Eufycam 2 Pro 2K Core 2-Camera Pack with Homebase 2 $449 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


The eufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System has a 365-Day Battery Life and features a HomeBase 2. It has 2K Resolution and is IP67 Weatherproof.

Elsewhere sells for $598+ - Mod: different models - T8851CD1 vs E8851CD1.

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  • Shows $598 for me
    Maybe varies by state

    • $440 until I put in my location and then $598 also

      • Maybe VIC and NSW only.

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          Confirmed $449 in SE QLD.

          • @ZIngerBurgR: Weird I'm also SE QLD, changed 3 stores and all showed $598, further in works!

            Manly West, Capalaba and Cannon Hill also showing $598, surely they'd price match anyway if Mt Gravatt etc are selling for $449

  • $598 in WA as well

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    Please note that Eufycam 2 Pro 2K Core is NOT the same model sold at JB or other stores. The one at Bunnings does not have the UPS battery for the Homebase 2. You will only get 2 cameras and the Homebase 2 in that "Core" model.

    • It literally says it has the UPS mate..
      "What's Included: 2 x eufyCam 2 Pro Cameras, HomeBase 2 with UPS, 4 x Screw Mount, 4 x Magnetic Mount, Micro USB Charging Cable, AC Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, User Manual, Screw Pack."
      No eufy 2 pack has more than 180 days at jb hifi it looks..

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        Yes thats correct that it shows that in the description on Bunnings website. For the same reason I went to Bunnings 3 weeks ago, bought that and opened that at the counter to ensure every item mentioned is in the box. Guess what, the UPS was not there and CR team agreed that its a mistake on Bunnings website. They provided refund immediately. So please feel free to buy that but check it at the counter before you take it home.

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      Good point!

      Bunning's model is "Core" T8851CD1. JB listing has "Pro" in the name and E8851CD1 model, but doesn't mention any battery for the Homebase. Same model on TGG and even poorer description.

      The OP's comparison page is for the more expensive Pro and doesn't even have Bunnings there. This should be corrected.This has been corrected by the mod.

      Anker's listing for the Pro set mentions "8 Hour Battery Back Up".
      Anker's listing for the Core set doesn't mention the 8-hour backup and marks it's "exclusive to Bunnings".

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        That shits me off when they do that, effectively cementing Bunnings' "lowest prices" claim, it's anticompetitive.

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      This is the 2C Pro model and not 2 Pro model

  • these are really outdated now right? the version 3 been out for over a year now?

    • They still work very well. The latest version is about 40-50% more expensive, albeit with solar panels but that's useless if you have them under eaves or internal.

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