LG C1 65" Best Price?

Hey guys I'm currently in the market to buy the LG C1 65". I recently looked at previous deals and I'm sad to see that I missed out on recent deals as cheap as $3000. Where's the cheapest I can get this tv from? Any place negotiate?

The cheapest I can find is from Appliance Central. They're currently taking backorders that will ship out within a week or so. $3185.

Should I just pull the trigger on this?


Any help will be appreciated! THANKS


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    If you can wait til oct-nov it will likely go cheaper. Not necessarily black friday either. If not, JB/TGG should do it for $100 less than that appliance central price.

    • I just got one and love it. My 3yr old $1000 sony from a previous deal suddenly karked it. Dead panel apparently. TGG offered me full refund as store credit (after some arm twisting) and a good price on the 65” OLED. Stoked with the upgrade. I’ve not once been distracted by backlight bleed or annoying halo or trail effects you get from LED sets.

  • Any place negotiate?

    TGG, JB

  • The lowest price I’ve seen is $2950 from JB and TGG, which is $200 lower than $3185 from AC.

    • Just purchased it for $2990 yesterday + $355 for 5 year gold concierge plan! Pretty happy with the deal.

      • Where did you get it?

        • Oh my bad. I called up The Good Guys @ Casula.

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            @ezy03: Any chance you could upload a receipt?
            Tried to match this deal and they're convinced it's not for the C1 model.
            But they told me they'll honour it if they can get a copy of a receipt.

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              @jl20: Sorry I didn't see this earlier! Here's the photo on my drive. Let me know if you have any issues.


              • @ezy03: Just tried getting this price matched at JB and got rejected - manager emailed back saying "We don’t price match a receipt, as it doesn’t factor in mistakes that can be made or circumstances involved in that particular transaction."

          • @ezy03: Hi @ezy03 would really be keen to see a receipt too please if you can

      • It really depends who you get on the phone. I asked them to match the price of a purchase receipt from TGG done by another OzBargain member for the 55", they won't do it.

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    Just setup an order for 2970 at TGG. I will post a copy of the receipt once its picked up :D

    • Which good guys branch and do you mind posting a screenshot of the order #? Would very much appreciate it. That info would help me convince them to match that price.

  • Just ordered one for $2,750 at TGG + $55 for delivery under f&f :)

    • WHAT? How did you get the 65" for that cheap? What is f&f?

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        Under family & friends. The sales person could not lower it to $3k which is what I was bargaining for but he was lovely and said that only commercial and staff discounts for f&f can get you lower. I said to him "sure I am a friend", and he then checked the f&f price which was $2750. No questions asked and handed my card :)
        P.S. I actually went there to get a 55inch which was under 2k for f&f but got 65 as it was a better deal.

        • I envy you -_-

    • Receipt or it didn't happen :p

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        I didn't have anything to black out my personal details hence just part of the receipt with price and product details.

        • Nice, can't beat my pricing error though :)


          • @Carrera1963: Did that get delivered or cancelled?

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              @EconomicDecline: Both, they said it was going to be cancelled & refunded, but it got delivered, no refund & they didn't ask for it back..

              I waited a week & then opened it, and have enjoyed my bargain every day since :)

          • @Carrera1963: What's the story with that?

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          Hey Prab, any chance of getting the full invoice with the stuff blacked out now if you get a chance? I'm get to TGG tomorrow to pick up a unit, and would love to try negotiating them down a bit more if I can

        • +1 for full invoice please - I need it too


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      Also I got this price in-store as no one was helpful over the phone.

    • Hey mate - any chance you can supply the full docket with TGG letter head on it etc - feel free to black out your name etc


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    Powerland on eBay has them for $3149 delivered. I believe eBay Plus has a targeted coupon code for 5% bringing it down to $2991.55.

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      GG price matched this, should be delivered tomorrow :)

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        Yep. Just bought mine from Powerland with the coupon also. w00t!

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    Negotiated $2953 at The Good Guys yesterday. Delivered next day.

    • Which good guys branch and do you mind posting a screenshot of the order #? Would very much appreciate it. That info would help me convince them to match that price.

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        Good Guys Essendon in Vic for me. I won't post the order number but there were a few people last week getting the same price at TGG/JB


        That said the price has bounced back up this week. I know one other OZBargainer called the same store today and spoke to the same sales guy and he said no chance he can discount to that price as it's now listed at $4k

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-LG-65-C1-4K-UHD-Self-Lit-OLE...

    $3,199 on eBay and then $300 off if eBay Plus member. Seems good? Only 1 left tho I think and not sure about delivery, but maybe price match?

    • Hey mate how did you get the 300 ebay voucher? Thanks

      • I think there was a promo on that day for ebayPlus members. It isn't showing on the item anymore unfortunately.

        Says take off $159.95 now rather than 300

        • Thanks mate sorry I missed that one

  • I think the RRP has dropped at most retailers - eg. 48" is now usually $2295 usual price at most. So maybe bargaining is easier. Got mine for 2065.

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