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FC MXBB 3x3 PVC Sticker Smooth Speed Puzzle Magic Cube Black $8.25 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ FC MXBB via Amazon AU


Professional 3x3 PVC Sticker Speed Cube Black Perfect Gift —It is an excellent gift(Christmas,Thanksgiving,Halloween,New Year’s Day etc.) for everyone - boys, girls, youngsters, adults or even your lovely grandma!
High quality cube puzzles,durable & compact — It has a very controllable speed so you won't over-shoot much. When holding it or cubing with it, you will feel it has a very sturdy and strong build.
More fun & function — Compact design and smooth feeling, improve your memory and hand flexibility, activate your imagination and creativity,perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience. Even stave off dementia.
Green Eco Safe and reliable — Green and Eco design, Safe and reliable,Made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastic material.absolutely safe to human health.
What are you waiting for ? — Come and Choose "FC MXBB" brand cube, we will provide you Lower Prices & Better Quality

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  • +8

    Ah, many fond memories of playing with my 3x3 PVC Sticker Speed Cube…

    • Speed cubes are that much better than a Rubik's cube that your memories will no longer be fond.

      • Whags the difference?

        • Speed.

        • Yeah just smoother, faster, more accurate to turn. Plus you can get stickerless, magnetic, etc.

  • +2

    Ahh, yes. A traditional FC MXBB 3x3 PVC Sticker Smooth Speed Puzzle Magic Cube Black Halloween present for my lovely grandma!
    I hope she doesn't still have the one I gave her last year…..

  • +1

    Not a bad stocking stuffer. I should buy a few. At least these are decent cubes, unlike the shitty Rubiks branded trash.
    Edit: bought 5

  • +1

    Great timing. I just completed my first cube last night. Could always do 1 side easy but followed a YouTube guide to complete the entire thing. Now my kids have stolen my current one to try and solve it so I can have my own pro one to play with. Cheers OP!

  • +3

    I wouldn't bother at that price. You can get a quality stickerless cube for roughly the same price.

    $9.98 delivered - adjustable, magnetic, with tool and stand

    • your cube is better … but saying $12.95 for me.

      • Weird, dunno what's going on there. I replied in a hurry. Anyhoo…

        I splurged on a Diansheng 3x3 M 2021.

        Features strong buckle splicing, super perceptual debugging, and of course, anti-thinkle.

        Because as any cuber knows, if you ain't anti-thinkle, you're uhh… thinkle.

    • 12.95 for me too…

      What's the benefit of magnetic cube over the non magnetic ?

      • +1

        better turn accuracy

      • it is a trend in cubing community, magnetized cube helps turn accuacy since the magnet will help the pieces slab in place and align pieces. When the pieces are aligned, your next turn will have a lower chance for lockups which will slow down your speed.

        For most cubers, if you are not under 30 or even 20 seconds, it honestly wont make much of a different, except, feels better?

    • I second a magnetized cube over the cube above, here is another link for $10 for Meilong 3M from speedcube.com.au at $10+delivery


  • Pay close attention to the age range.

    Age range: 72 months to 480 months

    5 to 40 years.

    • Shouldn't it be 6 to 40??

      • Shouldnt be 7y at the end of 72 months?

  • Based on the photo in Amazon page, it is Guanlong v3, it cost $7.5+delivery from daily puzzle. It is a fine speed cube at that price


    Just a random cuber

  • is there any cheats to solve these unsolvable rubik cubes, or just remove and replace the stickers?
    the only thing these speed cubes are going to do is make me frustrated faster.

    • There's no cheats as such, but there are algorithms to follow. Learn the algorithm (or follow along with a guide/instructions), solve the cube.

      Edit: It may interest you to know that any cube can be solved in a maximum of 20 moves.

      • 20 moves? there's no way. take me like a million moves to almost complete one side. then i can't go any further because i would chuck the darn thing across the room.

        • Yeah, it would basically be impossible for a human to solve in less than 20 moves (unless they got a very simple scramble) given the number of possible combinations involved (43,252,003,274,489,856,000).

          That's where the algorithms come in. Humans can remember the algorithms, but it's not the most efficient way to solve.

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