[Audiobook] Audible Plus Catalogue: Thousands of Free Titles for Audible Subscribers @ Audible


Now you can listen all you want to the Plus Catalogue, on top of your credits.
That's a selection of thousands of Audible originals, audiobooks and podcasts, including exclusive series - at no extra cost.

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    I'm assuming that any of the titles that you don't buy with a credit are not yours permanently? Where as the ones that you buy are still yours even after you end your membership.

    It's still a great deal though. I love audible because I'm now listening in the car while driving my boy to sleep each day for an afternoon nap. I would have long given up trying to get him to sleep if it wasn't for audible lol.

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      Yes Plus is a revolving set of Books that may leave the plus catalogue.

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    Is there anything new to this or is it just the existing free content rebranded?

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      New free content. Have been an audible subscriber for ages, books previously requiring 1 credit like
      (profanity) your brain, short history of nearly everything and brave new world for example, can be added for free.

      Maybe some or most of the better audible plus books are ones they have previously offered as their free monthly book to subscribers.

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    I see a number of Bill Brysons books are on the Plus Catalogue. Nice.

    • I listened to Bill Bryson's lost continent over and over again when driving to work few year back. It is such a hilarious book.

      • Give 'A Walk in the Woods' a listen from Brysons books. Its about Bill and his friend 'hiking' the Appalachian Trail. Lots of humor but also very informative.

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    Is anyone else struggling to get through books with these lockdowns? I use to listen to a lot of audio books driving to and from work and walks at lunch time, but now it takes me ages to get through a book.
    I recently finished Stephen Kings , 'The Stand' on Audible.com.au, which is a 48 hour long book, I think it took me something like 2 months to get through it.

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      Yes if i listen at night i tend to fall asleep!

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        Same here, but same problem with movies, books etc…

        That's what happens when you get older unfortunately.

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      Yeah I am.

      FYI - I just found out you can pause your membership for up to 90 days, to catch up.

      You don’t get charged, you can use your existing credits and can listen to your library.

      • Yep, I did that once recently, but chose a shorter period to pause, and now I can't pause again for a while..

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          You can just cancel too. You get to keep any books you got with a credit.

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        I just cancel, state it’s too expensive, immediate discount or free months sent to me via email.

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      I’m the opposite. During lockdown I smash through books during walks, exercise and non-meeting hours wfh. It’s different for everyone I guess.

      • I am the same…and listen to Audiobooks when walking so fly through them. Bed time, I usually swick to non fiction books (less exciting) and have player stop after 1 hour (will be well asleep by then). The following night I rewind say 45mins and pick up where I last remember……

  • Netflix / game pass model for books

    • Not exactly the Netflix model… You still have to buy or use credits for most audiobooks, but publishers can make available some titles as "included / on demand".

      There are some decent titles available, and that's most likely part of the hook. Not just as a paid membership benefit, but also to entice you to use credits and ultimately purchase more audiobooks for $15+ each that are not included in plus, on top of your membership.

      I should have bought shares in Amazon. They have this way of globally extracting more and more money from consumers while making us feel we are getting something for nothing.

    • Agree, it looks like this is a step in that direction.

      Similar to music. Remember when we used to buy records / cassettes / CDs? Then it became buy the album from iTunes. Then it became subscribe to Apple Music / Spotify etc.

      It makes sense. Whilst I like the idea that I own the books I’ve bought, similar to many on this thread I’ve paused (multiple times) my audible subscription because I have credits I hadn’t used. If Audible was a pure “subscribe and you can have access to everything whilst you remain subscribed” model then I’m probably more likely to maintain my subscription.

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    Now that we are on Audible, can people suggest a few 'must listen' to books that they really enjoyed/recommend?

    got 4 credits from the 3 months deal few months back about to expire

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      Open by Andre Agassi. One of the best. Super engaging.

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        That sounds like text to speech. :S

        • Wouldn't surprise me if most of the free ones were read by poor performers

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          Wow, it does indeed…..I read the book and enjoyed it. The Audio books is short and only 6 hours 30mins.

          This I also enjoyed and I am not specifically a Arnie fan. Great value being 23hrs 21mins long.
          [Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story By: Arnold Schwarzenegger] (https://www.audible.com.au/pd/Total-Recall-Audiobook/B00FGJR...)
          Narrated by: Stephen Lang, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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      What kind of genres are you after? Some of my favourites off-late have been:

      American Gods by Neil Gaiman
      Vaxxers: The Inside Story of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine and the Race Against the Virus by Sarah Gilbert and Catherine Green
      Remembrance of Earth's Past Trilogy (Three Body Problem, Dark Forest, Death's End) by Cixin Liu
      Project Hail Mary, The Martian (read by Wil Wheaton) by Andy Weir
      Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer
      The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Catherine Webb
      Quiet by Susan Cain
      The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker
      Mythos by Stephen Fry
      Expanse series by James S. A. Corey
      Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari

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      Just finished The Dark by Jeremy Robinson. Thrilling, fast paced sci-fi horror, with a great narrator. Had me hooked! Planning to try his other books too. Project Nemesis sounds interesting…

      I have The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss in my library, I was going to start that tonight. Read good reviews about it, but the length is daunting. Hope the pace isn't too slow…

      • +5

        Tbh it’s one of the best written fantasy books I have listened to.

        The slow part will be waiting for book 3 to come out haha

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        Ooh just listened to the preview of The Dark, I'm getting it. Thanks!

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      I would recommend:

      The Name of the Wind - by Patrick Rothfuss

      It’s an amazing fantasy book.

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        The author doesn't seem to have any desire to finish the series, which makes it difficult to recommend for me. Unless you enjoy reading unfinished stories.

        • Such incredible build ups but then deus ex machina, all the time!

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      American Kingpin - This is really well narrated and don't watch the movie Silk Road, it's poorly acted and misses a heap of detail which is in the book.

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      I just had a look and Egyptologist Kara Cooney has one of her books ‘When women ruled the world’ is on audible. I have never listened to her books in audio but I think she reads/records them with her own voice.
      She’s a knowledgeable entertaining author, I discovered her years ago when she used to be a guest on Late show with David Letterman to talk ancient Egypt stuff.

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      Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

      Similar vibe to The Martian, also written by Andy Weir. I'm not normally into sci-fi but this had me hooked from the start.

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    So it looks like they have gotten rid of most of the free content. Books which were free you could purchase and then were stilll accessible even when your subscription lapsed. This now seems to have more 'Add to Library' content vs before '$0.00 Add to Basket' books. So if you maintain a subscription then it looks like there is a little bit more for you but if you duck in and out then this change is worse.

    Is that what other people see?

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      Yeah that was my thoughts as well. I don't really use any of the free content but if i did i would consider this a downgrade.

  • Any coupons to get some free trial period for part members?

  • Name of the wind is great. Great narrator too

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    I have a prime membership and find that many of the books included have an add on audiobook option for $2-4 extra.
    Used to have an audible subscription but it was so expensive.
    Using library audiobooks( download to your phone), plus kindle / prime books with the add on $2-4 audio inclusion much cheaper.

  • how do you browse the "Plus" catalogue? Even if I go into a search page that has "Plus" checked it shows a combination of both plus and normal titles

    edit: also looks like if your membership is paused you don't get access to the Plus catalogue…my troubles could be because of that

    edit2: search still seems broken. certain titles with a member price or 1 credit still showing up in the PLUS catalogue

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    Audiobookbay is what i use

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    I am revoking my vote and negging this. This is not a deal at all…I just got an email from Audible as follows:

    We’re always looking for ways to make Audible better for our loyal members. Which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Audible Premium Plus - keeping everything you currently love about Audible, with the addition of the new Plus Catalogue. Now you can stream a selection of thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts, all without using a single credit. With new titles added every week, the Plus Catalogue has something for everyone, whether you're a Crime or Sci-Fi fan, love a podcast or just want to find something new.

    As part of these changes, from 17 October 2021 your $14.95 a month plan will no longer be available and you’ll roll over to the current $16.45 a month Audible Premium Plus plan. Your existing billing date won’t change.

    We get it, no one likes a price increase, so we wanted to remind you that you can switch and save with our annual and 2 credit a month plans. For $164.50 a year, you'll receive 12 credits immediately, that’s equivalent to $13.71 a credit!


    So this is not free infact, but comes with a price increase

    • 1 book a month for $14.95 or hundreds of books free for an extra $1.50, seems like a pretty good deal to me.

      As someone who was constantly gaming the system to get extra books rather than pay more for extra credits, this is an amazing deal.
      I've already downloaded an extra dozen books that otherwise would've taken me 12 months to "collect"

      • I guess maybe I misunderstood how they rebranded it…i thought they just converted the free content to PLUS and added more to the bill…i guess i will take back my downvote and be neutral here as I'm not convinced fully

        • They have converted free to PLUS and added a bit more too. SO it's worse for the person who deosn't subscribe all the time.

      • They've removed all the content that was free though to really make it a SAS type model, so there's not really as much extra as it looks, there is a bit though.

        • I don't about "free content", I saw a bunch of books that i've purchased in the past that are now free and others that were in my wishlist that are now free too.

          It looks more like trying to incentivize people to buy some authors older content, they might offer book 1 & 2 free in a 5 book series, hoping you end up buying book 3-4-5.

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      If you cancel and go through with it (don’t accept the free credit, free month to stay) they’ll send you a ‘come back we miss you’ email offer of 6 months @ $8/month.

      • how targeted is this and how soon do you receive this after cancelling? Worst case, if I join again at full price, will my library and stats be intact or all gone?

        • +1

          Everything you’ve bought with credits is still there in your library and accessible and yours to keep forever even if you don’t have an active subscription.
          I think it was only about a week after I started getting the ‘come back at a discount’ emails. I didn’t click the trigger right away and they keep sending it like monthly, I have a huge backlog of physical books to read.

  • +1

    This is actually amazing - a tonne of niche books I like (Thomas Sowell books for instance) are included. This is amazing value, at least for me.

    I just finished a three month trial and cancelled…I am very tempted to re-subscribe now.

  • I still have about 700 unlistened books from the Audible loophole/glitch a few years ago.

  • Loads of books now included for "free" (whilst you are a member).

    Fantastic deal (price hike included).

    Only thing is I will find it harder to focus on the books I need to read :-( :-)