NIKE Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Mens: Size 6, 11.5 $127 | Size 6.5, 7, 8.5, 9, 12, 13 $170 + Delivery @ Sports Direct


Found this deal while browsing for some runners.

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    the new pegasus 38 are $180 direct from nike though.

  • Does anyone know why, on so many running shoes, the padding thins out on the part of the shoe where you land?

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      Its got something to do with the price of tea in china

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      There is no one way that all of us land our feet when running.

      The drop in the fore part of a running shoe aids support of the arch.

    • You wouldnt be the only one. The airplanes also lose rubber, as the tires hit the tarmac everytime a jet lands.
      Luckily, their rubber soles are circular…

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      it just compresses from being used. thats why running shoes have a lifespan… once they get too compressed you lose the shock reduction and energy return properties.

      • THIS! One of the most unknown bits of information on running shoes is that just because your shoes have treat doesn't mean that the shoes are any good. I replace mine annually and in that time usually put on between 1200-1500km on them. For the most part the grip is fine but the padding is done. I probably should replace sooner but it's fine for me until then

        • yep…i learned this the hard way trying to stretch out the life of the shoe as long as i could. once the midsole cushioning goes, replace the damn shoe. you can tell when your feet start to hurt doing a particular run/walk where you didn't have pain before.

          look after your feet, people, it'll cost you more money to fix your injuries than to buy a new pair of shoes.

          • @tdw: Lol that last point. Also learnt the hard way that you may save $50-100 on shoes but will easily go through double that on physio bills for fixing the issue buying the wrong shoes will cost you. Nevermind the time you spend having to go to doctors appointments and getting scans!

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    I'm pretty sure Sports Direct actually ship from the UK, despite having .au website locally, and are notorious for having terrible customer service. I don't think this is worth it, in the event you need to return the product.

    • Returns aren't free either, so you have to pay international shipping.

  • FYI these are UK sizes not US.

  • bought two pairs of peg 37's last month for between $93 to $101 so this is overpriced for an older model.

  • Are these the ones assembled by uighurs?