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Ticket to Ride - Europe Board Game $39.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


great gateway game
highest ranked on BGG among the TTR games
Ranked 20 among family games and ranked 128 overall

standalone game ie it is a base game that comes with train cards and trains

Sold by Amazon au and about $10 cheaper than at kmart

lowest price on camelx3 was $37.95 back in December 2017, but has been similarly priced since

Game description

Get ready for a new train adventure as you travel across Europe with ticket to ride - Europe, the new edition of the worldwide hit from days of wonder. From Edinburgh to Constantinople and from Lisbon to Moscow, the game will take you on a ride to the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe. More than just a new map, ticket to ride - Europe features brand new gameplay elements including tunnels, ferries and train stations.

Plus, we've upgraded you to first-class accommodations with larger cards, new train station game pieces, and a lavishly illustrated game board. Like the original, the game remains elegantly simple, can be learned in three minutes, and appeals to both families and experienced gamers.

Ticket to ride - Europe is a complete, new game and does not require the original version. It is for 2 to 5 players, and it takes 30-60 minutes to play

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Is this the COVID edition where you can't cross borders?

    • +24

      nah that's Ticket to Ride Australia, not Ticket to Ride Europe

      • +1

        Ticket to Ride WA edition ?

        • +8

          I do enjoy your comments.

  • +1

    Does anyone recommend this for two players? In lockdown with my partner and need some decent two player games!

    • +5

      Yeah I play it with my partner and we both really enjoy it! I guess it would depend on what kind of board games you like. In my opinion, this is more strategy than luck. It looks daunting at first but after you watch YouTube tutorials and play a few rounds, you’ll get the hang of it.

      Another favourite of ours is Pandemic (a co-op game)

    • +2

      Yes - it scales pretty well from 2-5 players in our experience. It's a bit of a different game with 2 players vs 4 (in particular - with 4 players there can sometimes be more strategy in blocking other players routes) but it's a favourite of ours.

      It's also pretty quick for newcomers to learn to play with you, good for when we are allowed to have guests over again.

    • +2

      Yep this works well for two players. I actually like the two player version - there are double paths that two people can claim if there is four or more players (maybe 3), but when there is only two you have a lot more strategic options to block them up and limit your opponent.

      If you're not sure, there is a mobile app that you can quickly play some AI games and see if it's for you.

    • +2

      Pretty unanimous then! Thanks everyone, ordered

    • +4

      Yeah its a solid 2 player game. Can also recommend Carcassone if your looking for something a bit different.

    • +4

      I don't recommend it for 2 players, part of the tension from these games comes from people getting in each others way.
      At 2 and 3 players the double routes are single routes but even then the game can feel quite spaced out.
      4-5 players is where this shines.

      My recommendation would be to get Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries which is a 2-3 player only version of the game and is great at those player counts, however it's $80 on Amazon AU currently.

    • -3

      In lockdown with my partner and need some decent two player games!


      • That version has the worst AI ever, you can win every game

        • -1

          you can win every game

          How ?????

    • +5

      This game is definitely playable with two players, but there isn't the same conflict of routes as with more players. This is a great game, and great price, and then for a more competative 2 player you can purchase the india/switzerland expansion which is more dense and higher chance to interfere with eachothers plans.

      Hive all play very well two player

    • +3

      I have a few recommendations - all games should take 20-30 minutes max once learnt. First suggestion is highly rated - lesser known. Next two suggestions are more popular choices.

      Hanamikoji. Priced at around $30. My personal recommendation. Beautiful artwork. Goal of the game is to earn the "favours" of the 7 Geishas. You win the game by earning the majority of the favours - 4 out of the 7 Geishas, but if the opponent earns enough favours from high value Geishas, they will steal the victory from you. Easiest one to learn out of the three options.

      Patchwork. Priced at around $40. Goal of the game is to make a quilt with tetris like pieces. You will inevitably have holes in your quilt and require "patches" to patch them up along the way. The winner scores the most points from the resources they have left over at the end of the game, but beware of the penalties you receive for each hole in your quilt.

      7 Wonders Duel. Priced at around $40. Goal of the game is to score the most points through the various ways of developing your civilisation - science, war, "wonders" and more. The winner is the one who has the most points at the end of the game, but be careful of your opponent immediately winning the game through war or scientific research. This takes the longest to learn and is most strategic, but you can play an online version of this game for free - https://sevenee.mattle.online/lobby/rooms

    • +3

      I'm a big fan of this as two player. It can be played in multiple ways too depending on how competitive your partner is. You can play it more mildly without blocking and actively trying to cut them off, or you can play it quite aggressively if that is the preference of play style. I find Europe, and Nordic work better for 2 player though, US version is typically a little better with 3-4 players.

      Some other games that have been favourites with my partner for the past 12 months of lockdowns.
      - Carcassonne (Inns and Cathedrals, and Traders and builders are must have expansions too- buying in the big box can sometimes be had cheaper than buying all three)
      - Hive
      - Jaipur
      - Codenames Duet
      - Briscola (Italian card game)
      - Pandemic

    • +1

      If you happen to own an Amazon Echo (or you could get one on sale at Amazon) you could get Alexa to play with you. Then you have 3 players to play which would make the game more exciting and enjoyable.

      Check this YouTube for a play-through.

    • +1

      Yes, it's fine for two players. Obviously better with 3 or 4, but 2 still fine.

    • +1

      For more advance player, what about 2 players but each are controlling two separate colours. Then at the end, the point and any deduction are summed up for each player?

  • Is this that cheap? Ticket to ride London (an albeit smaller game) was 23 bucks a couple of months ago

    • +1

      This is cheap for this game. Ticket to Ride London is a much smaller game that plays in half the time. Ticket to Ride Europe is more satisfying.

    • Ticket to Ride - London is an expansion (it does not include any trains or train cards). You are required to have the full game before you can play "London"

      Ticket to Ride full game includes:

      • Ticket to Ride (USA Map)
      • Ticket to Ride - Europe
      • Ticket to Ride - Germany
      • +3

        I have TTRE and TTRL, London is definitely stand alone.

        • Thanks @dasher86. Sorry I was wrong, you are correct.

          I have just learned something. Ticket to Ride - London is a full game but a small mini-game comparing to the other Ticket to Ride brothers and sisters. I am now interested to get this Ticket to Ride - London.

          • @Mr Bargain: IMHO Ticket to Ride London is more fun to play with a younger kids, it plays faster and is more simpler.

            Ticket to Ride Europe has more scalability and for this price vs London it's a no brainer.

            • @dasher86: I guess it depends on if you are playing with kids then?

          • @Mr Bargain: I have both and find that the shorter games with TTR London, New York etc. are more appealing (even if you have 3-4 games whereas you would have had one in TTR Europe in the same time).

            Both really good though, and assuming legit copy, $40 is a no brainer.

            • @DirtyBoots: I totally agree with both of you @dasher86: and @DirtyBoots:. $40 is sure a no brainer.

              Too bad this deal is only for TTRE and not TTR or TTRL. Since I already have TTRE and TTRG. Right now I am trying hard to find a good deal for TTRA.

              • @Mr Bargain: Thanks for the input, I decided to buy TTRL as for the 40 I can pick up a copy of Hanabi also and hoping to play with little ones

    • I got Ticket to Ride London, but really did not enjoy it compared to the others.

    • +2

      yes cheap, but a pity its on Amazon, I'm steering clear of them given their treatment of staff :(

  • The same item is on eBay for $39.99 too, and will be down to $29.99 with the google pay $10 off a $30 purchase. Feedback does not suggest counterfeit version, I wonder if it is worth the risk?

    • +6

      That looks like counterfeit based on the games they offer in their store. I wouldn't risk it.

      • +1

        That link shows "Brand: Unbranded" instead of Amazon's "Brand: Days of Wonder". I wouldn't risk it either.

    • +1

      I wouldn't bother. Too many fake TTRs on eBay and I wouldn't buy from non reputable sellers. The fakes aren't easy to spot for most.

      • Thanks guys, yep the buyers seem none the wiser despite receiving counterfeit versions. I'll ignore ebay :)

    • +1

      if it's counterfeit ebay/paypal will refund you. i unknowingly purchased a copy of ticket to ride (america) off ebay and when i tried to register it it wouldn't let me. emailed ticket to ride and they confirmed my copy was fake, forwaded it to ebay or paypal (can't remember who) and got reimbursed.

  • -1

    great game - just fyi, slightly cheaper with an ebay search with current ebay plus $4 off: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/294061416406

    • +3

      Too risky to get board games like this from eBay. Amazon has been pretty trustworthy for me so far.

      • oh? what are the risks?
        I've only ever purchased one boardgame from ebay so maybe I dodged the issues.

        • +2

          Counterfeits are rampant.

        • Yes lots of fakes on there. Theoretically not a huge issue for the end user, although the quality is usually inferior. Also, they don't end up supporting the content creators. I have received just one fake I think, but it was obvious as soon as I opened it - very shiny cards, thin box, print quality was OK but not what you would expect.

          • @pdtmathieson: ahh. Interesting.
            I primarily purchase card games and that's why I avoid amazon because a lot of sealed product has stuff missing from open and returns which they repackage and sell as new.

            • @hashmanz: Card games will give you the least impact of this, given that card quality doesn't vary as much. I've never had any issues with Amazon, but it would only take one of the heaps of games that I have bought for it to get a bad rap

  • What's this one all about?
    Edit: NVM I googled

    Ticket to Ride Board Game https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/0975277324/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    • +2

      The one you linked is the "original" Ticket to Ride with a USA map.

      The gameplay in the original is a little simpler, as it lacks a few of the features that were introduced in Ticket to Ride Europe (ferries, tunnels and stations). The original might be a little easier to teach people, but both are great games.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, I appreciate the help. I decided to get the Euro version, even if it might be a little more "difficult" to learn on.

        • +1

          I would get the Ticket to Ride mobile app (can't remember if it costs money, even if it does it isn't much) to do your game intro on, very easy and a pretty good app.

      • The best strategy in the original seems to often be to just go for all the 6 length links and pick easy routes. We've only played Europe once or twice but it seems to have fixed that

    • +1

      I'd recommend the Europe version over the original. In my opinion it is a better game, and the physical cards themselves are bigger and much nicer to play.

      • Thanks mate.

  • Has anyone played the Japan edition? How does it compare to this?

    • It's fun, but it is a map/cards only(comes with Italy too). So you will need Europe or US base version to be able to play it (ie have the trains).

      • oh. Thanks for that.

    • I quite like the Japan expansion and I do recommend it to those who like and have been to Japan. Especially when under this pandemic where we could not travel to Japan or anywhere overseas.

      The Japan expansion is a more competitive game when compared to other TTR games. All due to the bullet trains involve and it is all about the bullet train than the routes on the destination cards for it to win the game.

      The Italy map is a more complicated game. It involves ferry cards and those with longer routes are much preferred as it would cover more regions on the map to give the player bonus points. This map is better for adults and older kids.

      • thanks. was tossing up getting the japan edition. looks like i'll get i now

  • Is it gone? Cannot seems to add to cart anymore

  • no more stock

  • Thanks op. Keep up the good work with Bg deals!

  • Out of stock 5 hours after posting….

  • What's everyone's favourite TTR expansions? I've got Europe and London and looking to get another larger version. Didn't really like London, found it a bit too rushed.

  • +2

    It's back in stock.

    • Cheers, expiry removed as it is back in stock.
      Despatched in 1-2 months though, hopefully in time for Christmas

  • OT: is there a good place to buy second hand board games in Sydney?

    • +1

      It is very hard to find a good/best seller second hand board games, because people would most likely keep them. I tried searching for them many times in gumtree, fb marketplace, etc with no luck. Those available in the second hand market are usually board game for younger kids such as cluedo, twister, jenga etc.

      • Is there a market for second hand board games?

        • Gumtree and Facebook marketplace is where I go for second hand item

    • +1

      Due to lockdown at the moment, online is your best bet.
      There's a few very active boardgame facebook groups for buying and selling.
      "Board Games of Oz Marketplace" - all around Australia and heaps in Sydney.
      I'm part of the Canberra one but there's also a group for Sydney Board Games Buy Sell Trade.
      I also check the FB marketplace regularly, e.g, picked up 7 wonders in Melb when I was down there.

      When things are hopefully back to normal, board game conventions are another place for second hand markets.

      Source: Most of my collection (~150 and a lot are in the top 100 on BGG) are second-hand or seconds that I managed to score from online and at cons, and I've sold heaps using the FB groups I mentioned.

  • Thanks! Bought one.

  • I don't see $39.99 think it is out of stock again

  • +3

    Back in stock again
    Delivery by end of October

  • Snapped this for Christmas. My fav game that I used to play on iOS, unfortunately my partner doesn’t enjoy playing but hopefully by November we can have friends over again.

  • Expired - its now $48

  • Available again

    • and so it is