Rankie USB-A 3.1 to USB-C 1M (3 Pack) $5.95 + Delivery @ Smooth Sales


Hey OzBargainers,

Today we're clearing out an item that's USA stock.

We've got the Rankie USB-A 3.1 to USB-C 1M cable in a 3 pack for $5.95 + Delivery (Metro is $7.95).

That's $4.63 per cable delivered.

I have been using one of them myself for 3 months now and can say they're definitely a level up on some of the cheap varieties I have seen.

According to the manufacturer's website, these cables are rated at 3A current and can provide a maximum of 100W electric power.

Limited number in stock.

Have a great day!

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  • You need to add that it needs delivery in the title.

    • Cheers! Missed that one.

      • What is the delivery fee

  • +1

    add " WELCOME10" to save another 10%

  • Same price as catch of the day

    • That's us on Catch :D

  • +1
    • They must've removed it to promote their own website purchase as I'm seeing $47.42 as Amazon price now. Way to go op

      • We don't sell on Amazon.

    • -1

      An American company that does not ship to Australia.

      Their price is $49.

      • +1

        When I posted it, that link offered sale and delivery of the exact same product to me in Australia for $7.98. It said “five left” so perhaps it sold out after people saw my link.

        • +2
          • -1

            @Rockhard: What is your proof?

            That an American company once sold this cable for more expensive than we are currently selling it for in Australia?

            Again, if you want to source it yourself from overseas, please do so.

            Meanwhile we have about 20 units left at the cheapest price here in Australia….or online.