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AeroPress, Delter or V60 Coffee Kits + Grinder, from $65 (RRP $105) + Delivery ($0 with $75 Spend) @ Barty Single Origin


Hey guys, happy Monday ✌️

Before you kick-off about not receiving your orders the next day, firstly thanks for all your support and for being patient with us, we're a week behind however that's normal with the courier network under pressure + we're also not an Amazon — we're a small online biz, a specialty micro-roastery in Darlinghurst Sydney and we've been working 24/7 fulfilling orders with love for you guys 🚀 no stress, making sure our crew is supported.

We continue to pay it forward, raising awareness for mental health and all proceeds go straight to ReachOut.com

If you have not checked out the kit's on our site they're all on sale, we've paired each kit with a specialty coffee that is ideal for the Aero, Delter, Hario or Origami V60. Also, spend over $75 and receive free shipping, no strings attached we're just selling coffee kits at wholesale prices.

Check out https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/kits

Drop by for a chat any time, thanks again.

Bart 🤓

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  • Can you post a link to actual sale items mentioned in post rather than list of all items?

    • Sure.

      • Thanks!
        Pretty good value

        • We try… enjoy! if you can wait a week, we'll have you sorted.

  • +1

    Oh! also, the new Barty Green has dropped, it tastes like a Summery, Tropical Cola from Brazil Piatã Chapada Diamantina: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/coffee/products/ba...

    We have been cupping & profiling this coffee for a few weeks now, and with some negotiation, we've committed to supporting this group of small farmers in Brazil, Chapada Diamantina for the next 6 to 12 months as their micro-lot of specialitys are extraordinary.

    Proud to announce ready for summer, as you know coffee is seasonal and we've shifting up the Green Barty for you guys.

    Enjoy! 😉

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    Hey mate, how are you?
    Bought it from last deal you posted.
    Its been a week, no update on delivery.
    I have got the sendel details, but seems thing is not moving. And i ran out beans literally today.
    Hope to get some updates

    • Ah shittzza, sorry mate, we're working as hard as possible. We're shipping as quickly as possible, and couriers are picking up regularly.

      • Thanks for super quick response
        Really appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • How can you survive if you are paying for the stock at full RRP and then sell for wholesale prices?

    • +1

      Just trying to do some good … raising awareness is first and foremost, the rest is not as important ✌️

  • +2

    Order no 2150 can you tell me when my order is going to be ship out?

    • Mate you're in the q, how about I deliver it to you personally tomorrow - cool? I need to grap some Charco Ramen from the IGA hehehehe (don't tell the wife)

      • Unfortunately I Will be at work tomorrow, however the building has a receptionist. Thanks for the update.

        • Ok ripper, DM me and I'll get it sorted, and full disclosure I'll be on the way to IGA in Heymarket coz they're the only place in Sydney that stocks Ramen home kits while the OG's are closed 👎

  • +2

    Still haven't got my order (#1686) from the last deal two weeks ago. Any update Bart?

    • It's on its way, the little guy, on the sendle tracking site needed a 5min toilet break, sorry about that, he'll be on his way to you soon …

  • -2

    Yep! come on, like … stop bombing this feed.

    If you need to check on your order, just ping us on chat and the bot will route you, we'll receive a ticket, Erin or I will get back to you, we're doing everything in our power to get you guys kits and coffee — and to smile 👍

    You don't run into Target shouting at the first person you see: "Where's my order …"

    All good tho, we're on chat, drop in and say hi, no stress 🤓

  • +1

    All kits at $65?

    • -1

      yeeeep! starting from yeah… i need to drop off for a bit, ping me on our website chat any time.

      • for the green aeropress kit, from the kits page it says $65, but when I go into the product page it says $85.
        which one is correct?

        or the $65 is only for the aeropress go?

        • -1

          all kits are from 65$ and we would prefer you buy the Go

  • +1

    I'm waiting for my delivery too but appreciate it's out of barts hands right now. As unfortunate as it is, it's just the reality of the covid situation. Plus, I'm happy to wait given the savings I received!

    Bart.. Thank u for looking out for everyone with these great deals.

    • 👊

  • At these awesome prices… happy to wait!

    Thanks @bartjawien, you're the man! (and thanks for the free Ten Mile filter)

    • around $40 for the press delivered from the other deal though (if you only want the press)

      • I saw that… But extra $25 for the grinder and Ten Mile filter is probably a sweet deal!

  • +1

    Can I please have the ETA for PO # 1486 ? Is it too late to add Ten Mile filter to the order ?

    • ummm, your a 1400's which should have left the roastery two week ago, you know we don't send to PO BOXes.

      Can u drop by chat and go through the 'Where's My Order' routing and leave a ticket … we'll respond asap.

  • +1

    Oh man…….I haven't even received my Green AeroPress Go Coffee kit which I paid 75 bucks for almost 2 weeks ago and here we have $65 sale….😭

  • I have been on the fence to buy a aeropress
    Are you able to get full mug from the aeropress go?

  • thank you for being a mental health advocate and raising awareness!

    • Thanks for the kind words, happy Tuesday to you too, I need a Barty and 🍩 for breaky ✌️

  • Hey guys, we're still smashed with orders, working our buttss off — only a few days behind now. Meanwhile, have a look at: https://bartysingleorigin.com/blogs/news/the-cupping-show-of... We shot this two weeks ago, and we'll be bringing to you more regional coffees with a no-BS approach to specialty. Hope you're having a top Wednesday 🤓✌️

    • +6

      Hi Bart, could you provide an update from Sendle side? Have you attempted contacting them?

      Tracking states waiting for pick up 8 September from an order placed 31st of August. Have they picked them up yet?

      • Hey Taise, how's it going? What's your order number?

        • Hey Bart, it’s #1708.

          Sorry mate after watching the James Hoffmann aeropress series, I just want start pressing some good coffee!

          • -3

            @Taise: ok wait, your order left us on Thursday last week. Unless you put your address in wrong…

            • +3

              @DisabledUser405527: Definitely not wrong. I don’t understand why Sendle hasn’t scanned that they’ve picked up the packages.

              • +6

                @Taise: I have the same issue and just get the run around as well. 2 orders were made on 31 Aug. Only 1 item received so far. The Aeropress has been stuck at "Parcel has been scheduled for pickup" since 8 Sept. Every time I've contacted someone at Barty, they just keep saying Sendle is not updating the status.

  • Ordered. Thanks for the deal!

  • Hey guys, can't say much more, we're working our butttss-off, give Simon some love our courier driver: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT3XEUmP82B/

  • Great deal, im surprised it hasnt received more upvotes :)

    Ordered, thanx

    Good luck with everything Barty!

  • Just want to say thank you to the team at Barty for prompt responses to query and changed to order and quick delivery as well.

    Got my package today and excited to start making brews - I've been on instant most of my life :P LOL

  • Ok guys, am going to start refunding people who continue to slag off our crew, and do not understand the gravity of the size of our operation, we're not an Amazon, please don't expect next day delivery, the world on our side or many eComm businesses just do not work in this fashion, when you press buy, your order does not magically just arrive at your door because 10 crew have made sure its fulfilled correctly. We're a made to order coffee company and we have to roast 3000 orders all at once. We're doing everything in our power to have you sorted. I'd be more then happy to refund you so that you can go and grab the same thing somewhere else at full price. Also, the tuuud from the hard noses is just not cool. Please and thank you. Again, thank you for all your support. Bart

    • Appreciate the work put in mate, definitely a few people that want everything immediately, understand a few delays so not fussed in waiting

    • +3

      Nobody expected next day delivery but waiting 3 weeks after getting sendle notifications to find out the product hasn't even been sent or even produced is strange.

      This person got sendle notifications in early September but his beans were roasted 2 days ago. Why would you create shipping details 3 weeks before the product is even ready to be sent?

      Your shipping policy also states that "Orders placed before 3pm AEST each day will be dispatched on the same day, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and weekends."

      • and when covid and lockdown goes away, we'll go back to next day or within 3 days. do you know when the courier system & network will recover from everyone buying everything online?

        • +3

          Why are you blaming the courier system when you haven't even sent out products after creating Sendle tracking numbers and are telling customers the delay is due to the courier?
          The person linked in my comment above got their products 1-2 days after it was sent as the beans they received had a roast date 2 days prior to receiving them but they got Sendle notifications in early September, about 3 weeks earlier. How can something you supposedly have sent out 3 weeks ago have a roast date 2 days ago?

          If their beans were roasted 2 days ago and they received their delivery today, there doesn't seem to be much delay in shipping times does there?

          • -2

            @8azinga: Dude whats your order, I can priorities it right now for 9.95$ or refund you? Your in the Q, maybe have a listed to the first 10mins of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOlV1iDMqnw

            • @DisabledUser405527: Actually an interesting watch, 95% of people are usually very understanding and support small business, just about expectation management, not going to complain given the price point though I've only ordered just over a week ago. I know the sendle notifications are probably causing alot of confusion but like the idea of providing updates and an ETA so people can make thier own decision to cancel or wait it out.

            • @DisabledUser405527: I don't have an order. Just calling out BS.
              You still haven't given a response to why you create Sendle tracking numbers 3 weeks before products are even ready to be sent out and tell customers that delays are due to Sendle when the beans haven't even been roasted.

              • @8azinga: for full transparency & discourse, we purchase courier labels in bulk to reduce costs on shipping as it's coming out of our own pocket with the view that most packs leave HQ within 3 to 14 days depending on the type of order made — i hope that answers your question and my bad for not addressing it early ✌️

                • @DisabledUser405527: And why you told customers delays were due to Sendle when you hadn't even packed their order?

                  • @8azinga: Same story for me.

                    Ordered a comandante grinder and beans on 1st Sept. Marked for pickup 8th. Didn't get picked up.

                    Emailed on 17th, about the lack of shipping updates, and asked if there was an issue. Told promptly:

                    "Your order has been sent off and is on its way to you. It takes a while for our tracking to update, so keep an eye out for it."

                    OK, fair enough. Waited another week, but no updates. Still marked for pickup. Saw all the issues people were having here, and reached out to support again, looking for transparency. Their response :

                    "We are more than happy to prioritise your order for $9.95 or we can refund it to you."

                    Great, so they're liars. Never was sent, despite being told explicitly that it was. Now they want me to pay extra to have my $450 order from 3 weeks ago prioritised. An order that was supposedly already sent.

                    Never once an apology, either.

                    So I've cancelled my order and suggest anyone on the fence do the same. At least that was quick to process…

                    • -4

                      @Anders: You guys are relentless, seriously … no lies or deceit here, glad you received a refund, when someone gives you free shipping, that means you are handing control of how that piece in the puzzle will be managed. We never anticipated the number of orders we'd receive and I believe we've fulfilled most of the orders last week. We launched the $9.95 priority pick & pack for good reason should anyone need speedy delivery for occasions such as birthdays depending on their order…

                      • +6

                        @DisabledUser405527: Bart, your team lied to me. They told me in clear language it was shipped and on its way via email, when in reality it was still in your possession. Any normal, respectful business will have responded to my concerns with an apology, explain the influx of orders, and the shipping delay caused. They won't have lied to their customers about the status of their order.

                        I buy SO coffee from all over the world, frequently from Sydney of late to support small roasteries during lockdown, and have never had such a poor customer experience.

                        • -1

                          @Anders: Sorry about that buddy. Sincere apologies.

                          • +1

                            @DisabledUser405527: First apology I've recieved, so that's a start; shame it took 3+ weeks and a cancelled order. I hope you guys learn from this experience, especially in how to set expectations and respond to feedback. Customers want to support local, even if there are delays or shipping costs, as long as that is communicated honestly and openly. But shopping from you felt far from local; like I had purchased from a dropship site. I realise now there's some truth to that, being you're gear fulfilment appears to be Alternative Brewing.

                            I hope one day to try your coffee, but only after I've seen you've changed for the better.

                      • +1

                        @DisabledUser405527: Any business that lies gets called out on here.
                        You claim "no lies and deceit" but you have clearly lied to customers by telling them delays were due to Sendle when you hadn't even sent products out.

                        Introducing the priority pick and pack after everyone has ordered because you couldn't handle the orders is also not acceptable. How can you prioritise pick and pack if you already told them it had already been sent and delay was due to Sendle? 🤣

                        • @8azinga: I'm bowing out of this conversation with you both — obviously enjoying tapping away on a keyboard calling out flaws we're trying to rectify and quickly … must feel pretty satisfying to sit behind an anonymous name on a forum. Anyways we're doing our best, learning from our mistakes, we're not perfect. Again, happy to fully refund anyone that's not happy. And, again sincerely apologise for any delays & thanks for your patience and support.

                          • @DisabledUser405527: You seem to enjoy talking BS too mate. For someone who says they are all about mental health, the amount of lies that you have said it and they way you have treated your customers is astonishing. Are bowing out so I don't have to point out any more lies? lol

                            • @8azinga: ah mate, come on, can you show me some sort of empathy? customer service is top of mind for us at Barty while advocating for Mental Health, like what's going for you not able to let this go. We messed up, we're working through the challenges, we're being open about our fulfilment delays … let's moved on. For the majority, most packs have been delivered, we've received positive & happy feedback from customers out there who are loving our stuff.

                              • +3

                                @DisabledUser405527: Thought you were bowing out? It's quite simple, if you keep talking BS, people are going to call you out.

                                There is no need to send me a PM asking for my phone number. Nothing to chat about because it is you that is making up poor excuses to justify treating customers like idiots. I'm just pointing it out and you don't like it. If you don't like it, don't give BS excuses that contradict other comments you make.

                                Do you have an issue admitting your mistakes? You were caught saying that orders were delayed due to Sendle but you haven't even sent out the product. Then you go and say there are no lies or deceit. I'm curious how you don't think that was a lie.

                                • -2

                                  @8azinga: ok now, you are out of order, this is the sort of internet bullying that needs to be shut down immediately, I've explained to you all factors and reasons which you have not taken into consideration and continue to throw out further points, hiding behind an anonymous name is truly offensive, @OzBargins please deal with this accordingly.

                                  This does not create positive vibes, continuing to point out minor issues which we've solved for and explained openly to everyone who ordered they're aeros … we started a coffee company to do good, to raise awareness for mental health so we can pay it forward in difficult times like lockdown and covid, I must admit your tone and aggressive approach, zero sense of empathy speak volumes. Let's move on peacefully ✌️

                                  • +6

                                    @DisabledUser405527: @bartjawien

                                    Same Here.

                                    Ordered Cafelat Robot on 16th, marked for pick up on 16th. Didn’t get picked up.

                                    Emailed on 20th, the suspicious email about address and about the lack of shipping updates, and asked if there was an issue. The seller replied:

                                    “your order has been sent off and is on its way to you. It takes a while for our tracking to update, so keep an eye out for it.”

                                    OK, fair enough. Waited for few more days but no updates. Still marked for pickup. Saw all the issues people were having here. This time, I contacted Sendle (the courier) about the shipping updates. Their response :

                                    “Sendle tried to pick up the order on 16th and seller sent them back as the order was not ready. Per Sendle, theSeller never rearranged picked since”

                                    On 23rd, I contact the seller again looking for clarification. Their response:

                                    “ As per your order, if your tracking is stuck on pickup, we'd be happy to priority pick & pack for an additional $9.95 if it hasn't left our HQ already.”

                                    Same as it was pointed out above, they're liars. Never was sent, despite told me being told that it was sent. Now they want me to pay extra. An order that was supposedly already sent.

                                    On 24th, they sent me an email saying the Cafelat Robot that I bought and paid is not available?!?! So they lied again, and sold me an item that they did not have and took more than a week to tell me that.

                                    I replied back asking for a clarification, and all they did was offering other product (same product in different colour) or refund. They also contacted me via phone asking the same so I cancelled my order.

                                    Yes, it can happen that you sell an item that is oos without knowing. I understand. However, you don’t shops don’t lie to their customer like they do.

                                    Never once an apology, either.

                                    They kept saying that too many order to process and they are a small team. Again, I get that. However, they must knew that they are a small team and of course, they knew your order capacity but kept selling the product emphasising that they doing for a good reason. They receiving too many order is not a concern of customers.

                                    I also want to warn others buying from this seller. Unless you are ready for what I have gone through.

                                  • +3

                                    @DisabledUser405527: Maybe you should listen to how you speak to others as your tone and aggressive approach is no different to mine.
                                    What you are accusing me of is exactly what you are doing yourself.

                                    • @8azinga: I do think it's time to ease up…. the message has been communicated now, and given we're entering into ad hominem attacks (both sides are dipping thier toe in here), nothing good can come of that.

                                      I received an apology and an admission of culpability, and while that took far too long and my frustration still lingers, that to me is evidence an effort is being made to improve operations.

                                      Still, Bart calling this a "minor" issue in the face of dozens of customers openly describing this is a horrendous buying experience is, again, a sign that Barty have a long way to go until they offer what I would call satisfactory service. I hope the team can reflect on this debacle once the wounds have healed and realign with their values of "positive vibes" in this dark time, because that's why I purchased from them in the first place (I didn't buy anything related to the deals here; just wanted to support a company giving back). I want to like your company, @bartjawien, now it's up to you to give me reason to.

                                      • @Anders: If you read my last reply, I did ease up. If they want to continuously lie or write more BS in his responses, then it's fair game for people to respond to it.
                                        You should see every Harvey Norman deal posted and the comments they get about not supporting them.

  • If you're not on the mailing list because you don't like receiving spam, you won't be receiving our orders update, here is the link if you'd like to know more: https://bartysingleorigin.com/blogs/news/the-coffee-biz-ment...

    • +5

      Trying to play the victim after your previous comments is quite a change in character. You should look at yourself as your response is clearly trying to paint me in bad light and yet you ask people to consider what they say on forums but are happy to do exactly what has apparently affected your mental health. As i and others have said before, it doesn't appear you know much about mental health. Maybe it's just your response to deflect and try to not make your business look even worse.

  • +3

    Free coffee subscription order arrived, which was placed 2 weeks after aeropress and grinder order - still not shipped yet.

    Grateful for the free beans, very annoyed the paid for equipment to brew said beans aren’t shipped.

    • Original order arrived today but they’ve sent me an aeropress go instead of an aeropress… they’ve thrown in a bunch of free beans as well.

      Honestly a stressful experience, but wouldn’t mind buying from them again - if they just had a disclaimer that the wait may be 3-4 weeks.

    • shizz sorry buddy, drop jason our support officer a chat or leave a ticket and we'll get back to you on email or chat — all good, we'll get you sorted, I promise

  • How do I contact Barty? It seems like the pop up chat function has disappeared from the site. Also Barty last seen 27/9 on ozb…

    • The chatbot is still there, this is the address listed on one of the emails I've gotten though; [email protected]

      • pls drop jason our support officer a chat or leave a ticket and we'll get back to you on email or chat — all good, we'll get you sorted, I promise

    • hey mate, whats your order number? drop jason our support officer a chat or leave a ticket and we'll get back to you on email or chat — all good, we'll get you sorted, I promise ✌️

    • pls drop jason our support officer a chat or leave a ticket and we'll get back to you on email or chat — all good, we'll get you sorted, I promise

      • All fine now, sorted by Erin

        • amazing, thanks again for your support

  • hey guys, sorry about any delays, we've again be working hard to get everyone's kits & you should have received all your equipment and subs by now, if not reach out to either Jason, myself or leave a ticket with our bot and we'll get back to you. If you haven't received your kits/coffee that's probably a-lot to do with your address, if you're using a PO Box or a Parcel Point our courier ONLY delivers direct to home addresses for security & fraud reasons. As per me, I'm back on track after having a few mental health days off. Over and out. bart

  • @bart,
    Are these deals still available? I wanted to order one more kit but the prices are back to normal?

  • i want to order but this price it's not available anymore? help !!

  • Hey guys, we're about to launch a store wide voucher for 25% off so stay tuned…. we're using this week to get out all the final subscriptions, just shifting up some kits, coffee and FST direct from farm. Sound good?

  • i want the deal still. :(
    i don't think 25% will give us the same deal?

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