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[PC] Free - Surviving Mars (Was $42.95) @ Steam


Has been free before via

Humble Bundle
Epic Games

Surviving Mars

The time has come to stake your claim on the Red Planet and build the first functioning human colonies on Mars! There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony's chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world.

Also free: Mysteries Resupply Pack DLC

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  • Let me know if the Was price is incorrect. It says NZ$36.99 for me.

    • Try going to the Steam website rather than the app. It shows up as free there (Steam AUS).

      • Just trying to figure out the AUD price prior to it being free. Just so the title is correct. Free in NZ too, but was ~NZ$36.99 yesterday.

    • +1

      AU$42.95 is correct

  • +4

    You'd be very disappointed if you paid $42.95

  • +11

    I got this free on Epic but somehow I want it cause it's free on Steam now

  • +14

    Sweet, another Steam game I can add to my Library and never install!

    • +2

      I installed it last night and played it for a bit. It's pretty decent actually and a great game to play while listening to podcasts.

      • +1

        Don't forget steam workshop is great with it too when you want some new content :)

    • Do you have to install it to get the free DLC tho?

  • +1

    Really enjoyed this one. It's not quite as good as cities skylines or similar, but especially with a big update last year or two the flow and gameplay is good.

    But annoying if you want to build cities and such, but from a general resource gathering to build infrastructure type game it's great.

    • The new DLC just came out today (Hence the free base game time limited) - Below and Beyond (Time limited mining asteroids and underground building), along with free update improvements to the base game.

  • Thanks, had the base game but didn't have the DLC.

  • +1

    I have blown so many hours on this game. It's great.

    • It was one of my fav games the last gen

  • Lol, went to get it and logged in.

    It was already in my library. Hope I didn’t pay for it as I am yet to play it.

  • Shameless colony, rooting , killing and warmonger

  • Have it already in my library must be from Humble

  • Darn, I got all excited about adding another free game that I'll never play, then found out I already own it (thanks to Epic as usual) and have never played it…

    • +1

      We need to create a free game simulator.. so you can install games.. for free.

      • +2

        And we can monetise it by making storage space a gacha item!

        • sounds like a plan!

  • Not free for OZ.$10.73 for me.

    • +1

      I legit added this at 12 am lastnight wow.