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TEFAL OptiGrill+ GC712 Smart Grill $159 (Was $269) Shipped + Bonus Baking Tray (Valued at $69) via Redemption @ David Jones


Great reviews. Ordered one myself and claimed the bonus free tray from Tefal via the redemption offer:

PURCHASE A TEFAL OPTIGRILL AND CLAIM A BONUS Tefal OptiGrill Snack and Baking Tray accessory VALUED AT $69.95 ON REDEMPTION. Available until 15/09/2021, To claim your bonus gift. Complete the claim form from the Tefal Promotion Page.

Also available @ Amazon AU, Dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

2nd cheapest: JB HI-FI $179

Perfect grilling results from rare to well-done:
The Tefal OptiGrill+ provides perfect grilling results, from rare to well done even for frozen food. Featuring "Automatic Sensor Cooking" technology, time and temperature are automatically adjusted to the thickness and number of items placed on the grill, based on 6 cooking programs (Burger, Poultry, Sandwich, Sausage, Red meat, Fish) and a frozen food mode.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • This is one big mother trucker! 😇

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    Wasn’t that long ago big w was selling the optigrill Xl for $99 I’ll fined receipts for the - voters

  • My flatmate had one of these and despite it being a sandwich press I never understood how it worked. Every button I pressed whilst using it would make it (profanity) up more. But just to (profanity) with me occasionally it would work as intended for no obvious reason.

    I have since purchased a sandwich with no buttons and I am exponentially more at peace.

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      This thing is clearly for someone who lives in a shoebox with no ability to cook meat on a proper grill, weber, etc.

      • Yes

      • Even so (profanity) fire alarm usually goes off when this is used.

      • someone who lives in a shoebox

        Sydney things 🥲

        • no melbourne too, many people live in inner city shoeboxes ….between melb sydney, bris millions i’d say ….

        • major cities all around the world things..

          NYC, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, SF, London you name it

    • +14

      I have since purchased a sandwich with no buttons

      Everything else aside, I really enjoyed experimenting with a reality where this comment wasn't a typo

      • Legit this appliance is very difficult to use. Don't believe me? Buy one.

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          I agree! Had this one for a year, sold after.
          Bulky as. Buttons don’t have meaningful functions. Tray 79$? They’re dreaming.

          • @evgpek: Where did you sell it? I have one, never opened (it was a present). No one wanted it on Gumtree.

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              @Hansi: @hansi eBay someone bought it after few months for 85$

    • +5

      I don't know how people think this is hard to use,
      I have the Optigrill Elite and its simple to use, tell it what I'm cooking, put it in and it comes out perfect every time.

      Maybe its the difference between this and the elite but looking at it, it doesn't seem all that difficult.

  • +8

    I bought one of these ages ago… Hardly ever used as a sandwich press. The weight of the top plate just squishes everything to beyond recognition. Needs one of those height setting things on the side which are available on many cheaper devices for actual sandwich pressing and not sandwich squishing. As for everything else, it comes out a little anaemic compared to just using a pan.

    But if you are absolutely terrible at cooking, I can see this being a one and done device for a student dorm, for example.

    • The weight of the top plate just squishes everything to beyond recognition. Needs one of those height setting things on the side

      The Breville equivalent of this has one

      • +1

        Yeah but I'm not going to pay close to $500 for that… Even Breville's $59 basic offering has it.

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      it claims to be able to cook salmon but it looks like itd turn the salmon into a pattie

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    I got one before I know the proper way to cook meat (sous vide etc) and thought it's gonna be great.. followed the setting and everything and turned out pretty terrible. used it twice and never used it again lol

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    Have used one of these for a couple of years and think they are great, I can go and have a shower while my steak is cooking without fear of burning the house down.

    I find it cooks steaks (without bones) very well, you just have to rest the steak in aluminium foil for a while when it's done for it to be nice and tender.

  • Will be $49 for Xmas!

  • Does it get real hot though?
    I like to sear the heck out of my steaks but hard to find things that get hot enough

    • +3

      For what it's worth, I've cooked kebab skewers in this with meat cubes roughly 2.5cm thick and they came out nice and evenly seared. However, the grooves of the two contact plates makes it a bit cumbersome to fully clean after use with cooking meats and the non-stick coating of my unit has stripped away completely over time after cooking a lot meat with it.

      I would recommend the good old pan for cooking meat instead of using this.

    • -1

      It's Teflon coated so no.

  • +3

    I've got one of these, and they are great when you want to do lazy cooking.

    You can set it going with burgers, sausages, steak or chicken and not have to watch or focus on cooking. Can be in the other room and just listen for it to beep when it's finished.

    Also works well to drain fat into the tray (due to the grill angle), so you aren't left with food drowned in fats and oils.

    I believe it also adjusts based on thickness and you can add a frozen-defrost option too. So you can literally bring out a frozen piece of meat and have it cook well without any manual input.

    Have never used these for sandwiches.

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    It cooks okay, don't remember anything special other than the hard clean up. Steaks just need a good overnight marinate to taste amazing. Usually just had rump. Now that i think of it, this would have suited a pork meat type of steak with way too much fat

  • Putting steak in a press grill should be a criminal offence.

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    It's actually quite good but you will get better results from pan frying as I found the weight from the top resulted in pressing a lot of the nice juices out. It only ever gets brought out as a sandwhich press now.

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    Would not recommend. If you use this daily like I used to you will soon discover the technology gremlins that poses this grill.

    I went through 7 of these devices in 2 years, kept on exchanging after the electronics crap themselves.
    Also wont take long to wear out the coating on the plates and discolouration to set in.

    When you contact tefal support they are hopeless, expect no after sales support or spare parts being readily available. Even the tefal rep in store told me that these are returned all the time.

    I will say that when it works it does an okay job of cooking meat.

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    We had one of these. It broke down within the first year and we barely used it. Couldn’t be bothered getting an exchange as we didn’t intend on using it anymore anyway.

    I remember it was a pain to clean up and was too bulky/heavy for what it is. Thick steaks cooked ok, there’s a dial that would change colour based on what stage it’s at (blue, rare, medium etc) so it should always cook it the way you like.

  • +2

    I agree with the neg commenters. I have one too and basically not worth it.

  • I have one and quite like it, great for chicken breasts (which I cook often) and steaks (not so often). Only bad experiences I've had with it are with things that aren't thawed completely - if you don't put it in defrost mode you need to cook it longer, if you do put it in defrost mode it overcooks it.

    Cleaning is easy for me, just take the trays out and bung them in the dishwasher.

  • Back in stock at Amazon for $159.

    Have used mine a few times and it is indeed pretty good. It does tend to squish the food quite a bit though from the heavy lid.

    Baking Tray freebie on the way too. Might try some brownies.

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