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eufy Security 5-in-1 Alarm $249 (Was $349) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi / Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a cheapie home alarm and came across this @ JB Hi Fi/ Amazon.

Also a bunch of other home security products on sale @ JB Hi Fi


Sorry on phone so hard to paste links.

Interested in feedback if anyone has used this system or similiar ones.

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    I paid $200 also from JB hifi. I’m pretty happy with it. Very easy to set up and install. Depends on the home you have because you may need to purchase additional sensors given the limited numbers provided in the pack.

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      Now I have to wait it comes down to 199.99

    • Is the alarm loud enough for neighbours to hear (and hopefully enough to scare away an intruder)?

      A user below reports issues with the keypad. Have you experienced äny issues with disarming/ arming? I just need a simple system to alert me or neighbours to intruders and ability to disarm easily is kinda key to a security system. If I had to find/ use my phone to disarm. My neighbours would be very unhappy with me.

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        Very easy to disarm and arm including using the app. Sound isn’t extremely loud but certainly gives you a shock if it goes off. It would depend on the device’s location in your home and type of surrounding homes whether your neighbours could hear it.

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    Same price at Bunnings now.

    Can anyone tell the quality of this set? How does it compare to eg. SimpliSafe?
    SimpliSafe and this one here are the ones I know that have backup batteries in the bases/central units. I'm not sure if they can do much without wifi, however, ie. if the sensors still communicate with the base without wifi/internet, which disappears together with electricity when the power is cut off. That should be a concern to many, given all new houses have switchboxes outside, unsecured.

    I'm also concerned about this having happened recently: Huge Eufy privacy breach shows live and recorded cam feeds to strangers

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      My experience with the Eufy alarm kit has been poor. If you already use Eufy cameras with a HomeBase 2 it's might be worth a try for $200, but I don't think it's a substitute for a dedicated alarm system (not even a DIY wireless alarm system).

      The main problem I've had is the keypad frequently losing its connection to the HomeBase 2 which makes disabling the alarm when entering the house frustrating. You can disale the alarm using the app, but I bought specifically to avoid using the app.

      In my experience the geofencing feature is too unreliable to use. As both the keypad and Eufy's geofencing I'm using Homebridge to change modes, but I would prefer to have a keypad fro friends and family so they don't have to use HomeKit.

      I have three Eufy 2C cameras mounted on one side of my house and one at the back. If I trigger the alarm when coming in the front door the sound of the sirens isn't very loud and I doubt it would get much attention from neighbours.

      The siren on the HomeBase could help an intruder find it, and if they take you will also lose any footage from your Eufy wireless cameras. The HomeBase doesn't have a backup battery.

      For further ranting about my general dissatisfaction with Eufy see: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10971604/redir

      • The HomeBase doesn't have a backup battery.

        I accidentally looked up HomeBase 2 then. Well, that's poor.

        • I should have typed HomeBase 2 in my post above. The HomeBase 2 is the current model, and I don't think any of Eufy's current products still come with with the old HomeBase.

          As far as I know the HomeBase 2 doesn't have a backup battery - mine certainly turns off the moment it's unplugged.

          If you're concerned about power outages then a UPS could keep the HomeBase 2 running as well as your modem and other network equipment - that way you would be able to receive notifications as well as having the HomeBase save recordings.

          I used to have my HomeBase 2 in the linen cupboard wher my modem, router, etc are and the connection to my 2C cameras outide through multiple internal and external walls has never been a problem. It's only the keypad I've had trouble with and since that has problems even with a clear line of site to the HomeBase 2 it's possible I just got a lemon.

    • I was also thinking of getting a ups to power modem and my little xiao mi security cam. Camera is indoors pointing into driveway. This might circumvent the switchbox being tampered with issue.

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    Yep recommend. The customisation is simple but still extensive. I've got an alert if I leave my garage open for too long. I've got a sneaky sensor that remains permanently active (unless I specifically switch it off) even when at Home. The app is easy to use and remoting in to add temporary users or unlock is just as easy. I've gotten a long long time out of the batteries - just checked and they are all showing as full. I think I got this system Christmas 2020.

    • If I already have Eufy 2C cameras and homebase 2 would I still need the home base in this kit?

      • Nope it should work with your existing one. Maybe you can take the second Homebase and an extra sensor or two and setup a second site? Think it works out cheaper when on a good special to buy the pack, than individual sensors and keypad but YMMV. Mine came with a Homebase 2, and I while I don't have any eufy cameras, I do have the option to add them in the app.

  • Would this work/interact with one of their doorbells?

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      The Eufy alarm kit connects to a HomeBase 2 which can also be used by the Wireless Battery Video Doorbell 2K. Eufy devices on the same HomeBase can interact with each other, although I'm not sure what is possible between the doorbell and the alarm kit. My Eufy Wireless Battery Video Doorbell 2K died after a few months and I replaced it with an Arlo doorbell.

      The Eufy Wired Video Doorbell 2K, Wireless 1080p Video Doorbell, and Slim Wireless 1080p Video Doorbell do not connect to a HomeBase. You can manage them with the same app but I don't beleive they can interract with the alarm kit or any other devices connected to the HomeBase.

      This is one of my main complaints about the Eufy ecosystem - there is no interraction between the HomeBase products and the standalone products. For example the alarm kepad can change the mode of HomeBase cameras but not the floodlight cameras, and if the HomeBase alarm is triggered (by a camera or one of the alarm kit sensors) the floodlight cameras can't act as sires.

      • ok then I wait for Eufy 4K doorbell

      • @skinnytie thanks for going to the trouble to write this up

  • Shows $349 for me?

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