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[VIC] Family Meals (Serves 4) - Buy One Get One - $40 + $7.95 Delivery (Melbourne Only) @ Gourmeal


Add two of any family meals into your cart and one will be deducted..Buy one get one free. RRP of $40 - $10 per portion, therefore making the portion cost $5 per portion - each of these feeds a family of 4.
Valued at $40 RRP
Delivery Melbourne Metro

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    There's no information in the Nutritional table on the two products I checked. Nor is there any information about the product weight. It could be 250g per serve for all we know. A bit of work to go on the website still.

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    Apply coupon… no price difference???

    • Hey there - you need to add two of the family size, enter the coupon and it will deduct one of them.. therefore making one at no charge for you

      • hi. it removes $0 after applying coupon

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          Hey - Discount will be on the right hand side under coupons. So it will display the product you have added as line 1, the other product as line 2 = $0.00 and show the discounting deductions on the right hand side. Both need to be a family portion size also.

  • cart wouldnt load to check out.

    • Try a refresh if you don't mind. Site is getting a lot of traffic at the moment from other sources.

    • Add /cart
      To the end of the main page website

  • A Minimum order of $60 is required before checking out.

    • Thanks @balka20 have fixed this now to be $40

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      Thanks for your order!

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    I think there's a few problems on your page

    • Feed the world's hunger with trillions of dishes, all in stock.

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    Would love to jump on, but no nutritional info or serving sizes on many products = no deal.

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