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Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 2-in-1 $499 Delivered @ ECOVACS Amazon AU


An alternative for all those who can't go to Aldi today due to lockdown, albeit more expensive. Don't forget to tick the "Apply $300.00 coupon" to get this price, the discount is applied at checkout. Other units have coupons available as well but only $100-$150. Looks like you can use only one coupon per account.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price in title

    • Updated, thanks

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    U can go to Aldi lol

  • $100 more than Aldi.

    • Yep, that's the price you have to pay for lockdown, literally.

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  • Returned one from Aldi last sale…if you have the right carpet/hard floors and the right floor plan etc I guess it would be great but my carpet didn't agree with it so it didn't perform well.

    Edit: I do remember people were lined up at Aldi for this one and going a bit nuts scared they wouldn't get one

    • We got one from Aldi.

      It worked fine for eight months before sh*tting itself. We returned it to Aldi for an immediate, no-hassle refund.

      • Yes best thing about purchasing from Aldi

      • how long is the warranty? 1yr? I just bought one from Aldi today, just wondering if I can bring it back within the warranty period… Thanks

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    The eBay store offering method is much better if you want to buy it online. $350 ish after accounting 10% gift card

  • come on Amazon 450 and I'll bite

  • Aldi today is $399

    • Good luck getting one

      • Plenty at Dee Why store today. A mate grabbed 2 despite the sign out front saying they didn’t have stock.

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          So my good luck worked

  • negative until Amazon matches

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    People commenting "cheaper at Aldi" - do you realise that a typical Aldi opened at 8:30 today and those vacuums were gone at 8:32am? Everyone who's ever been to such sale can tell that.

    Otherwise blow my mind and send your successful stories from the stores that got more than 2 in stock and/or there was no queue.

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      went to aldi around 9.30 today, there were heaps stacked up

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      I just bought one after midday. About 10 left.

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        Yeh I got one late morning, still plenty left

  • Is it a good vac?

  • EBay immediately advertised the parts replacement pack to me - to anyone that's got one, how often do the brushes etc actually need replacing it is this just up selling?

    • We've had ours about a year, one of the brushes is a bit bent but I'd say 18 months maybe? Depends on your floors and how much you use it, but they do wear out.

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