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[NSW] Avocado $0.66, Kale $1, Ginger $18/kg, Cos Lettuce $1.5ea @ Box Divvy (Membership Required)


The idea of Box Divvy is to share the boxes of produce between families. Produce are picked within 48 hours of delivery and you don't get many people touches your food (only the farmers, palletiser and the person running the hub, who wear facemask and gloves when packing). A lot of their produce are local and are spray free.

The prices below are their prices this week. To get the deal, you'll need to register to become their member then you'll be able to join their next week's cycle.

Today's prices:
Asparagus $2.25ea
Avocado $0.66ea
Bananas $3.54/kg
Red Capsicum $1.25ea
Lemon 2.4/kg
Regular Cos lettuce $1.5
Iceberg Lettuce $1.5
Gold nuggets Mandarins (Seedless) $0.68
Ginger $18/kg
Kale $1

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Box Divvy

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    Do u have to order every cycle?

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      Do u have to order every cycle?

      Yes, for Cos Lettuce.

      Same with Sin Lettuce…

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        Woah jv, with jokes that hot you might get a Tan

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          Don't be obtuse…

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            @jv: No need to be sharp with me, I think you’re acute

            • @ccrap: Didn't have a great reflex time on that reply

              • @pennypincher98:

                Didn't have a great reflex time

                Maybe you didn't have the right angle ?

                • @jv: That’s fair but had to put the teething tot back to bed. Why the third degree?

    • No. You don't have to. The system allow order suspension.

  • By the looks of it you need 45 people to get it started if not already available in your area.

    • My hub was started by my neighbor. From my understanding she had 15 people to begin with but the hub filled up quite fast. You may check with box divvy directly for the minimum. The Box Divvy website has a link to inquire about opening a hub.

  • This is only good if there is a vendor near you I guess?

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      Yeah find a hub near your area that has available spots.

      Been using them for awhile and quality / price has been good. Order more when you need or less depending on what you need.

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    Box Divvy has been great for our family. A couple of things to remember:

    12% is added to your order total as the ‘hubster fee’ - this pays the person running the hub. There is also a transport fee, and a possible delivery fee if you want it delivered to your door (otherwise you pick it up from the hubster’s house).

    Farmers get a better deal from Box Divvy - I can’t recall the details but they get more cents per dollar than if they sell to the big supermarkets.

    You can order bread, meat, coffee, eggs, pantry staples like pasta.

    The success of the hub depends on everyone in the group working together to get the purchases across the line. For example, to get Pink Lady apples the hub must order a whole box between the members. It’s easy for produce like apples and carrots, but a little more difficult for less popular items like chillies.

    I absolutely recommend joining a hub (or starting one if you want to earn some extra income…I don’t know if it’s worth the work). The produce is generally excellent.

    • Can you just stick with the starter pack?

      • Absolutely! In fact, you can remove up to 3 items from the starter pack. Depends on your family size, the starter pack can be less than $10

        • Except the website says $25 - $35 and varies with hubs. Quite a big variance.

          • @dottydotdot: The website is giving an average cost, whereas my cost mentioned above is the minimum cost (starting order), which is depends on your family size. Assume your family only has 2 people and your hubster put 7 items in starting orders and you removed 3 (so 4 left. Assume the 4 are:

            2 x bananas: 0.64x2= $1.28
            2 x pink lady: 0.61x2= $1.22
            2 x carrots: 0.36x2 = 0.72
            1 x cos = 1.5x1 = 1.5
            Total: $4.72
            Plus 12% hubster fees: $5.29

            Depends on the size of items you get, quite often you get more than what you order, especially bananas and carrots.

    • I just registered to see whats available. Some items like bananas are cheaper while others such as blue berries are quite expensive compared to Coles/Woolies.

      No mention of the additional fees anywhere/FAQs. That's very sneaky as I didn't know until your post. The earlier that I can pick the order is 21st Sept.

      I typically spend $50-60 weekly on fruits and veggies at Coles. So an additional $7 + transport fee on top. Will checkout the quality and whether it works for me.

      The nearest hub is open between 9:30-11:30. Not sure if I can go to collect them during WFH and no way once we go back to offices.

      • Will you go everyday to the office?

        • I was told that we have to go back to office 3 days a week once the lock down ends. Don't know which days.

          Will speak to the hubster as I can pick up at 12 PM as our work have blocked our calendars from 12-1 PM for lunch, exercise or relaxation (no meetings).

      • You may check with your hubster for the pick up time. My hub is 9:30-11:30 also but people pick up in the afternoon. If you pick up late, I'd suggest to provide the person who run the hub a thermal bag to help keep the produce cool because the weather is getting hot.

        Edited: Some hubs offers delivery. You may check with your hubster if delivery is available. As they are run by family near by, they are easier to ccommunicate and more flexible compare to the big companies.

        • The additional fees should be disclosed upfront on the website or in this post.

          It is mentioned that we need to leave the bags with the hubster before the pick-up. Also to provide containers for loose stuff such as spinach.

          Some items are too expensive, blueberries are $30 a kilo while it is $16 in Coles. Both are not organic.

          Good concept and good selection though.

          • @Commenter: I'll will make sure that I add the hubster fees if I post again when I see something really good price.

            They do have organic hubs and Conventional/Spray free Hubs. In the onventional/Sprayfree Hubs, most of their local growers are sprayfree, which I prefer to buy from them if the price isn't too much different. But of course, as a long-term ozbargainer, I would buy 12 boxes of Coles blueberries and eat until I get tummy pain when the price is $30/kg vs $16/kg and then the rest from box divvy.

          • @Commenter: Whether you need to leave the bags depends on the hub. Our hub packs our produce in cardboard boxes and we return them the following week when we pick up our next order so that they can reuse it.

    • Thanks for putting the 12% hubster fees and for the explanation. I'll make sure I add that on top if I post again when I see good price.

  • Should always wash fruits and veggies anyway, splash of vinegar and water.

  • Question 1- When you remove items from the STARTING ORDER, are you still required to pay for them? How does it work, can you add new items or increase the quantity for other items?
    Question 2 - Also, when you join, do you have to buy regularly? What will happen lets say you got the 1st order and you think it's not for you, can you just leave it? i.e. is there any cost associated with leaving?

    • Hello,

      Answer for Q1: You only pay for what you get (i.e. You do not need to pay for any items that you removed). It works similar to group buying - You can add more items by joining the 'split', which is to share the box with others. For example, a box of Apple has 35pcs. Family A orders 2, Family B orders 5 and so on. Once the number reaches 35, the split succeeds and you get that produce. If the split fails, you will not get it (You can find out what splits are a success through their website).

      From experience, split for common produces such as apples, potatoes are pretty much always a success, whereas 'unusual' items such as fresh oregano, lemongrass are not always successful. Some hubsters (people who host the hub) may organise members to buy those unusual items together once every few weeks to increase the success rate.

      Answer for Q2: Yes! of course! You can suspend orders and cancel at anytime with no cost.

      Rather than a business, it is more a community who try to get good produce (e.g. spray free veggies) in fair price while being able to support local farmers. Just a couple of weeks ago, they helped a farm that had excess amount of baby cos heart lettuce by bought a bulk load. They sold the lettuce at $0.85, where $0.5 went to the farmer. When Watkin's farm closed because of the lock down (Before it went on the news), they helped sell their mandarin straight away.

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