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Inkbird IBBQ-4T Wi-Fi Thermometer $79.77, ISV-200W Sous Vide $83.40 Delivered & More @ Inkbird eBay


I got a heads up from the rep and also their Facebook page that Inkbird will be celebrating their 11th birthday and there are some good deals to be had, including the popular IBBQ-4T wifi thermometer 4 probe kit which a few people have been waiting on.

The 4XS unit i think is the cheapest it has been. The BG-HH1C pen is the one you can get at Bunnings for $20.

Runs for one day only on the 15th of September, so if you're looking to buy, been waiting to buy, or just starting your bbq journey then I would consider grabbing your gear on this day, so keep an eye on your calendars.

Here's a few things that I personally think are a good deal (there are other things that will go on sale like gloves and vacuum sealers) :

Product Sale Price
IBBQ-4T Wifi $79.77
IBBQ-4T + Case $89.91
IBT-4XS Bluetooth $47.00
IHT-1P Pen $22.85
BG-HH1C Pen $11.50
ISC-007BW Auto control $172.52
ISV-200W Sous Vide $83.40

~Update : I just got told that the 4XS unit and BG-HH1C pen will no longer be sold by Inkbird directly after this birthday sale because Bunnings now have exclusive rights to sell this in Australia. So if you like these, then this is the time to get one.

~ Update : Inkbird rep has just said if you want a free cap, just leave a note/message the seller and they will send you one. There are 100 available.


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    Thanks OP IBBQ-4T I'll be all over that.. pretyy good price in the current climate

    • Just dropping this here to draw attention to my comment at bottom of the page that they are also selling the IBBQ-4T a bit cheaper on their other store, $71.25 or $81.75 with case.

  • Hell ya. I've got the 4XS and while it's great, Bluetooth and range suck on it. Can't even go into the office room and take my phone with me as it'll cut out.

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      Yeah, depends on your environment of course, so i just went straight to the IBBQ-4T Wifi

      • looks good but no "pit" probe.. only "meat" probes.

        • the IBBQ-4T comes with 2 clips with put onto your grill if you need to do that.

        • Luckily I've already got the 4XS with the pit probe but you can use the others as it comes with clips anyways

        • There are 2 pit probes with supports on the OP IBBQ-4T..anyways pit probes are just the same things with a bracket to put them into… 4 probes, 2 brackets and monitoring station..at this price it is very good…on the day that is

        • Can pick them up for a couple of bucks on eBay if you must have one without a pointy bit.

        • Previous versions had pit probes because the meat probe sensors were rated to a lower temperature.
          The probes with the IBBQ-4T are different and by attaching the included clips are used as pit probes.
          I use the IBBQ-4T with two set up as pit probes on the smoker for 13+ hour cooks as I found the external sensor of meater probes was too influenced by large cuts meat to be useful/plausible.

          • @Tauroka: Why would meat probe or pit probe or any probe not be true to temperature ? What is the point of a temperature probe then.. when I do low and slow I want the rack temp at 2 different places close to the heat and close to the off side. I want probes at the thickest portion of the meat I am cooking. I use a masterbuilt 560. What am I missing here ?

            • @shaidas: "What is the point of a temperature probe then." Yep, that is my disappointment with the Meater brand probes, hence I use the Inkbird.

              With Inkbird you're using some of your probes for the meat temperature (thickest part) and some for pit temperature. With the IBBQ-4T the probes can be used for either, with earlier Inkbird probes you needed dedicated pit probes.

              With Meater they implemented two sensors in each probe, one in the meat and one at the protruding end to measure the surrounding temperature. Unfortunately the surrounding temperature sensor of the probe does not represent the pit temperature. Stick to your "rack temp at 2 different places close to the heat and close to the off side" for which two of the IBBQ-4T probes are ideal.

              Meater are great for high temp rotisserie cooks but the IBBQ-4T is my choice for low and slow.

              I hope that clarifies for you @shaidas

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                @Tauroka: Thanks bud..no idea about meater , too pricey for me just to go wireless so never tried them. I forgot all about this one so thanks for reminding me.. have added a calendar notification and thanks in advance OP

                • @shaidas: You like your a Master built 560?

                  • @kickling: Can't be beat for low and slow.. rock solid accurate temps from the PID, fast heat up times, easy clean up. Only issue is high temps, I am of Indian origin and do a lot of tandoori style cooking so I need the high temps and I find the Kamados more versatile for that or making Pizzas. I have both so works for me but yeah ..Masterbuilt 560 is excellent for low and slow, makes everything a breeze

                    • @shaidas: Ah very good. I'll be buying a pellet smoker some time in the future, so I'm just getting personal opinions.

                      • @kickling: I have never used a pellet grill..Had a Kamado Joe and got the Masterbuilt because of temp control and the advertised 700 F and I thought it will be able to do the high temps and I shall have a one in all and sell the Kamado Joe but the Joe kills it in that aspect. Pellets are more expensive than lump charcoal but then the Masterbuilt is not cheap so if after low and slow..a Pellet grill maybe a better choice. Having said that if I am smoking, I shall never use the Kamado, the Masterbuilt is just too easy to use, takes out all the guess work, absolutely fool proof. Best of luck with your choice and I hope I was helpful.

                        • @shaidas: Cheers.

                          Yeah I have a weber kettle that I use for all my smoking plus an aldi gas smoker which has been great.

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    Sweet, gonna be broke by the end of the day.
    My current isv200w impeller shattered (user error while cleaning), I have superglued it back together and been working fine since but worth getting a spare for when it eventually dies.
    My bg-hh1d temp pen has been claimed by my father so good luck ever seeing that again, so an upgrade plus a few extra iht-1p for when he borrows and claims the next 1.
    My Maverick bbq thermometer and probes recently died so that's due for replacement.
    My old aldi vacuum sealer is on its last legs, so that's due for replacement too.
    And iv been tempted to try their gloves.
    Got plenty of Inkbird products, some even running heating and cooling on multiple fish tanks for the last few years, never had an issue with any of their gear.

    Shopping list set, the wife's gonna kill me thou, easier to ask for forgiveness then it is to ask for permission.

    • Funny, I got my IBBQ-4T after my Maverick probes died too… and it is too expensive unfortunately to buy replacement ones.

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    Other than cooking steaks and other meats, that Sous Vide gadget can be used to quickly thaw or defrost meats.

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    Just noticed the sale has already begun

    • Updated.

      And corrected some of the prices in the table.

    • And now I'm broke, and in the dog house, nothing a bunch of flowers can't fix 😉, at least iv got some cool gear coming.
      Thanks for the heads up about the cap too

      • Just think of it as an investment hehe

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    Update : Inkbird rep has just said if you want a free cap, just leave a note/message the seller and they will send you one. There are 100 available.

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    Thanks OP! Wifi unit and instant read thermo here we come!

  • Anyone know why the original price for the IBBQ-4T is $135, however for the IBQ-4T + Case it is $118? It seems exactly the same unit, so can't understand why the one with case was cheaper (now more expensive on sale)

    • Yeah, they don't have a very smart way of marketing.

      They have multiple listings for different promotions they push to other groups. And instead of giving a targeted coupon code they just create a new listing.

      • So I am reading it correct that it's exactly the same item?

        • Yup, correct. Basically duplicate listings.

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    Shame the reps post got deleted as a duplicate rather than merged. Had a pretty complete list of all the products on sale.

    More importantly though, jumped on early to buy the IBBQ-4T Wifi only to now see that can get it for $71.25 with code INKBIRD00915 from their other account. (According this old FB post lerway100 is Inkbird AU.)

    IBBQ-4T with carry case is also available for $81.75 with code IBBQ4T0915

    • Ahhhh, really wish I hadn't seen this. Ordered the IBBQ-4T + case + IHT-1P (plus case) + gloves pack for $138. Would have been $10 cheaper with this option. No case for the pen, but don't need it. Worked out free in the pack which is why I went that way.

    • Damn. Good deal. You should post these up before they price jack or remove codes

      • Can just chuck a note up in your post so people know about the option if they don't read the comments. Looks like a lot have already purchased from inkbirdau store.

      • +1

        Not happy, they advertise a sale, so we purchase, then their secondary seller account under cuts their original sale.
        @kickling Get onto the rep tell him to fix up those that already ordered this product, maybe chuck in a bonus temp pen or something of equal value, or refund the difference.
        Tempted to cancel my order due to this slap in the face.
        It's not alot of money but the principle

        • Yup, I'll alert him / her.

          Fyi they are really not very organised with checking for competing prices. I have actually not posted deals before because they just are not the cheapest, and they don't bother to do a quick check.

    • IBBQ-4T with carry case from lerway store is AU$126.75,discount AU$45 code but charge AU$13 for shipping(AU$126.75-AU$45+AU$13=94.75) while we offer AU$89.99 with free shipping. About ibbq-4t was wrong price and change to AU $91.25

      • Incorrect, lerway100 still showing free delivery as of this comment.
        Subtotal $126.76
        Postage free
        Discount $45.00
        Order total $81.75

        There is even a separate code for $10 off a $79 spend on lerway100 (INKBIRD00915) which stacks on the non case version to make it even cheaper.

        • Was free shipping when I posted my comment but showing $13 postage for me now as expected since…

          Revision summary for item #333707470260
          15 Sep, 2021 19:15:10 AEST Postage terms

        • I checked again it still show AU $126.75
          AU $13.00 shipping for Standard Postage (Standard Parcel Delivery) and AU $25 for Express Postage (Australia Post Express Parcel)
          Discount $45.00
          Where do you see "free shipping"? Please give me the link

          • +1

            @Inkbird: All good, as it was sitting in my cart it still came up with free postage, once removing and re adding it updated.
            Still doesn't change the fact it under cut the original sale.
            How about at least looking after those that ordered at the higher price, would go a long way to save face

          • +2

            @Inkbird: I copied a screenshot with the low price and free shipping. This was around 6.30pm.


            • +2

              @cheapies: As bamzero mentioned about the postage was added at 7:15pm
              Revision summary for item #333707470260
              15 Sep, 2021 19:15:10 AEST Postage terms
              That's still a full day of undercutting the original sale on their secondary account

              @inkbird, simple fix, chuck in a few freebies to keep your loyal customers happy after the stuff up, or refund the difference.
              My username is in my ebay order.
              Let us know what you are going to do

      • +1

        What about:
        - IBBQ-4T plus gloves - $107.40 (inc postage)
        - Case - $29.99 (inc postage)
        - less discount of $45
        Total = $92.39

        Add - IHT-1P+case - $38.24
        Total - $130.63 compared to "Sale Price" - $137.99

        If you just add IHT-1P (no case) - $22.85, total is $115.24 compared to "Sale Price" - $123.49 and the cheaper price also includes a case for the 4T

        Definitely doesn't feel like the sale prices have rewarded those that followed the advertising

      • @Inkbird: Rep Any update?

        • +1

          They have our money, clearly the car factor is zero. My items were marked as sent on eBay as soon as this issue came to light. Funny thing is the tracking only got activated yesterday. Never buying from these guys again based on this experience.

          • @stang65: My order has been split up into multiple shipments.
            Got 1 yesterday.
            No cap as promised or bonuses.
            Hoping it's in the next.

            Just Pm'd the rep requesting they update us in this listing.
            Let's see how it goes

  • I received a tracking number but looks like my orders still have not been shipped.

    • It may delay because of shutdown please pm me order number i will urge the delivery

      • I received my first update today on the auspost tracking number, will let you know if any issues, thanks for checking

      • Actually, only 1 our of my 2 tracking numbers had its status updated. Will send pm.

  • +1

    Received today, no cap included…

    • Haven't received my second parcel yet but no cap was in the first and I'm getting nothing from the rep with pm's here or on eBay.
      Give them a pm and see how u go, ask them to respond to our questions too.
      I really wanna support these guys as iv got over 1k worth of gear over the years and never had an issue, apart from aust post smashing up a parcel a while ago but was replaced immediately, so this place usually has fantastic service but seem to have dropped the ball on this sale.

  • +1

    Received today. No cap as well.

    • Cap has been sent out from China Generally it takes 7-12 days to deliver thank you for your patience.

  • Disappointed with the false promises.

  • Hey guys I think the cap is coming separately. But please follow up anyway by sending them a message on ebay

    • That doesn't make much sense spending ~$10 to post a free item separately.
      They are not responding to me or others, can u ask the rep to address us here

      • I think they might be coming from China. I'm not sure.

      • +1

        Got reply from seller on eBay and can confirm cap sent separately from China

  • anyone who's received their items, did the aus post tracking code ever show anything?

    Mine says it was shipped on 15/9, but hasnt been scanned by aus post… wonder if this is normal before I contact them?

    • I got the IBBQ-4T with the case. The 4T arrived last week, tracking updated fine for that one. Another package, which I'm assuming is the case, has only been received by Aus Post and hasn't changed status since the 18th. So I guess that's a similar scenario to yours.

      • Thanks for the reply. I had a probe and the 4T with case, both listed on the same tracking but has never updated. Aus post is up the splut currently - so not surprised. But a little odd.

    • Yep, Received my IBBQ-4T and the Pen on Thursday.

    • Hi it may delay because of shutdown please pm me order number i will urge the delivery

      • Hi rep, any luck? I've PMd you and haven't heard anything with no change in aispost status? Sorry to hound, but now upto 2 weeks since order?

        • Same for me, I was asked to send order details 3 days ago but have not heard back

  • well this is annoying. I have received an inkbird hat, but not the goods I ordered.

  • Hmmmm..I'm still waiting for my cap.

    • Update. Received my free cap today.