessing you are a men based on the offence), but you seem annoyed that he called a bunch of people making boy jokes boys and most importantly, the jokes lame - he didn't seem to get offended by the jokes; just that they seemed childish.

            How do you know the people who made the jokes weren't boys? Even if you knew the people behind the profiles; how do you know some random boy didnt grab the keyboard to make the joke on their account.

            I don't see how its your place to be offended or to defend the boys making the jokes … ?

            • -1

              @MorriJ: Yes the guy calling me a "[email protected]" is upset that people are being childish. And you're defending that. Congratulations.

              And it doesn't matter if the people making jokes were boys. He was clearly riddiculing men by calling them childish while behaving even worse.

              And then you're telling me what is and isn't my place? Do you not see the utter hypocrisy in you complaining about that while you butt in and defend him?

              Did they stop teaching logic in school or something?

              • @syousef: "You can't expect me to take you even a little bit seriously"

                I don't. I really don't care what you think. I don't care that I'm a hypocrite because you're lame.

                You're pretending you don't care but you do. Stop typing. Go away, I'm just gonna keep trolling you, sucker. Welcome to the internet.

        • +4

          Weird that we never see these tryhard jokes on men's products

          • -2

            @Ryballs: Dude, what are you talking about? Just look at ANY post of a deal for condoms. The only bias here is your own cognotive one!

            3 other people agree with you at the time of me replying. How? Are they distracted? Because they didn't think about it very long.

            The voting on this forum is just cringe. Much more so than any off colour joke.

            • @syousef: Self-deprecating jokes about condoms aren't the same, if you can't see that then you are showing your own "cognotive" bias. The fact you think there must be something wrong with people just because they don't agree with you and don't even consider the possibility that maybe you're just wrong, is just cringe.

              • -2

                @Ryballs: I proved you wrong and this is how you react? Ok, sport. They ARE the same. It IS in the same spirit. It is the same "immaturity" that results in both. Not the hate that you project onto others. And that hate is the ultimate cringe.

  • +1

    thanks OP!!!!

  • +1

    oh any cashback deals we can use with this?

    • +2

      Yes you can use cashback - see cashback options under deal image

      • +1

        thanks OP, just bought myself some to try

    • Cashrewards rate is 8%, which makes this super deal.

      • 12% with ANZ Max woot (via cash rewards)

  • +23

    Deal of the month, period

  • Thanks OP

  • Charging me delivery.

    • +1

      I had the same issue on my old account two months ago and had to create another account which worked.

      • Cheers

  • +1

    Genuine question: do these stain the white undies when you wash them? I’ve always wanted to try them.

    • +1

      No idea, I did wonder about white. Perhaps rinsing then soaking would help.

    • +1

      Probably, but a long soak in an enzyme cleaner should help get the stains out.

    • Yeah that's a design error surely. Maybe maroon would have been a better colour?

    • +1

      Also weary of the white, but definitely worth a shot at this price. Unfortunately the black bikinis aren't on sale but you could try the tanga style

    • +2

      Probably, which would explain why only the light coloured ones are reduced.

    • +1

      Comes in other colours but white is the one on special. And yes it will stain to some degree but at this price who cares

    • +1

      No surprise that the white is on sale. I’m avoiding - even though it would make a functional difference I wouldn’t feel like putting them on fresh from the wash and seeing the stains. Always wear black undies on my period even with other protection in place.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure sure the gusset is always black, no matter what colour they are on the outside. That's how the modibodi ones are designed. The only problem is there can be a bit of stitching or material around the edge that gets some staining on it. It's not as though its the entire underside of the underwear but even a hint of discolouration isnt that nice to look at. So I'd only be game to get certain lighter colours such as oranges, pinks, etc.

  • +3

    Thank you. Great chance to give these a try. Love Modibodi but they're very expensive.

    • Modibodi are better. The bonds ones shrink even following their washing instructions, and you end up with weird bulgey undies.

  • +1

    Men’s underwear are at a good price too

  • +2

    Thanks OP.
    Been wanting to get these but didn't want to pay full price

  • +3

    Awesome deal, thanks OP. I've never seen period undies this cheap. Great for the environment and my pocket lol

  • +3

    Genuine question. So these are worn instead of a pad or a tampon and then just wash them? Never heard of period undies before and I don't think my wife has either.

    • +1

      Correct, it avoids wearing a pad or a tampon.

    • +10

      Yep, use instead of pad/tampon, they are a life changer, as it just feels like undies and the wicking helps you forget you are even on your period (unlike pads which can feel damp after time). Especially a godsend at night. Never had any leaks. For those who have extra heavy flow, you can still use other sanitary items for those days, and this as a back up. Needs a good rinse with water and then into the wash.

      Edit: not used these but the Love Luna brand in Colesworth were perfectly fine for me at $13 a pair.

      • +1

        Thanks both

      • Do you need to put them into the wash immediately after wearing them? It would make sense not to have them lying around until the next load of washing, but I don't tend to do my laundry every day.

        • +3

          I rinse it out in the sink/shower until the water runs clean, immediately after I change out of it. I let it dry until I'm ready to include it in my regular washing (which I definitely don't do more than once/twice a week).

      • Does the heavy ones only work for night time? Or moderate would be ok? I tried to do more research but assuming the heavy ones covers/goes up to the back section - if that makes any sense?

        • +3

          From what I can see in the pictures, yes there is more material running through the back but I think it is mostly so it can handle different volumes. For me personally, I am fine with the moderate equivalent for 24 hours, including sleep. However, if you're not sure, I don't think there's much of a disadvantage for a heavier one, considering the peace of mind.

          • @onesandtwos: Thank you for your reply! I got the moderate one but might get a heavy one to try as well.

            • +1

              @Baby Grogu: Women in my house use the heavy, and on peak days it's the backup not the primary 'catcher'.

      • +1

        Do you have any problems with smells of any kind coming from them? What about any leaks coming through them when sitting on your furniture or in your car?

        • +2

          No smells that I'm aware of. The underside should be waterproof, so no leaks during sitting etc, and to me, better than pads for avoiding leakage along the side when you're sleeping on back/side etc. The only leaks that might happen is if it is at capacity, however, that is heavily dependent on your personal flow. Again, I've only used the Love Luna brand so look them up to compare.

    • +3

      My recommendation is to wear it in conjunction with a menstrual cup. No waste and less washing for undies.

  • +5

    Great deal, thank you so much for posting! I’ve always wanted to try period underwear but they can be quite pricey. Very excited to give these a try!

  • +1

    hope their sizing isn’t weird. I usually wear size 8-10 but I’m a size 12-14 with their normal undies. Ordered 3 of the period ones. Thanks OP!

    • you did the right thing. I'm also a size 10 but had to order 12-14.

    • Same here. Wear Size 12 Bonds but normally Size 10

  • don't know why i don't get free shipping, is there a minimum amoung required?

    • +2

      Free shipping doesn't apply on old accounts for some reason and Bonds hasn't been able to fix my old account for months. Try creating a new account - worked for me.

  • +1

    Bloody awesome deal! I have always wanted to try these out as a protection layer with the cup, and my SO is so eager to dump the pads altogether. They also have socks and bra heavily discounted.

  • +4

    Nice deal! I've been using modibodi (+1yr) but it's very expensive so it'll be nice to try something different.
    A warning regarding period underwear, as you don't tend to change them as frequently as pads/tampons - after a few wears the material changes and can become irritable for some people i.e. me, as they become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. And because changing them means washing them, I find they are better used when I know I'm going to be at home for the whole day/night.
    I'm hoping the Bonds version might be better but we'll see.

    • +1

      You may need to select a more intense washing machine cycle. Sounds like residue building up if you noticed the material changing after a few wears and becoming irritable. You shouldn't have that much bacteria growing in the 12ish hours you wear them.

      I kinda follow a cloth nappy routine on them - rinse out, 60 degrees wash within a couple days - and haven't had any issues in 1.5 years.

      • Different bodies aside, I don't use hot water to wash them. They don't recommend it. However if that's what it takes to rid of bacteria then I may give it a try. Thanks!

        • I just read their cleaning instructions for the first time, cold water wash?!? Ewww. I'll choose cleaner underwear over longer lifespan, but they've been fine so far. Hope this helps you

        • I think you can use antibacterial laundry detergent if you still want it wash with cold water.

  • Thank you OP and everyone else who posted info above.

    I got 1 heavy, 2 moderate, 1 light

  • +1

    price changed at check out

    • Yep, happening to me as well.. product page still reflects the discounted price though.

    • Did you change the colour? Not all colours are the same price for the same style.

      • no

      • I am waiting my wife to confirm the size then the price changed

    • +1

      Same.. stuck at checkout. Tried with and without the account signed in. Of course, Bonds closed their help line @ 4pm!

      • +1

        same here I also tried incognito mode

        • +1

          I picked a different size (6) and style (White Boyleg) and that is keeping its price at checkout… I wonder if it's like the allocation on the other styles sold out.

          • @CheapCharIie: I think the allocation has sold out for the other colours. If you click through from a white colour item and then select the other colour you think is also on sale it shows full price. Ordered some whites and order succeeded with the discounted price. Credit card has been charged the correct amount.

    • +1

      Same. Only the white ones seem to stay at the discounted price at checkout so far.

      • +3

        Yep cause no one wants white lol

        EDIT: One of the reviews said they are white outside, black inside which makes it a little more practical.

        • +1

          Oh that’s good to know. They would prob sell more if they mentioned that

    • +1

      I've updated deal description above to add a warning about the price changing at checkout. It looks like they changed something.

  • +2

    The website design is so bad, feels like it's about 10 years old.
    Also got the price change at checkout

  • +1

    I have just emailed them. I had 4 x 4 different styles and clicked on credit card payment, and then it hung. I tried on 2 different browsers. Lucky I have screenshot of my cart. The phone number for customer service does not get through to anyone - just a voice messege where you can't leave you details.

    • +1

      Yeah I also have a screenshot of my cart and sent them an email but you can't attach. Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get some of what is available in case they don't honour it. The price was a little too good to be true..

      • I know. Me too. In my email to them I said that I took a screenshot. They should honour it as that's what was advertised. :-)

        • +1

          Hey did you get any response from them? I've been ghosted. :/ Thinking of sliding it over to the ACCC, seems shady from a big company like Bonds to change their prices.

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