This was posted 8 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wltoys 124019 1/12 RC Car US$103.99 (~A$142.22) CN stock Delivered @ Banggood


Lowest price in 182 days (according to Banggood).

This model is a good alternative to the 144001 if you plan on doing any upgrades or aiming for high speeds. It's slightly longer which leaves so much room for activities; bigger batteries, ESC upgrades, longer wheelbase is more stable at speed

Heres an article outlining some of the less obvious differences;

Shipped from China.

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  • Would buy this with batteries included bundles they work out cheaper just FYI

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      Agreed, although personally I have a stack of batteries so paying any amount for more is a waste of money. Bundled batteries are often questionable quality in terms of rated vs. real capacity. Example; a 2600mah that came bundled with a 144001 only measured 2225Mah.

  • "Lowest price in 182 days (according to Banggood)" I noticed this, but wasn't sure how reliable this 'self validation' was? (vs CamelCamelCamel or Pricehipster, etc)
    Anyone got a voucher code that works with their CN store? (the recent code for the 144001 for example only works with the AU store). Anyone bought this model before who can comment on the current price?

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      Appears to be the lowest price according to this also.

  • The updated brushless version 124017 is apparently going to be AU$202 when available later this month.
    Seemingly comes with brushless motor, 3 wire servo etc.
    Don't know whether it's better to buy the 124019 and spend $??? to upgrade the motor, esc, servo etc to brushless specification or just stump up the extra for the 124017 which is brushless out of the box?
    Expert opinions required…

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      I posted the preorder deal in July for $181

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        If a pre-order for a (hopefully announced soon) 1040?? brushless appears, please post that too!

    • A brushless upgrade would cost at least $100aud and probably more, so getting the brushless version is definitely the way to go.

      • Aside from speed (which I don't care for b/c it's for my kid) , are there other benefits to brushless?

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          Yes, many. Significantly better battery life. Runs much cooler - the stock brushed ESC and motor on these WLtoys models run super, super hot which affects their long term reliability. Ie, they eventually melt and fail. It's much lighter, so better on tyres, better handling etc. Overall more reliable.

          Brushless is definitely the way to go, WLtoys just decided to stick with brushed to keep the costs down. As for speed, the stock brushed setup is already stupid fast.

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      Breakdown here;

      TL:DR probably 50km/h, physically smaller and mid level kV rated motor. My takeaway is that its a 'safe' brushless setup, nothing exceptional. I'll be sticking with my 124019 order and upgrading to brushless; to get what I want it's the cheaper option.

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        If you want a specific brushless setup for speed runs or something, definitely do your own upgrade. But if you just want (way) better battery life, heaps lighter, way more reliable, the stock brushless version is going to be way cheaper in the long run.

  • I hope these aren't in the same boat as this model/brand

    • There is component like that in this car so I think your safe.

  • I'm still waiting for a bargain on the Wltoys 104001

    • Currently AU$192?

      • That's regular pricing. Alternatively, I would also consider a 124017, which should be releasing soon.

  • Does anybody have the 104311? I am looking for a solid entry level rock crawler.

    • The reviews I've seen aren't great. From memory the throttle isn't variable speed, which makes crawling very difficult. Could be a good starter basher for a kid, but that would be about it.

    • I'm currently on the market for a 1:10 scale. Torn between the rgt 136100 v3 and the ex86100 v2

  • hey thanks for the bargain and info, OP! where do you dudes buy your diff grease / shock oil from?

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      Just use whatever auto grease you have, or grab some from Supercheap. I just use Team Associated silicone shock oil from ebay in my 144001.

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    Picked up a 124019 after seeing them pop up here regularly - got one from FB marketplace for $150 locally (Perth) a few months back.

    Absolutely stoked with this RC. Wanted something I could turn on, have a quick couple of laps outside while out with the kids.

    Out of the box it is incredibly quick but fun. The ability to turn down the throttle on the controller means you can get confident with it, or feel safe knowing your kids are going to write it off instantly.

    I’ve already managed to bust one of my steering arms, but the readily availability of spare parts plus the several groups on FB has meant it’s been super easy fix and still enjoyable.

    Has been hard to find anything comparable on gumtree/fb/hobby shops for bang for buck.

    I’m still learning about brushless etc and all the different mods but for anyone thinking about it - can definitely reccomend this

  • Could anybody assist me by making a recommendation for young child's first RC car? Looking to spend between $50-100. Thanks in advance.

    • How old?

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