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Workpro 50 Disposable Face Masks $10 Pickup @ Supercheap Auto


Face masks have risen in price in many of my local stores due to the COVID outbreak in NSW

Cheap and cheerful here

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These WorkPro disposable masks are designed for comfortable and efficient protection from airborne particles found in a range of environments. Whether you're on a construction site, working with vehicles or simply out and about, these masks filter out over 95% of non-oily particles, pollutants and allergens.

The 3 ply design provides improved protection over single layer disposable masks. The outer hydrophobic layer protects from fluid and droplet ingress, the middle layer acts as a particle and bacterial barrier and the inner layer is highly absorbent to prevent droplets escaping. The ductile nose bridge allows improved fit, increased comfort and higher filter efficiency and the elastic ear loops ensure the mask stays fitted without causing pain or discomfort.

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto


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    thans OP bought one

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    I know these are cheap, but they are not as economical as buying (or making) re-usable masks for the vast majority of the population.
    And the environmental impact of these masks is terrible.

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      Some places don’t accept cloth masks

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        Yes, that one example would appear to be valid (and relevant if we are allowed to travel overseas again).

        Again, for the vast majority of the population, we don't need these on an everyday basis.

      • for e.g. the vaccination hub that I went to gave me a use and throw to replace my re-usable one.

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          As a one-off.
          Again, for the vast majority of the population on a daily basis, we don't need these.

      • Most places I have been to that dont (ie vaccine hub) they gave you a free one to use on top of it. Dont know for sure, but if they have specific requirements id think they would provide them? Mask rules in qld are being reviewed this friday, not holding my breath they will remove the mandate, but we can hope..

    • These are free with the $10 SCA credit!

      So many bought membership online for 10c yesterday
      Join up FREE to SCA Club membership in store or now $1 online for $10 credit!

      • Plastic bags at supermarkets were free at one time as well.

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          You claimed these masks weren't economical. At $0 - that's pretty economical.

          Environmentally sound is a different matter. (I use reusable fabric masks)

          (Those "free" bags were never free, just included in the price we paid! And there is debate if the longer life span paid plastic bags can have a worse outcome on marine life… Things are never that simple!)

          (I'll being using my FREE $10 SCA credit on something else.)

      • Yeah they shut that down (10c) pretty quickly.

    • Depending on how often you wash your own mask these might be a lot more hygenic….

      • If someone can't wash a mask (like, you know, washing their underwear), what hope do we have? They probably wouldn't even know how to put one of these disposable masks on properly.

  • Thanks OP, that $10 credit finally came in handy.

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    thanks. bought 2

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    • Those Mitre 10 masks are good - but there is no stock in any store within 200km of me.

      Bunnings has wiped out most Mitre 10's, and the price isn't good if there is no stock.

      Seems to me most Supercheap stores actually have stock of the $10 masks in hand now….

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    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, still available now