25% SoundMAGIC E50 $59 Delivered (Was $79) @ SoundMAGIC


Hi everyone,

SoundMagic Australia is running a clearance sale on the following items:
E50 $59 usually $79 https://www.soundmagic.com.au/collections/e50-series/product...
E50C $69 usually $99 https://www.soundmagic.com.au/collections/e50-series/product...

There are only few left. Once sold out, we won't be selling these anymore

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  • -3

    $59 Usually $79 Clearance

    So you've increased the price ???

    • Which price ? E50 is still $59 and E50C is $69

      • I was referring to what you put in the title before it changed…

        • The title got changed in terms of formatting, but the price still remains the same.

          • @Kewlj: before the change, the title said:

            $59 Usually $79 Clearance

            • @jv: and now says $59 Delivered (Was $79) @ SoundMAGIC

  • I highly would recommend this model to anyone who is remotely interested. Mine is 5 years old and still going strong. Paid $99 back then and thought was a good price.

    • thanks for the recommendation

    • I highly would recommend this model

      Does it sound magic?