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SHELANDY Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog $120 (Was $199) Delivered @ SHELANDY via Amazon AU


SHELANDY Pet Hair Force Dryer Dog $120 (Was $199 - 40% off) @ Amazon AU in PINK or BLUE.

For all you COVID pet parents that are looking to dry their pets faster at home this seems like a good dryer for the price.Have been looking for one for months and was about to pull the trigger on the cheapest one I could find from eBay but found this on sale at amazon.

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  • Just ordered for my Groodle. Sounds promising.

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    Hopes it’s better than my hair dryer method. Thank you

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    I bought one of these from eBay for about $100 delivered. eBay one looks slightly better quality and same wattage. If your not sure just buy one. I’d spend 20 mins trying to dry my groodle/snuffaluffagus after 2 beach walks a day with a normal hair dryer but this thing blasts all the sand and water off in under 5 minutes and I never have to brush her. It’s a bit intense around the head and ears but she cops it. Just keep feeding them treats while you do it the first few times. Some people donate blood, other people donate money to victims of sex trafficking, I change lives by recommending this to everyone I see at the beach with a dog.

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      How is the noise level compared to a normal Hair Dryer? It's the sound that seems to freak my dogs out.

      • Yeah it’s a bit loud but my dog is pretty easy going. Treats will work to get them used to it I think.

    • Do you use it indoors or outdoors? I have a long hair groodle and found this to take a long time to dry him. But i use my normal hair dryer to essentially blow wave him, but it can take up to an hour…

      Perhaps i give another shot, seems others have better success at this than i do

      • I only use it outside. You can see the water and sand being blast off.

    • Not all heroes wear capes.

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    “Pet parents”, geez.

  • Anyone know if these pet dryers also work well drying a car after a wash?

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      it does the job, however detailers would argue that it does not have a filter so you are blowing debris back on the paint
      imo if it comes with a longer cord it would be great for drying cars

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      Glad to see i wasn't the only one who thought of this

  • thanks, bought one!