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Bonds Bloody Comfy Womens Period Underwear $4-$8 (RRP $19.99-$29.99) Delivered (Free Account Required) @ Bonds


Bonds have selected items from their period underwear range heavily discounted, bringing them down to $4-$8 (RRP $20-30). There are various designs and colours with sizing from 6 to 22, most sizes are still in stock. Period underwear can cost anything from $20-60/pair, but this sale brings it down to regular underwear prices.

Absorbency levels (Bonds defines 1 tampon as 5ml):

Ultra-light: up to 1 tampon
Light: up to 2 tampons
Moderate: up to 3 tampons
Heavy: up to 4 tampons

Choice article on period underwear and review on the Bonds range.

Warning: It appears that since 4pm, prices change on non-white items when you go to cart. Please check prices in cart before paying

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          • @CheapCharIie: I haven't heard from them at all. I have sent them 2 emails. I think I will contact the ACCC also. Customer service is a disgrace.

            • @joshka: Yes I still haven't heard anything. I sent in a report with the screenshots of the sale price in cart and advised that their customer service had not responded. Very shady and disappointing.

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    Same problem - price went up at checkout. No colour/style changes etc. Just a dodgy company or website.

    • I was thinking price error but there was also a hoodie I was going to buy showing $18 now $24… >_>

  • I managed to checkout just now a few pairs in white for $5 each! Not the most ideal colour but keen to try them :)

  • Thanks OP, ordered some white

  • Ordered 2 white pairs. Not the ideal colour but at $5 it will be good to trial them.

  • old link isn't working here's the new one: https://www.bonds.com.au/womens/bloody-comfy-undies.html?dis...

    • Prices from this link showing $24.99

      • It seems some have been removed from sale, try the white colour options to see if they are $5

        • filter via discount, website is a lil glitchy

  • thanks, bought a white pair to try them out

  • Thanks been wanting to try these

  • Most prices back to normal.

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    Thanks OP. I had bought a pair before which leaked on a heavy day, but at this price point it was worth getting a few pairs as tampon backup or on lighter days. The equivalent absorption for Modibodi is definitely thinner and more comfortable, but Modibodi has never come down to these sort of prices.

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    Only white available :(

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      I know who in their right mind would buy white would be a murder scene

      • +3

        Another comment said the white actually have a black lining inner, which is hopefully the case as that makes much more sense.

  • I don't get periods, but, I can think white undies and periods don't go well together.

  • I accidentally threw my underwear in the dryer. Will it still work?

  • Has anyone received their order? Its been a week, and its been stuck on Processing.

    • I think I only got the notification to say it’s been sent.

      • when did that happen for you?

        • Late last night

    • My order is 'on the way' - with tracking number. Includes non-white items.

      • i only got non-white items. now I'm a bit annoyed. I hope they honor it at least, and not cancel my order.

        • They have been slow with processing orders, my order was placed 7 Sept and I only just got a shipping notification.

          • @moocher: ordered on the same day. but still no notification. I just remember that it was suppose to be delivered yesterday, the ETA.

  • Btw, I know how it feels missing out in a good bargain, but I don’t understand how people are saying bonds is a dodgey company/poor website and going to ACCC? If they were dodgey they would not honour the last stuff up they had with the extra 40% across the bond outlet site.
    Let’s be honest this was probably a price error and only should/may have been on the white coloured one on sale. It could also be the system flagging that they they are low in stock and they want to make sure their orders are able to be fulfilled etc and sometimes businesses bump up their prices as a safety net.

    I’m pretty sure somewhere on their site would have terms and conditions to say price is subject to change etc and they don’t have to honour it to anyone. If that’s the case everyone would complain to amazon, since their prices fluctuate.
    Don’t get me wrong, as I said I get soooo worked up and upset when I miss out a deal but you can’t expect them to honour a screenshot. Good luck though!

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      It's just adult babies crying that they have to pay 50c more for a pair of undies. As if the ACCC is going to do shit about it.

  • My order is stuck on processing

    • Strangely enough, one of my orders that had 'processing' status was delivered yesterday. The one that was on the way with Auspost tracking hasn't been delivered.

      • Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a few more days before I contact them about mid next week.

    • Is yours still processing? Mine is still stuck there.

      • Yes. I’ve emailed them today about it.

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        No email response, but got a refund message. Poor form.

        • Same, just got a refund on my missing items, no explanation either. A bit disappointing after waiting for so long.

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          Same. If it makes you feel any better, I own some of them already and they're my least favourite period undies.
          The undies shrink (followed the washing instructions) but the "padded" bits don't so you end up with a bulgy butt.
          Modibodi and Toms are much better.

          • @slee123: Can you send me a picture of it bulging. Thanks

  • I got mine I assume Friday - checked my mail box and it was there yesterday. I was also one of those ones that ordered just before the sale was over.

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    Arrived today. Crotch area isn't white (it's black) which actually makes these super useful for days white is needed!!

  • Still haven't received mine or a response to my email…

    • When did you send the email?

    • I received half of my order today. 3/6 items (the cheap socks I added at the last moment and one pair of the light white undies). No word from customer service about the rest of the order or potential refund. Pretty disappointed

      • What a joke. They take our money, but don't respond to emails. Honestly, don't know who I can escalate this with because they have completely ignored my emails

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    Arrived to 17 pairs of non white underware. So happy with the price. Thanks again for posting .

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    My order got cancelled by Bonds… only ordered two pairs.

    • I only got 1 out of the 2 I ordered. But stocked up on other stuff but the socks I bought are horrible!

  • Arrived four weeks after I ordered but at least they came eventually.

  • Had to exchange in store for different size but they didn't have white.. so I had to pay the difference for different colour. Not worth it unless you bought the correct size.

  • I only received half my order 3 weeks later with no explanation and after washing 2 of the items have shrunk so will be thrown out. crap quality will never order again

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