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Breville Bambino Espresso Machine (Damson Blue) $369 (RRP $449) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Highly regarded coffee machine. Maybe not as good deal as TGG Commercial (Bambino Plus) but if you don't have membership or can't be bothered making one. This isn't bad at all.
Same price as Big W but you still need to pay delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I have the plus version and love it. Worth taking the time to set up GGC IMHO.

    • Yeah. Got the plus as well. Great machine and only lacking a pressure gauge.

      • I've got th Plus too, great machine but also wish it had temp control and pressure profiling.

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          I have a Honda hatchback. Wish it had twin turbo V12 in it

          • @Caghan: With flappy paddle gearboxes please,and at the same price

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    I have a bambino plus version. Great little machine. Just recently had an issue with it. Sent back for diagnosis and hopefully its been repaired. Great customer service but phone call to breville took over an hour. 😔

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      Great little machine. Just recently had an issue with it.

      Great customer service but phone call to breville took over an hour.

      Everything's great but not-so-great…

  • Def get the plus for the non pressurised porta

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    got this machine and have been flogging it during covid. Making 6-8 cups a day for 6/7 months and no issues. As mentioned i jumped onto Breville and ordered a non pressure basket for $10 bucks plus delivery

    • Wow I thought I was a bad ass, but 6-8 cups a day?

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        Didn't mention for how many people 😅

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    Got the plus and ordered this basket. https://pesado.com.au/products/pesado-filter-basket-24-5-18g...
    $30 if you can do C&C in Melbourne. Was tossing up between this and the Breville non pressurised basket for $20 delivered but got this eventually.
    I know the website says it’s not compatible with Bambino but you can just rip off the plastic part in the stock portafilter. People recommend removing it even if you use the Breville basket.
    You can read more here: https://coffeesnobs.com.au/forum/equipment/brewing-equipment...

    • I was under the impression that all the 54mm precision baskets out there needed modding to fit the Breville basket (something about the lip shape) - is this one specifically made for Breville?

  • I'd definitely recommend taking the time to set up a GGC account for the Bambino Plus. It's a great solid little machine.

  • Whether you get this or the Bambino Plus, they are great little machines. However as per the above comments, invest in a non-pressurized basket.

    • any recommendation for non-pressurized basket?
      and do you then change the portafilter as well?

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        I would just get the Breville one if you can (listed as sold out on their online store, but maybe available elsewhere) - https://www.breville.com/au/en/parts-accessories/parts/sp000...

        You don't have the change the portafilter, but the one the came with my Bambino is very light. As I already had an existing metal portafilter from an old Temp Duo Pro, I do use this instead.

        • Thank you will look for something similar from Amazon…!

        • I ordered the 54mm single wall double cup from Breville on 17th Aug and it still hasn’t arrived (Sydney to Melb delivery). The tracking has been sitting at “shipping information received” ever since. Spent a total of around 3 hours on the phone being hand balled between Breville and Aus Post. I paid $11 for postage. Should’ve just bought a basket from Amazon with a 2-3 day delivery. So frustrating.

          • @flyingforward: be mindful Auspost sometimes missed sending you updates, I have items thats been marked Delivered for a couple of weeks. turned out they've been sitting in the local post office waiting to be collected, sadly they're now being returned to sender :(

            • @RichDad PoorSon: I am also suffering from delays. I ordered bambino plus from GGC. It’s now 7 days from order but it sits at ‘shipping info confirmed’. So frustrating. I used the screenshot of the receipt for Breville promotion and I already received my free coffee beans.

              • @mrTT: don't worry about the promo beans, they're mediocre at best :)

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