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Lexar 512GB 1066x MicroSDXC Card $95 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ VIC C&C, PayPal / C&C Surcharge $1.14) @ Centre Com


Great price for a 512gb A2 microsd card.

512GB model has up to 160MB/s read and up to 120MB/s write.

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    A2, intended to be used for running software. Good for Raspberry Pi, Switch or the upcoming Steam Deck.

  • Any good for GoPro? Or any recommendations for a good card?

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      You don't need crazy cards for low bitrate footage like GoPro. This would exceed the requirements.

    • I got rge gold one of thos 128gb. I cannot how much faster it is compared to my sandisk…

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    +$1.14 surcharge for CC and PP

    I've got this but worth mention that speed is capped to 95MB/s unless using the correct reader

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    That awkward moment when a MicroSD card has bigger capacity than your external HDD…

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      they say size doesn't matter

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        They're lying.

  • This is not the reputable Lexar brand from the past. It's now owned by a Chinese company without any reputation in making quality flash storage.
    I recently bought two Samsung EVO plus 512Gb cards on Amazon for the same price. Samsung is far superior flash storage, probably the best on the market today.
    My recommendation is to keep an eye on Amazon and buy Samsung. This is 512Gb worth of data, so, you want to make sure you get the most reliable out there.

    Negging the brand, not the deal

    Edit - I've just checked Amazon he they have a good price on Samsung.

    Samsung Micro SDXC 512GB EVO Plus/w Adapter UHS-1 SDR104 MB-MC512HA/APC

    • Likely they used Micron 3D QLC chip, lucky if it was 3D TLC. Or they could've used YMTC?

      Not many chip producers can make such large capacity chips, and my take is large (512gb, 1tb) micro sd cards are as safe as each other. Smaller capacity ones are different story.

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      Yeah well, I've had a cheap Lexar MicroSD 128GB SDXC High Performance 633x in my dashcam for the past 2 years without issue.

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      Thanks for posting, the Samsung comes to the same price - 96.3 for 512gb Samsung microsd is excellent.

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      Agree I got a lexar 128gb and now it has random errors, and I didn’t use it often..

    • I agree, I won't touch Lexar anymore.

      Still, Samsung is also starting to drop their quality (on SSD's at least).


      It seems like it is a race to the bottom.

      • I don't agree with that statement

        From that article…
        Because of the persistent shortages of components, Samsung would have chosen to employ alternative components

        Samsung has changed components to ensure product availability is maintained, not because they're cutting costs.

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          If they do that then they need to change the model number.

    • I agree, I had a dud Lexar and had a literal nightmare claiming on the warranty. I had to post it first class insured to them, it took 3 months to get there, and they took another two months to work out the card was a dud and send me another. Never again…

    • Is the company associated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)?

      Think twice 😄

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      Lol, it's literally 512gb.

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    Lexar 160 120 rw speed
    Samsung 100 90?

    Despite of life expectancy but who knows for me it can survive >2-3years it will do the job. After that, 2Tb sd or larger capacity sd become more accessable.

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      I had a Lexar 128GB drive, failed horribly. Never again.

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    Well this tf card works decently. But the speed is much slower then claimed. The speed is a little bit slower than Samsung EVo 512GB. This is proved by different reviewers and myself.

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