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  • +7

    Tempting, I'll wait $10. Trial was so so.

    • Yeah, I just don't think I'll ever get around to playing it.

  • Bought it last week for the same price. Have yet to play it.

  • I'm a massive AC fan. Would love some opinions on this game :)

    • +2

      Pretty different to AC (although they did just introduce the hidden blade). Pretty boring map. You can switch between unlimited characters and convert any NPC which is unique however you only need a few characters that have useful skills. Worth $30? Probably yes, if you can sell it after you're done.

      • +5

        Pretty boring 1:1 map of one of the most amazing cities in the world

        • +1

          Love the map, but the gameplay itself gets pretty repetitive.

        • the map is ok boring as there wasn't any Easter eggs to look for, any reference to notable historical facts that occurred in London.
          I think the design was too much in some places on the map, too much design that doesn't add any appeal to the game or make you want to share a screen grab to share on your IG page.
          Comparing it to Watchdogs 2, I wanted to visit SF after playing the game and finishing it just to compare how it looks like. The you-can-play-as-anyone wasn't that exciting as I thought it would be. It was great to have other skills or weapons, but changing between characters felt boring and I can't figure out why. It was weird to see your character change suddenly during cutscenes but have the same (slightly distorted) voice.
          Would have been great if characters from the previous games were playable just within the base game itself (no DLC needed), or at least have a mission where you could recruit them like T-Bone for example.

          I would wait for this to go down to 10$ as well, or maybe it might go down to $0 like Watchdogs 2 via Uplay after a few years.
          I'm replaying Watchdogs 2 and didn't bother finishing missions on Watchdogs Legion, just wandered around the map looking for points and characters to recruit.

  • +1

    I saw the Xbox version for 20 at target store. Not available online.

  • +4

    I purchased at the preorder. It's not worth it. Not as good as previous versions

  • +1

    I bought this for London, then traded it in for being meh.

  • Payable on PS4? Or "not recommended" like Cyberpunk?

    • Definitely playable on last gen machines, no issues there.

  • Currently playing Watch Dogs 2 - will get around to this version, not in love with no main protagonist though.

    • +1

      After playing WD2 (albeit 4 or so years ago), no protagonist is a huge step up from Marcus lmao.

  • +1

    Make it $20 and you have a deal.

  • I already own it on Series X but waiting for the PC version to hit sub-$20 so I can enjoy the full ray tracing goodness at 60fps.