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WLtoys 12427 2.4G 1/12 4WD Crawler RC Car With LED Light 7.4V 1500mAh US$63.99 (~A$88.13) Delivered @ Banggood


First time poster sorry for any mistakes!
Thanks to storerep for this voucher code on the already discounted OZB favourite WLTOYS 12427 (AU Stock) which discounts the current 15th anni promotionary price (A$121.17 > A$88.13) - unitick shipping insurance for this price or add A$2.42 for insurance (~A$90.91 )

Deal page indicates promotion ends in approx 6.5hours ()Approx 10/09/21 2PM AEST) This code is valid for the unit in the AU Warehouse only.

Don't know too much about the r/c car itself but have watched a few videos and seems to sell out quite quick and have seen it listed on OZB quite often.

Description from the produt page:

Brand: WLtoys
Item: Short Course
Item No.: 12427
Scale: 1/12
Max. Speed: 50km/h
Net Weight: 1435g
Motor: 540 Brushed Motor
Frequency: 2.4G
1.5V AA, 2pcs (NOT INCLUDED)

Battery Required (For Car):
7.4V 1500mAh Li Battery
4 Wheel Dive
Forward, Backward, Turn Left / Right
LED Light
Running Time: About 10 mins
Charging Time: About 3 hours
Control Range: Around 100m
Car Size: 4224.518cm
Package Size: 5427.523cm

Package Included:
1 X Car
1 X Remote Control
1 X Battery
1 X Charger
1 X Tool
1 X Manual

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  • +2

    I have one of these, it is excellent. This is a good price.

    • Running Time: About 10 mins
      Charging Time: About 3 hours

      short bursts only? I think the above stats would frustrate me

      • +4

        This is entry level, hobby grade RC. Unless you want to pay 5x the price, this is the reality. Honestly, just have a few batteries on hand, and get a half decent charger and it's not an issue. But you'll get more than 10 minutes if you turn down the throttle trim. Full throttle is probably too fast for most situations anyway. You can also get larger capacity batteries which will obviously last longer. Multiple batteries - it takes 30 seconds to swap a new battery in. A decent charger will charge the batteries much quicker than the (terrible) included USB charger.

        • do you have any recommendations for a decent charger please?
          i might need to get one plus extra batteries

          • +3

            @fuzzyslk: I like the ISDT chargers. I have a Q6 Nano personally. Just be aware that some models, like the Q6, require a separate 240v power supply. Just make sure you get a charger that will balance your cells, and has a storage charge mode so you can store your batteries safely when not using them.

            The imax chargers like this one are also popular, but I haven't used one, and I've heard lots of reports of low quality fakes on ebay/bangood etc. So I'd only buy from a reputable dealer.

            • @wombat81: thanks very much! the ISDT Q6 nano looks good, i might give it a go myself! i was gonna ask for recommendations on batteries as well, but it looks like other s have already asked already so will have a look around!

              • @fuzzyslk: Yeah I can't really help with batteries. I'm pretty sure you're really limited with battery size in the 12427. I can fit pretty long batteries in my 144001.

            • @wombat81: Yeah, I bought the fake version (deliberately) for $27. . I do not recommend as cannot be calibrated and charges too high. For my use is fine. The real SkyRC version is worth having if into hobby as it can recharge most things.

      • +2

        I find the 10 mins is just about right for me. Kinda run out of things to do and end up doing doughies to use the last bit of the battery.
        It never takes 3 hours to charge with stock charger either.
        I guess if you have kids it might be annoying.

      • +2

        I have this crawler. The limitation is because of the battery, as it uses a 18650 7.4V pack. I replaced mine with a LiPo 2S 1000mAH high C pack instead. Run time extended significantly. Just be aware that the battery tray is part of the rear chassis setup, so it is very narrow and limits your choices of LiPO pack.

  • +1

    Good price.

  • Anyone know if you can operate two of these without interference? Thinking of Christmas presents for my boys and made that mistake once before.

    • +2

      not 100% certain, but seeing this is a 2.4Ghz model, it should not interfere with others of the same model operating in close proximity.

    • +1

      I bought 2 a month or so back, you can operate both independently.
      I might buy a third…

    • +2

      Yes, you can. You just turn on car #1 and controller #1, wait for them to pair (a few sec), then turn on car #2 and controller #2.

    • +1

      I was at an RC track a few months ago and someone had like 4 or 5 of these all running around for their kids. Definitely say I’ve seen it done

    • +1

      Yes, and there is a procedure to re-bind the transmitter and receiver if required, just in case they come programmed on the same channel.

  • +1

    … can't get option free shipping at checkout… have tried clicking free delivery then add to cart…
    just me??

    • Same for me. US$29.36 delivery. Any luck with getting free shipping?

      • That happened to me when I changed my delivery address. I had to clear the cart and start again, making sure the correct address was there before adding the coupon.

      • And your address needs a phone number

      • Okay, changed to an address to mates in the next suburb, in the same postcode and it worked

  • I have similar but i changed the battery to 2400mAh which was another $16 on amazon. More runtime.

    • Got a link to the battery you used? How was the fit in the tray?

      • +1

        This one has 7.4V 1500mAh Li Battery and my one had different volt. Best to get the car first. Plenty of upsize variants for 7.4v are available online.

  • I’m getting $50 shipping!!

    • +2

      Free shipping here. Chose standard.

  • Does anyone know have recommendations of where I can get spare batteries that ships from AU? I've only been able to find shipping from CN & US on Banggood, and international only shipping from ebay.

    • Hobbyking maybe?

  • Get This coupon is not available for limited offer products.

    • Worked for me

  • Great price. Super fun little car

  • +1

    Anyone able to tell me what size batteries I could fit into it? Want to grab a couple spare preferably bigger than the 1500mah

    • Looking for the same.any links would be useful. Thanks

  • No free shipping for regional it seems?
    I am trying to buy one for family in western NSW and only express shipping is available :(

  • How fast are these guys for delivery?

    • From AU warehouse, usually within a week.

  • -1

    Go to deal Link not working for me
    Try this

    • Lol, don't know why you were downvoted. Your link worked perfectly for me, for the exact same price. Thanks mate!

  • Fair enough. Maybe I got #100 🤷

    • Wasn't working yesterday for me either

  • If I elected for standard shipping, who do Banggood use for delivery? I’ve got a tracking number but not sure where to use it.

    • Chances are it initially be with China Post, you can try put your tracking number here.

      Once it leaves China though that will be it. You won't have any Auspost tracking or the likes to your door.

      • Thanks. The China Post website worked. It appears to be with Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers).

        • Actually, your comment about Aramex made me look deeper. Mine (Miband 5) is via China Post and to EMS Airline which upon checking is linked to AusPost. I checked the tracking number on Auspost and it's there. That's good to see so should be able to track to the door so.

          • @Borg: I believe this product is coming from the AU warehouse so I guess that’s one reason the companies are different.

            • @sween64: Sorry, my mistake, the tracking is for the Xiaomi bluetooth Temperature Sensors from Banggood. It's been a busy buying week :-) The Miband (Gearbyte) was from Melb and already arrived or did you mean your one?

  • +1

    Received mine the other day, great car!

    One thing I noticed though, the front wheels toe out quite a bit - anyone else's like that?

    Also I didn't realise one of the little adjuster knobs on the remote controls the speed range… only been driving the thing at half power!

    • nice! we're still waiting on ours (VIC based) should be here anyday though. haven't had one of these before, will update when we receive ours!

      • Mine came on Friday

    • +1

      Yes front wheels not looking aligned, very noticable.

    • Mine was like that too. I think they toe it out a bit for quicker steering response as these are not high speed cars.

      You can buy replacement links that allow it to be adjusted, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    • Same, mine toe out too. Researched, turns out its ok. It does mean once you fix the directional trimming it will go straight one way, but not the other ie if I fix the trimming to be straight when going forward, when I reverse it will pull (just a little bit) to the left and not reverse perfectly straight. This is because of the toe out.

  • Has anyone broken their rear driveshaft? The factory shaft if superglued and very hard to replace

    • Broken front driveshaft nearly straight away and that was without anything too rough.

      • Was it too hard to replace? The rear driveshaft is superglued to the axel and I can take it off.

  • Anyone up for new wheels? I am and made a group buy for anyone in the same position.

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