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Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug) US$18.27 (~A$24.70) Delivered @ Wofea AliExpress


Following on from this morning's Meross Smart Garage opener post, here's another alternative at a fraction of the cost. I use one and it works great.

A couple of $ more than last time, price includes GST - which is added on at Payment stage. Compatible with a lot of garage door makes and models - basically if your model supports a wired button then there's a good chance it'll be compatible. There's instructions on how to check this on the webpage.

Whole thread from a previous deal here, and there's also a compatibility list

Warning: as always, Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing

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    Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug)


    "Hey Google, Open my garage door…"

    Will this affect insurance premiums for property theft?

    • +3

      No because the assessor can let themselves in too.

    • +1

      One would set a passcode (4 digit verbal pin) for opening the door. Closing the door requires no passcode.
      Not sure how someone outside your house is going to know your passcode unless you are somewhat foolish with it.

      I have this device and it works great. I don't know why some ozbargainers choose to pay more for the Meross branded one. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

    • +1

      there is a passcode requirement set by the assistant… its (profanity) glitchy but it does work. I just dislike shouting at my phone my passcode :-P

      • I just dislike shouting at my phone my passcode

        Especially if the neighbours are listening…

  • +1

    It would want to have a secure API and if not, you'd want to have a secure network.

    Imagine the joy on a crooks face brute forcing into a weak wifi network, doing a port scan and finding the garbage door.

    To me it's not a device I'd trust with some no name brand from AliExpress.

    • +13

      The crims around here would just smash a window.

      • +2

        Exactly. A lot of people question the security of Wi-Fi doors and Garage doors, but in the end, if they have a window, they should be more concerned about that than "Ok Google, open my garage door"

        • Ok Google, shut down window!

        • Breaking and smashing windows would raise suspicion. Someone with access to doors could possibly convince passer-bys its their property.

          • @Ughhh: Shh don’t use logic. It results in downvotes.

          • @Ughhh: You'd have to yell pretty loudly to get my garage opened, and that's assuming the person even knew I had my garage wifi'd in the first place.

    • +9

      Where do you live that your crooks have the skill and tools to brute force wifi networks….only thing that get's brute forced around my suburb is probably the crooks missus…

      • +3

        Where do you live that your crooks have the skill and tools to brute force wifi networks…


      • Where do you live that your crooks have the skill and tools to brute force wifi networks

        Skills? Script kiddies can brute force if they have the time.

    • I hope it has a voice password? I can imagine a thief shouting "Alexa open garage door" through the window.

    • Way too much effort to break in using your method PainToad. You've been watching to many movies and forgot about the basics of how these crims operate. Yeah sure if you had a mcmansion with a ridiculous amount of valuables inside then what you say is plausible, but the average Joe Blow crim will just jump a fence and find the most vulnerable entry point and break it. It's much more efficient and no tech required.

      • And would they be going to every house shouting hey Google, hey Alexa, open the garage hoping they had it wired up.
        I say it few hundred metres away while still driving. Good luck someone picking up on that lol

        • I didn’t say anything about shouting “hey Google”. Clearly you don’t understand.

          watching to many movies

          No, just work in IT and value security.

    • +2

      If they can hack my garbage door they’re welcome to take what they want.

      • Funny that people still think that “hacking” is some rare skill that requires intelligence.

        • I think you underestimate your IT skills, education and possible upbringing. I bet if you obtained some data from insurance companies/law enforcement on home theft, I think it would be safe to assume that very few, if any at all, that are actually doing what you suggest here.
          I would have thought that if what you are suggesting actually happened someone here would be posting their story.
          In line with your statements, I would agree that there is possibly a future in this though.

        • When people give their FB password to apps then say they've been 'hacked' - eyeroll

    • This device like most cheap chinese one use Tuya, a very well known API and I doubt you can brute force it. You have better chance on other proprietary platform.

  • Anyone successfully installed this with Glydermatic GTS+ Optima? Could you please share how to connect the wirings? TIA

    • +1

      Got this working now, see my comments below for the wiring details if anyone got the same opener. Thanks to opencalibra for his suggestion.

  • I use a Shelly wifi relay and sensor hooked up to HomeAssistant because I don’t trust a third party API to control my garage door.

    • Do you get any smart phone integration using that set up. I've seen that option on the hookup but wanted to use voice commands at home and for my wife in the car (carplay)

      • Shelly has its own cloud app, or you can use it with Google/Alexa/Apple smart devices/phones.
        If you don't trust/want third party's involved you can use Home Assistant (also has a cloud service, not installed by default)

      • I use HomeAssistant with the HomeKit bridge, which allows me to control the door with Siri.

        Very wide friendly and approved.

        Finicky to set up

    • I think tuya have better adoption than your shelly one and chance of finding out new bug and get it fixed is much higher. Unless you want to wage a campaign to proclaim Hong Kong an independent country.

  • You can use Siri Shortcuts on iPhone for smartphone integration. Also you can use location base actions and get the garage opened when you enter 300m of your house etc

  • I think this one is better.
    Wireless open/close sensor vs wired

    I've ordered and already in Sydney customs within a week


    • How big is the sensor/receiver? Looks massive in the photos
      If it has good range for detection, I'd jump on this but Meross one's magnet was pathetic and it needed to be within a couple of mm of the sensor. If this is massive I hope it doesn't have the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of the Meross sensor

      • I'll post a pic when it arrives.
        Hopefully early next week

      • Sensor is small.
        I decided to stick it here other places were too difficult


  • I've got this unit. its a bit umm, clunky but it does work.

  • Does this work with sliding gate?

    • +2

      They all basically emulate a plugged in remote.
      In the motor panel or manual for the motor look for a place to wire in a remote.

      If you short out the two cables for the remote and the gate opens and closes it will work.

  • Hi All,
    I have tried to install it in my Gliderol garage door and had no luck. Can anyone suggest how to or any links?


    • Same here… here's the manual of my garage,. it's included in the compatibility list but not sure where to connect the wires.

      • In the diagram it's number 6.
        The two pins on the very right

        Wire to those two.

        Note, I'm guessing but that's what the external switch diagram says

        • I tried to close the circuit which closed/opened the door but unsure how to connect wire to the pin, soldering? or is there a simple alternative?

          • @duty101: My Gliderol GTS2000 has screw-in connectors at item 6.
            Are you sure its pins on yours?
            If it is pins then goto Jaycar electrics and they can sell you some connectors to crimp on to the wires.

        • Thank you so much mate, I finally got it working after how many months of collecting dust from the drawer. I bought this from the first deal and couldn't be bothered installing due to lack of information on how to wire it. Your guess was correct, I wired it at number 6 in the diagram labeled GnD and a sunglasses symbol.

          • @johnyBgood: Nice work.

            There's alot of good small relays from companies like sonoff you can use for the same or similar applications like this one for example


            I originally used that for the garage door but wanted the open close sensor so ordered this new one.

            I have used the inching relay adapter and wired it into the inverter panel of my 13 year old Actron ducted air con.

            This let me turn the system on and off to the last setting from anywhere using Google. A cheap way to wireless enable an old air con that didn't have the wifi option anyway

            Love these little things they are very cool and easy to wire

            • @opelcalibra: Wow that's great man, im interested to see how you wired your AC using relay adapter as I have Acton air as well which isn't compatible with the new wifi capable new models.

              • @johnyBgood: I'm trying to find the manual I used to figure out the wiring but can't find it.
                Here's a picture of the install.
                Follow the grey wires from the device I'm holding to the comp and data cables. ​

                You also need power for the relay.
                My mate wired in a power plug and I just used a USB power adapter


                Hope it helps, pm me if you need help I'll try and assist

                • @opelcalibra: Thanks mate, really helpful. Are you able to control the temperature via Tuya app or just turn on/off?

                  • +1

                    @johnyBgood: No it's just a open close relay so on and off.
                    You would probably need to hack away at the wall panel to control anything else.

                    I mainly use it when I'm an hour or so away from home and it's hot or cold so I turn it on the way home

    • Is there wall remote/spare remote?
      I wired my setup to it. It simulates the button being pressed.

      • Sorry don’t have a wall remote

        • Worst case get an extra remote and wire to that.
          I did that to integrate a garage button directly into my car dash.

  • If you are installing one of these have a look at this video.
    Its not the same exact opener but the method is very similar.