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[Club Plus] $10 Store Credit (Activation via Email Link Required) @ Supercheap Auto


Looks like another $10 Credit for us all with Club Plus Accounts.

You can activate your credit any time from receiving this email until Sunday 19th September, 2021. Credit will be valid from activation until redeemed or expiry at 11.59pm (AEST) 19th September.

$10 credit will be applied to the Club Plus account of the original email recipient. Only one $10 credit per Club Plus account will be applied. Credit can be redeemed at any Supercheap Auto store or online at www.supercheapauto.com.au Credit valid from activation until 11.59pm (AEST) Sunday 19th September, 2021. Club Plus Terms & Conditions apply. See website for details.

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    It appears Targeted.

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    • I doubt they will give it to all the new accounts us ozbargainers made for the last 10cent deal.

      • I've had my account for years now and didn't get an email.

        • Same here. I think because we buy from them. I should leave my ac dormant for a while and buy instore without giving them my club details

          • @Lost-Sons of dallas: Surely you’d rather not lose the Club Plus Benefits? Very handy when you need something and it goes on sale after you buy it:

            Club Plus Price Promise
            If a product you purchase goes on sale within two weeks we'll automatically credit the difference to your Club Plus account.

          • @Lost-Sons of dallas: Make a second account. Pretty sure it's free to sign up in store.

        • do u have a car or do you get around in something that needs only a light puff of wind to move

        • I thought you would bold the word "years" for sure, jv. You're slipping.

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            @trainingwheelz: Never bold the word years on a Monday.

            It is a cardinal rule…

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        I just got it on the new account I made for that deal, but not on my main account I've had for a long time…so who knows

        • Just Got it on my main account and not on the new accounts from 10c deal.

        • Same here.

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        Set up free account in store a week ago. Received $10 credit then.
        Also received this $10 credit today.

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    Where did you see this?

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        no!.. bonky mail!

        • I just got it too :)

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    Again not targeted 😤

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    one account targeted so far, same account that was targeted in the last round of $10 offers.

    like bcf, sca also sell red bull 4 packs for $9.99 https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/red-bull-red-bull-energy...

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    I only received the $10 voucher upon updating the garage…and that requires a $50 spend.

  • I dont get anything but ads from them. I think i have to buy less from them

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      I dont get anything but ads from them

      If you have Gmail, you can set a filter to send everything from supercheap to the "bin" folder. It will remain in the bin folder for a month, and then be automatically deleted. Just monitor Ozbargain for special offers, and then check your bin folder to see if you received the special offer.

  • How do you apply the credit to a cc order? 5+ s for your answer!

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      apply loyalty credit in the payment step of checkout.

    • Order possibly has to be over $10

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    finally targeted

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    Got it, the first time ever!

  • no email :-(

  • Worth checking your email around 3 September too as mine is sent on 3 September.

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      that was from a different round. got $20 on the 3rd of September.
      and today got another $10.

  • need to wait and arrived just now… they are still sending it out.

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    Finally got one! Only after maybe 4-5 years of getting nothing…

  • Got this, any suggestions?

    • 4 cans of red bull

      • did not realize they sell red bull, thanks for pointing out

    • A box of face masks for free.

      • -1

        that's a must have, will check my mask stock level first. thanks

    • Alkaline batteries.

      • thanks, i have heaps of ikea rechargable batteries all from ozbargain lol

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      I just noticed that Jelly Belly "gift boxes" are on clearance for $2 each.

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        The $2 Jelly Belly taste great - but mine last week were at Best By Date (12/9/21).

      • I got two boxes of them last week on the 10c deal.

  • Wooh free windscreen cleaner for me.

  • I got it..what to get lol

    • Face masks, perhaps.

      • Thanks! Had just ran out of these!

  • Thanks

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    I joined last week for 10c and got $10 credit. Today, I am one of the lucky ones who got targeted with another $10 credit.

    Serious question - with $20, what’s something useful to buy? I have just about every tool that I need, and still have tyre shine from years ago. I also have enough car wash supplies… 1st world problems.

    • Same for me, but the loyalty credit is still showing as $10 for me even after activating it. So you will get only one of the $10 credit I think

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      I bought this using 20 credit and some cash

      • I'm looking at that aswell. Will wait till Thursday in case it's on sale…

      • Repco would have certainly been way cheaper for these

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    I never get these, but noticed that there is a checkbox under my account for promos which was unticked. Maybe now I'll get one.

  • Got one thanks.

  • remember that 1 dollar membership thing last week,
    I checked my account today after click this email and saw $$20 credit in my account, sweet!

    bought a 4 pliers


    • that goes on sale regularly for 30% off so you may be in for more credits

  • Nice stack giving me 20 off 50 on two old accounts and 30 off 50 on a new one.

  • The Thermocafe coffee reusable mugs X 2. For $12 are a good buy. For anyone looking for something to spend their $10 on.

  • Anything useful to buy for $10

    I have $20 credit. $10 from the previous deal :)

    • +2

      Their stainless steel buckets are good….$11…can also use it as an ice bucket….or fill with goodies for a Christmas present. I'm sick of cheap plastic buckets breaking.

      • Got a Bluetooth speaker for $19.

  • Awesome. I bought a Bowden's Own Inta Mitt for $3.99 :)

  • Got it, thanks!

  • anyone know how to sign up for an account? doesnt work for me for some reason and took my $1 :(

  • now i wish i joined more than 1 email account when that 10 cents membership was available

  • How do i check my club status? I got this $10 but I'm pretty sure my membership ended last year, pretty weird lol

    • +1

      club plus membership doesn't expire

      • Oh! I didnt know that, thought it was a yearly thing. Well worth it then, thanks 😊

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    Got this and the MYGARAGE $10 off $50 online spend … so can I get $20 off a $50 online spend, or do I have to spend $60? Note, MYGARAGE expires tomorrow, and this $10 bonus expires on Sunday.

    Side note, you can now add motorcycles to your supercheap garage, but don’t expect too many bike products.

  • Thanks, needed some threadlocker.

  • I was targeted, placed an order and wanted to combine with CBA promo. Of course, it failed again. charged $50 to my card, but got email that something went wrong, credit gone again and no order.
    Btw this is not the first time this happens. I know that some other people have had issues paying directly with CC, but you would think they want to fix this ..
    And for the CBA promo I had to spend directly with the card, or the promo doesn't work, otherwise I would have used PayPal.

    It makes me wonder if next time I should just spend the $10 and stay below it and not spend an additional $50 with them (surely this can't be what they really want).

  • When I click it, I get an image that says "Your credit has already activated".
    When I login, it shows no credit.
    Any ideas, or anyone have the same issue?

    • wait for at least 10 minutes

      • Wow, thanks. If that's as expected, then their messages are poor. "already been activated" is not "congratulations; here's your credit".
        I assumed it meant that I couldn't (didn't) activate it because it had already been done… like an error message, not a success one.
        Anyway, now I've got it. Thanks :)

  • Wait i missed this?? Why didn't I check after my dad signed up for a 10c membership.