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HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset $119.20 + Delivery ($0 with $200 Spend) @ Wireless1


Looks like a good price for a wireless headset with low latency.

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  • +5

    Detachable mic and analog input as well as USB wireless seems pretty good for this price.

    micro USB in 2021 though…

    • These are pretty old headphones though.

  • -1

    How do these compare to the Xbox wireless cans?

    I have Xbox gift cards, and am reluctant to pull the plug and buy a set for some reason

    • These aren't compatible with XBox products.

    • Xbox headsets are reviewed very well and these don't work with Xbox wirelessly anyway

    • The Xbox version of these is the Hyperx Cloudx Flight. They're pretty good. Typically can be had for about $200 on Amazon.

    • +7

      Either you are talking about a different headset or you got a dud, my battery lasts ages.

      • Mine lasts about 8 hours and its flat, been like that since I got it. Didn't return it because I bought it from USA :(
        Works great otherwise.

        • Definitely sounds like you’ve got a faulty pair. With the LEDs off, mine lasts pretty close to their promised 30hr run time

        • Weird. Mine lasts through a weekend of gaming without any trouble.

          I have however had some driver issues causing the audio to not work in some games.

  • +2

    IMO, It's a great headset and I have a new one spare on the shelf cause I don't want to use / try another. Yes, the Micro USB is old, but they're an older model.

    Battery is in fact very good, but you have to double press the power button after you turn it on. This turns the LED's off and it lasts a full day of gaming, and I have used them since August 2018. Charge overnight, and ready to go next day.

    I have had to replace the earpads once.

    The mic is a bit average and sensitive to the position near your mouth. I use a USB/boom mic and these only for audio/sound. Range on them is a solid 10+meters around the house.

    Honestly, a good buy at this price.

    • What replacement ear pads did you get?

      • +1

        Genuine Hyper X Cloud earpads. I think I got them from MWAVE for like $20?

  • +5

    One of the best headsets I've ever used. Wireless is amazing, battery life is good and the sound quality is great. Also the quality and build of the headset is also great.. love it

  • +3

    Can vouch for this boi. Been abusing mine pretty hard for over 3 years. Considering getting these as I stepped on mine and it's held together with tape :(

  • +1

    Great price for these - I bought my pair a year ago on sale for $160. Audio is great, comfort good, mic average. Can’t go wrong for the price considering they are wireless.

    I broke my USB adapter last week, so mine are MIA at the moment :(

  • +4

    These sound pretty good but the problem is the persistent audible white noise that comes with it once you turn them on. It doesn't matter if it's connected to the USB Wireless Receiver it is still there. This same problem is occuring with the HyperX Cloud II Wireless. Just look it up online and you'll find people having these issues. I bought mine back in 2018 but returned them twice because of this problem, I'm going to assume HyperX never addressed this problem.

    If you have sensitive hearing I'd avoid these.

    The following list of Wireless Gaming Headsets do not have this problem/white noise less audible from personally testing them:

    • Logitech G533
    • Steel Series Arctis 7 (2019)
    • Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL (Best Microphone) (Has white noise but not as audible, tolerable at best)
    • Cooler Master MH670
    • Sennheiser GSP 370 (Best Battery Life)
    • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (Middle Ground Performance)
  • +2

    This is a good headset. I recently bought mine and I love it.

    • +2

      I just took a punt and bought one!

      • +1

        I don't think you'll regret it.

        Keep those RGB lights off though.

        • All good. It's like half price and only $120. I believe it doesn't work with xbox wirelessly?

          • +1

            @vinni9284: I don't believe they do.

            I use these for pc and the awesome xbox headset for xbox.

            That is another awesome headset. Worth the money.

    • +1

      I have received mine the other day. They are awesome and worth the money. Thanks!

      • +1

        I'm glad. Enjoy!

  • +3

    good buy at this price, wireless range is good enough to run to the toilet and still listen to your friends yell at you.

  • I presume these would work ok when paired with an Android tablet, iPad or Chromebook as well? Looking for a decent multipurpose set of headphones for the kids that can be used across multiple devices.

    • +2

      These are not Bluetooth, they pair to a USB dongle. But you can plug in a 3.5mm aux cable.

  • Got wired Astro A40s for $120 yesterday, what's a better deal/headset? Between these and them.

  • i wish it had some rgb action

  • -1

    Can someone clarify if these have 7.1 audio? I don't think they do based off rtings review but want to make sure.
    I think the HyperX Cloud Flight S have 7.1 but not these.

    • +2

      It doesn’t mate. You need to use YouTube :)

      • I've tried to use some of these 5.1 testers off you tube for my 5.1 system. Some worked and some didn't. I need to test this one

      • +1

        Cheers. I was at work so wasn't in a position to watch any videos, hence the question.
        Looks like the S version has 7.1 but they're about $200 more expensive.

        • 7.1 is nice to have but like u said the price difference is not worth it haha

  • I see it is PS4 compatible, but is it compatible with PS5? Anyone tried?

  • Could someone clarify if these can turn on side tone and adjust the side tone volume? Thanks!

  • Latency is 70ms when wireless. Is that too much for competitive FPS gaming? (I like knowing immediately that I've been completely dunked on and have died).

    Unfortunately mic wont work when wired in according to reviews.

  • Have had these for two years and they are great!

    Battery life lasts about 20-25 hours with the LEDs off.

    Unless you're an audiophile, you would find these to easily be some of the best value wireless headsets you can get.

    The padding does deteriorate after like a year or so, but I think most pleather pads have that so is not a problem exclusive to this set.

  • This ok for my endless WFH meetings?

    • That's what I use them for, no complaints around range or mic quality. They look a bit silly on video calls but I love the freedom of being able to go and grab a drink during a call.

  • Love these almost a year in. Super reliable, great sound quality and definitely value for money. Invest in these if you want a headset that just works and sounds great with minimal fuss.

    **I recommend getting the Dolby Windows 10 headset software as well for enhanced surround sound.

  • This are the most comfortable headset I have used, and I have used many due to being really sensitive to clamp force and my ears touching the drivers. I swapped out the included earpads for some extra thick ones, they are stand size earpads sizes.

    Word of warning though, while there is analog input, the headset is physically wired to use digital mic input, so the mic will not work with Xbox, you will need to use a inline mic cable with it. Sucks. I did also need to return mine after 11 months because sound was quieter in one ear, this was probably me being a bit rough with them, but that being said they are super comfortable because of their light build material, so they will be precious. 10/10 would still recommend these, they sound great especially with Dolby Access and feel like wearing nothing.

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