HOSTPERL - Shared Hosting, cPanel, CloudLinux 5GB NVME, 200GB Bandwidth, 1 Website for $1/Month


The Ultimate in performance, Control and Convenience!

There are many excellent web hosting providers. But its depending on the location you prefer and the level of support you need, as well as free gifts included in the hosting package, you can choose the one that's right for you. We understand that without a stable and fast web hosting platform, you will not be able to market or operate your business effectively. This means that we are working hard to keep our IP network clean, our server hardware up-to-date and its content delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you run a small or medium business or plan to build your own website, may be the right place for you.

Our Features :-

5GB NVMe SSD Storage
200 GB Bandwidth
Host 1 Website
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Addresses
Wordpress Optimised
FREE SSL For Every Domain
Softaculous One Click Installer
PHP, Perl, Django Supported
Linux Hosting
Free cPanel + Cloudlinux
Sitepad Website Builder
Imunify360 Antivirus
Imunify360 Firewall
JetBackup Disaster Recovery
24 x 7 Customer Support

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  • Just keen on the plan (time) that the promo includes?

    • Hi,

      In which plan are you interested?

      We will send you promo code.


      • As in how long can I purchase the plan for (can I buy up to three years?), keen to help out small enterprises with potential starting out. :)

        • Hi,

          Yes you can buy that plan for three years. Please open a ticket on our site and let us know in which plan are you interested. Will give you a best discount.

  • Reviews are sus ~ all around 23 May 2020

    Good for a cheap throwaway trial

    One-year old (?) hosting provider is a bit early to trust with a long-term web presence.

    • Did a quick check on this seemingly celebrity name being personally name-checked on reviews. Probably a friends/family positive review encouragement rather than bots

      The profile of the named chief executive officer from the reviews and company profile (LinkedIn) shows a blank gap in resume from ~ 2003 education until the listed HOSTPERL November 2019 (? New Zealand)

      • +1


        Please share your email id will send you my resume.

        2003 - 2013 - Service
        2014 - 2017 - ISP Business (till now)
        2017 - 2018 - Lead Cyber Security Researcher (Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic (P) Limited)
        Aug 2018 - till now - New Zealand.


        • Thanks for the background and additional info hostolx

          Provides additional assurance and seems to check out at a glance

          Though I am now confused about who "John" is in this and the other forums

          • +1

            @UsernameChecksIn: Sorry to use my nick name john on forums but i dont think it seems an issue.

  • Looks like cPanel licensing may not be prohibitively expensive for resellers anymore

    • +1


      Thanks for commenting on my post. I have my own servers not reseller.


      My main domain is hosted on resellerclub because when i started this hosting business i start as as reseller thats why. And for SEO purpose i didnt shift my main domain to my own server.

      I am doing this business from 2014. My previous domain was and now i merge both hostolx and hostperl.


      • Nice!

        Thanks for the additional info on servers and hostolx

        Great response time


        Business / solutions mainly based out of Auckland (rather than New Delhi)?

        • +1

          Currently i am operating hostperl from auckland.