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15% off FUMPA ($186.92) and FUMPA MINI ($135.92) Portable Bicycle Pumps Delivered @ ASG The Store AU


Get 15% off the Fumpa and Fumpa mini - great little electric bike pumps!

The larger one is a fantastic alternative to a floor pump when travelling, and comes with a pressure gauge, the mini on the other hand is a nifty gadget alternative to cartridges - read more on their site : https://www.fumpapumps.com.au/

Link to the Fumpa —- https://www.asgthestore.com.au/product/fumpa-electric-bike-p...
Link to the Fumpa Mini —- https://www.asgthestore.com.au/product/fumpa-mini-electric-b...

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  • Nothing beats the phallic bike pumps. Plenty beat them off though.

  • +1

    Can't see many roadies keeping one of these in the kit

    • I know a guy who carried one. It didn't seem very practical.
      That price is equivalent to a lot of CO2s

    • The mini is tempting, those CO2s scare me as you only get one shot to get it right. Though I checked a review and you can only inflate a tyre 2.5 times with a full charge. While It's a lot for a tiny little unit, there's not much benefit over just carrying 2 CO2 canisters. Just remember to recycle them properly when you use them!

  • can you use this to seat tubeless?

  • Can this be used on a car tyre effectively?

    • +3

      It's not really designed for it, it's designed to push a small volume up to 80psi quickly, not a big volume up to 35psi, I suspect it will run out of battery or overheat (It has overheat protection and will shutdown if you try to use it for too long continuously).

      Okay, just went outside and gave it a test. It was able to take four corolla tyres from about 28psi up to 32psi. Battery went from 80% to 15%. So I think it could work okay to use as something to check the tyres once a week and keep them topped up, but nothing more than that, and even that might be pushing it for bigger car tyres. The Xiaomi might be a better fit for this.

      • Wow.
        Thank you for that.

        Friend is looking for an emergency one for road tripping.
        So not sure if this would be OK for that.


    • +1

      I prefer this for the car, as it can be kept in the boot for use at any time. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-one-18v-cordless-air-infla...

    • Also, Fumpa uses a presta valve connector which is not compatible with the schraeder valve on a car tyre.

      • The bigger one can do schrader by flipping the internals of the pump head. The smaller one is presta only.

  • Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump all day everyday.

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