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[Windows] Free - Hard Disk Sentinel for PC Standard Edition V5.61 @ BitsDuJour


Free again for anyone who wants to get it for any recent shucked drives, slightly newer version as well for those who got it in the past and missed the recent freebie deals

Also for anyone who wants the lattest edition ( Update History )
Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL - Lifetime Upgrades v5.61 ($14.97) USD
Hard Disk Sentinel PROFESSIONAL Family license - Lifetime Upgrades v5.61 ($26.50) USD

EDIT - Seems the buy now link is having issues but havce no fear, direct link is now here "no product key needed provided you install before 10th Sept"

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  • Good program

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    thanks, time to upgrade my 5.5 to 5.61

    help me to return 1 bad sector disk to amazon, after 3x24 hours checking :S

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      Looks like its paid for itself already hahah

    • What test or how did you do that. I have a Toshiba external HDD USB with 68 bad sectors and this program tells me it will fail in 88 days. Toshiba says I can't return it untill it fails and they don't accept what sentinel says. How do I get the right data that says Toshiba should accept what sentinel says???

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        To summarize, the following steps are the best to detect and repair hard disk problems:
        1) Disk -> Short self test
        2) Disk -> Extended self test
        3) Disk -> Surface test -> Read test
        4) Disk -> Surface test -> Reinitialize disk surface

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        Agree with Toshiba here.

        Bad sectors happens all the time and it's pretty normal. Generally it's a good indication that the drive is about to fail if the number of bad sector increasing rapidly. Also, Some bad sector can be repaired.

        Forgot to add : always store important data in more than 1 place ( disk raid + back up + offsite backup). If the data is on a single disk, and that have a single bad sector, I'll be worried too.

      • what does the SMART report say?

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          1,Raw Read Error Rate,50,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
          2,Throughput Performance,50,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
          3,Spin Up Time,1,100,100,OK,000000001552,0,Enabled
          4,Start/Stop Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),00000000153C,0,Enabled
          5,Reallocated Sectors Count,50,100,100,OK,000000000044,0,Enabled
          7,Seek Error Rate,50,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
          8,Seek Time Performance,50,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
          9,Power On Time Count,0,92,92,OK (Always passing),000000000DE9,0,Enabled
          10,Spin Retry Count,30,208,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
          12,Drive Power Cycle Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000654,0,Enabled
          191,G-Sense Error Rate,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000007,0,Enabled
          192,Power off Retract Cycle Count,0,98,98,OK (Always passing),0000000004BC,0,Enabled
          193,Load/Unload Cycle Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000001F35,0,Enabled
          194,Disk Temperature,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),00320011002F,0,Enabled
          196,Reallocation Event Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000044,0,Enabled
          197,Current Pending Sector Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000008,0,Enabled
          198,Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
          199,Ultra ATA CRC Error Count,0,200,200,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
          220,Disk Shift,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
          222,Loaded Hours,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),00000000009E,0,Enabled
          223,Load/Unload Retry Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
          224,Load Friction,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
          226,Load-in Time,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000118,0,Enabled
          240,Head Flying Hours,1,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled

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        @manity i would run some solid drive tests over it, the tool have a 'drive check' it hammers the hell out of the disk, if it goes up with a full write and verify, do it a few more times and it will fail pretty quick,. It will write data to the whole platter, verify it, takes hours possibly but a real true burn in, shows any faults or pushs it into deaths door quiicker,

        I do this with every drive i buy as a burn in before i use it long term,

        But i would not be using it as a primary back up source,

        • Are you saying to do the drive check with HD sentinel or another tool ?

          • @manity: with HDSentinel,

            The test is called a 'Surface Test' see the 2nd pic

            Just note some of these tests are a COMPLETE DATA WIPE TEST so take care of your data :)

          • @manity: Hard Disk Sentinel does estimate harshly on drives with bad sectors or degraded wear level. As such, you often find newer SSDs not disclosing information which would result in drives being marked as lower quality rating.

            I do not know how good Toshiba warranty is on external HDDs. However, I found WD's HDD warranty rather bad. I received a refurbished HDD as a replacement. That drive had a high pitch noise and failed soon after the remaining warranty finished. Unless it is purchased from OfficeWorks or one of the bigger / better retailers (which you could try to have OfficeWorks arrange the replacement), I would just forget the external HDD or use it as an external HDD where unimportant files are stored.

            Copy all the files you still need from that drive a.s.a.p.

  • seems expired?

    "This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link.

    You can get this download by making a purchase from this page."

    • same, also received the same message

    • +2

      Worked fine for me. You have attempted to download it too many times, I had an issue with it not downloading in Chrome possible due to my adblocker, I had to download it in private mode.

      • Really appreciate this comment, you saved me time.

        I was trying to figure out how my anti-virus software was blocking this.

        I literally forget I had ad-blocker.

  • +1

    Can not download after purchase. it says This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link.
    You can get this download by making a purchase from this page.
    Anyone else having same problem

    • Same problem.

  • May I ask what software this is I'm guessing to clone partitions and make backups?

    • +2

      No clones or backups. This is a diagnostic tool that monitors the SMART details of a drive and provides warning of likely failure. You can also run tests on the drive surface of varying types that detect bad sectors or reinitialize the drive.

    • +2

      It apparently reads SMART data and tells you stuff. AKA what CrystalDisk does already, but they want you to pay for it.

    • Mostly as an always active monitoring system that will alert you to an imminent drive failure.

      Any software that can't let you test a drive in batches I'd pretty useless.

  • +13

    Not sure if it'll work without a correct referer but direct link is - http://download.bitsdujour.com/bdj/downloads/2021/hdsentinel...

    • +1

      in case people cant get this to work, make sure you open this link from the link in the OP.

      • I only tried once, but I did it from this post and it worked fine.

    • Thanks! worked for me

  • +4

    Don't know if this will work for anyone but is a direct download link for posted software and software does not need any registration just download and install, enjoy,.. file is 24mb


  • +4

    thanks, managed to download by copying the link from the "click here" and using it in a "guest" session in chrome

    • +3

      That did the trick. Incognito mode for the win!! Cheers.

  • Just worked for me.
    "Your Receipt
    Purchased 9/7/2021 8:19:43 AM"

  • The one I downloaded from last deal still works, just change the date and time on your PC to like 10 March 2021 before install.

  • Open link in new private window worked for me in Firefox. Just clicking gave me a server error.

  • wont download :/

  • I can't download either, "downloaded too many times" issue

  • Can't download the app

  • Download is still working, just competed it.

  • I tried several browsers, never works, same message

  • +1

    All updated the main post with a direct download, key is part of the installer so should be good, needed provided you install before 10th Sept

    • top bloke

  • Tried incognito and it still wouldn’t download.

    • Direct download link by OP works

  • Mine worked thanks

  • how does it work if we reinstall it afterwards ? does it work across different systems ?

    • I do beleive thats the promo, hence if you look at the history, its at least every 6ish months they do it again for 24 hours,

      Else pay $15 get a life time license

      Install as many times as you want till the 10th then the install file wont work i beleive

  • +2

    Finally got it, right click (download as) using the direct ZIP link above and also select incognito

  • +3
  • +2

    Oh oh 13% health time to Ozbargain a new HDD….

  • Thanks. Very useful program, time for an upgrade from the previous versions!

  • Usage headsup - undeniably great for HDD ie spinning type drives IMO. However, from memory, testing SSD is not actually performed, program takes the manufacturers expected lifetime then compares it with times used (or GB of data transferred, can't remember which) then rates drive eg manufacturer says drive will last 10000 accesses - on installation 1 over 10000 = great, on use 9900 ie 9900 over 10000 = "failure imminent", but drive may really be absolutely fine

    • +1

      No, like all these apps, those values are indicative only.

      • You cannot depend on it for an HDD because if an HDD does not have a bad sector, the application will not lower its rating on the drive, even if the drive had been used for years. Do you seriously believe a 7-8 years old HDD can still be 100% healthy like a brand new drive? I have had an HDD which had a board failure after 6 years, and these type of apps wouldn't warn you (how can it, it just doesn't have the info).
      • SSD, if the manufacturer were honest, would include wear level data and all the necessary information for this application to do its work. Yes, you will not be happy when this app drops the SSD quality rating, but that's the actual reality. Sure, it is possible that the SSD won't actually stop working even if it reached and exhausted the recommended max write cycles, but is it still really safe to use it? Or, do you rather buy an SSD which doesn't show those information in the SMART data report so that this application cannot rate it down harshly? A lot of newer SSDs are hiding information from users and these apps.

      If all you want is this application to show you 100% on all your storage devices, then it defeats the purpose of having this application. SSD with quality rating marked down doesn't mean it is un-usable, you just need to use it for non-critical usage - e.g. temporary file transfer, test system boot drive, secondary game drive. Even if a HDD or SSD is still showing 100%, it's still important to backup important files. Once an HDD or SSD is out of warranty, it is another indicator that it might be best to at least have another drive to store a copy of important files on that HDD or SSD. You could still use that SSD as a system drive as long as you have the ability to setup a new one (i.e. you have a clone backup image) quickly if you had to replace it.

  • Thanks to OP for including the direct link to download it :D

  • It said one of drives was about 5% for the past year. Scanned with another similar freeware program at 95%. So don't know how accurate this program is

    • I know it does for SSDs, but regardless of whether it's an SSD or HDD, it should tell you which metrics were used to come up with that number?

      Depending on which SSD I select, I'm being told that one is being calculated based on the Wear Leveling Count SMART attribute, and the other on Available Spare and Percentage Used.

      There was an earlier post here summarising tests that might be worth running to double check that there aren't any bad sectors you don't know about yet. I think it might even be possible for Disk Sentinel's health score of a HDD to improve if you run a disk repair on it.

  • This program is amazing, add to it that it's FREE is INSANE.

  • Does anyone remember what the key was? I forgot to write it down, DOH

    • There is no key, its auto activated until sep 10 then the file wont activate anymore,

      • You can always set your PC date back to install it.

      • I ran into the downloads issue that others had. Clicked and downloaded a version of HD Sentinel that wasn't free. I'll probably uninstall it. Pretty unimpressed with the whole experience so far. Not sure I want to be trusting what they tell me about the state of my HDDs are. Also, those explorer icons are fugly as hell

  • If you don't get the option to download it in chrome, paste the link in edge and it works.. (just make sure to use the link before it hits that 'you've downloaded too many times' error).. or just use the link in the OP hah.

  • How to do test on portable hdd…I cant seem to be able to select only when doing surface test I can select the hdd

    • it should just show up in the main screen when you connect it, unless the controller isnt passing any of the SMART data through (which is very unlikely for a mainstream device)

      At worst try reboot with the drive connected and see if it shows up, you may need to close ands re-open the software via the system tray to fully close the app when the drive is connected

  • Seems to work with the HP b120i raid controller well that are common on low end HP microservers. I can see my hard drives that are setup behind the raid controller :)

  • I've got it telling me a brand new 2TB ssd is showing only 145GB of lifetime writes left ! lol

  • Where is a comparison of the standard and pro versions features?

  • +2

    That has been offered free for a few times before.

  • +1

    I like what I see, so i just purchased the Pro Family license at 50% off, forever, 5 PC's, $42, good value.

  • Anything this offers that CrystalDiskInfo (free) doesn't?

    • Its free…. so does it matter?

      But this does alot more than just a one time check, CDI is more for getting the SMART info, this also does diag tools but you can look yourself here https://www.hdsentinel.com/store.php

      • +1

        Wanted to avoid installing yet another program if it doesn't offer anything extra.
        This does SMART/surface tests which CDI doesn't (although I have another tool for that).
        If this was the pro version, then I would download it for the surface repair tools, otherwise, it's a skip for me.
        Thanks for the link!

  • Thanks OP :)

  • +2

    can't download using chorme. Successfully with Edge

  • -2

    "This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link. You can get this download by making a purchase from this page."

    Cool website bro, should have used a burner email address because there's no way to delete the account either.

  • "This promotion has been downloaded too many times from this link. You can get this download by making a purchase from this page." Anyone have any ideas?

  • so sorry to ask like this . what is this actually . no idea?

  • In a true ozbargain style, I downloaded and installed it without not knowing what it does… what does it actually do?

  • installed it yesterday on my win11 test box scanned the 500gb win10 hdd and the 1tb win 11 hdd found no errors.
    removed it now as it's just another pioece of junk software that slows down the system

    • +1

      You can leave it set it not to auto start, if you HD have bad sectors it will tell you without scan.

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