Need Some Ideas (Broken GPU Interstate Delivery)

In a (profanity) head space right now, I purchased a system from a reputable seller who is interstate (I'm in Vic). 5 months in system dies (boots but no USB or display) email and call seller and they ask for the system to be sent back for warranty assessment and concludes it is a faulty Mobo, at this point it's been near 2 weeks.

Fast forward to today I get it back and open her up keen to get back into gaming only to find GPU is broken from the PCI port (snapped no chance to fix).

Now through this ordeal the seller is slow to non responsive through all communication channels and I've contacted TNT who told me the sender opted for no insurance/warranty.

Now I've got a dead $3000 system, I'm still within PayPal 180 days dispute. Though I've never done it before.

Any suggestions would be helpful, been a bit stressful, definitely learnt my lesson and will be buying local next time.

Thank you


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    Provided they are genuinely slow to respond and it's not just your (understandable) stress - i'd just go ahead with a paypal dispute if its within the terms and conditions of paypal. I've found that will kick the seller into resolving the issue. I haven't done a paypal dispute in a long time so i'm not sure if they will cover an item that is a warranty issue 5 months in, as opposed to arriving faulty

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      Yeah, OP, move forward with the paypal dispute. Two weeks is long enough for the seller to get their act together.

  • If the seller has been reasonable so far, I'd give them till tomorrow to reply.

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    Well they got back to me and said they'd contact tnt but from the response I was given from tnt i highly doubt it will turn out fruitful.

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      TNT's response is irrelvant - it's the sellers job to make sure it gets to you safely. It is always the seller that claims on postal insurance.

  • Fingers crossed, will update when more info comes available. Thanks for the responses so far gets my mind off the mangled mess that once was my pride

  • They sent photos of how it was packed before shipping but between then and now which is about 5 days someone has decided it'd be funny to see how fragile it really is, also the psu back plate is slightly deformed not sure if that is possible from dropping.

    • Was the gpu screwed into the back of the case bracket correctly? a bit worrying as it must have been a solid hit so i'd wonder what else is broken perhaps…

      Did they fill the case with anything to hold everything in place?

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        I've seen so many built PCs arrive with the chassis completely bent to the point the sides have come off never to go back on I'd never consider doing it. It's just not possible to pack them well enough to compensate for how parcels can be treated by some contractors. Given how heavy most GPUs are now sending one installed relying on a couple of small screws and a connector is a recipe for disaster IMO. Opting not to insure is a big mistake but that's the sellers problem.

        If they're slow to respond give them a chance BUT open a Paypal dispute within the allowed window. You can always close it but you can't open one if you leave it to late. Given Op says it died after 5 months and Paypal allows 6 months, I'd say do it sooner rather than later.

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      They sent photos of how it was packed before shipping

      Thats nice of them but its just not your problem and you are complicating the issue by discussing it.
      It doesnt matter if it was personally delivered in a Pelican case in the Queens Rolls Royce - it is their problem! :)

      • Just curious how it would complicate things, nothing hostile just legit question, like is it a case of try sort it out with them first cos I haven't named them just the courier company so far.
        Just pretty peeved as you can imagine with lock down and no pc for 3 weeks, so just trying to get a fresh perspective instead of my red rage

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      Not relevant. It's damaged in transit which is their responsibility to ensure it arrives you safe and sound.

      When does the Paypal 180 days end? Make sure you don't miss it. I would give them till Friday to come up with amicable solution else raise a dispute.

      They should know better than to ship a system with GPU installed. Should always always always be taken out separately.

  • Would have needed a fair old bang to have suffered that dame and the box should reflect such impact. Did you take photo's of the outer box and then the inside contents?

    • It's a large box so I'd imagine if it fell flat on it's side it would sustain enough to dislodge and break the gpu (fairly sizable one) without damaging the outer box.
      As for the packaging I've no complaints about how it was wrapped. Imo it had enough bubble wrap inside and out to prevent small bumps.

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    That's why most sellers should always remove the graphics card and package it seperately because if it comes loose it can cause massive internal damage, give them a day or two to respond as as it obviously wasn't damaged when sent to them otherwise they would of said something

  • Name and shame, this is terrible conduct by this business.

    • Rather not, I'll give them a couple days to come to a resolution, I've nothing against their work I quiet like their workmanship and the pc was beautiful when it worked.
      I'll give them the benefit of the doubt with covid and all for now. They did respond to the email before, I was just fuming when I wrote this post.
      I'm not out to destroy their rep or business I was just asking for help as all I was seeing was red and that's not a good place to think in.

  • When i got it the gpu was installed everything was plug and play, even when I sent it back I was told bubble wrap should be used to support it during transit.
    I'll give them a couple of days was hoping for some sort of update since the last one but alas.
    I'm not too tech savvy so far obviously the gpu is farked not sure it the port has any damage I'm not gonna rip anything out till they send me a response, so far I just have the tempered glass off to take photos of the damage.
    3 weeks without a desktop and finally able to get it today was pretty much all I've been looking forward to for the last 3 weeks so down in the dumps

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    Now through this ordeal the seller is slow to non responsive

    I would recommend these guys and would definitely use again if I ever need to

  • Update finally got the pc back and up and running.
    Thank you all for the support/ideas, in the end the outcome albeit slow and agonising is satisfactory.
    I don't want to bad mouth the seller but if they read this and connect the dots which ain't hard, please communicate more ey, fantastic to deal with initially but following that was an uphill battle.
    Shame considering I had an extremely pleasant initial impression/experience and would've definitely given them business again when the time came.

    Thank you all and time for me to game again.

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