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2 Free Audiobooks @ Audible AU (Returning Subscriber Offer)


Come back and get 2 free audiobooks.
- try our new membership with another 30 day trial. Get your first two audiobooks free and access to the Plus Catalogue.

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    Wow I was targeted

  • I only have one free audiobook.

    • Did you click on the Get Started button? Mine said the same thing until I clicked the button and it said offer upgraded to 2 due to Prime membership.

      P.S did receive the offer email as well.

      • No email, but I typically unsubscribe from all emails like that. I did go through with it, and yeah you were right. I've got 2 free audiobooks!

    • 2 is for prime members one for norms

      Got on both my accounts

    • Yeah same. Got the email from both Amazon and audible stating 2. Have prime too, and yeah when i click get started it only offers 1.

  • wow i only got one month but still, only just came off the free 3 months from Prime day. No idea how they make money i havnt paid anything in a couple of years and still get these offers every now and then

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    Sign up get two free books then go to cancel, follow the prompts and you may get 50% of for 3 months.

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    Interesting. I checked audible and it said renew for 1 credit but when I renewed I have 2 credits. Thanks OP.

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    Received, collected and cancelled haha

  • Thanks poster, renewed, purchased, cancelled all within about 5 mins!

  • waiting for next Jack Reacher release

  • Before cancelling, you might want to check the plus catalogue - I found a number of titles there that seemed good, including one that was in my wish list and was now free. Have put a reminder in my calendar to cancel before the month expires, to leave me more time to go through what's there….

  • Only 1 book,
    how did you get 2?

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    Thanks, at 16.45 I wont pay regular membership. But I will cycle deals, like this one.

    Price membershup sub $10 and I will just stay subbed.

    • My tip is to go through the motions to cancel and then get offered an $8 plan for a few months. That said, I am really loving audio books at the moment so I'd cancel Netflix before Audible at the moment.

      • Tried that. I didn't receive any offer during the cancellation process, even though I would have taken it up. Oh well.

        Still glad to receive two free books! Library is slowly building up…..now to find the time.

        • they dont offer all the time, but every second or so time ive cancelled they put up something (sometimes an extra month free, sometimes 50% for 3 months, it varies)i havnt paid a full month in years and i cant get through my library lol

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    I recommend Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, if you are stuck for something to listen to. Couldn't stop listening, great book.

    • great recommendation…am at chapter 3 now. Still got 1 more credit left, any other similar recommendation?

  • I got 2 credits!

    Signup for a few months then cancel and get another free book or 3 more mths free, they have a good churn retention program

  • Thanks, I got two

  • Is 2 only for prime members?

  • Thanks OP! I am now on a 6 free credit streak on a single account!

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    Don't forget this for free: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640179

  • I got the email, but when I click the link it asks me to "renew membsrship" instead of "start free trial" and takes me to payment of the first months fee…

  • I hate how they make it difficult for people to cancel on mobile devices. I'm not sure of it's laziness or deliberate.

    • Amazon can't manage subscriptions and payment handling in-app unless it's an Apple subscription. Apple forbids anything to do with external payment management.

      If you go through the mobile website it's quite straight forward.

      • I did go through the mobile website and the 'Cancel membership' link is missing. I had to google to find that you need to change settings to 'request desktop version' to have it appear. That is not straight forward for some.

        Unfortunately, we do not yet offer the option of self-serve cancellation online in the Audible app or mobile site. This service is only available when logged into the Audible website desktop version from any device.

        I honestly have no idea why they removed the cancel link from the mobile version of the site.

  • Nice, got this offer. Picked up the Sandman Act II which comes out later this month and will pick up another from my wish list.

  • Yay worked for me for once