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$10 off $40 Spend @ OzSale (E.G Asahi Soukai 24pk $32.35, Pirate Life 16pk $40.95, Wild Yak Ale 24pk $35.75 (OOS) Shipped)


Greetings everyone, OzSale are currently running $10 off $40 Spend sitewide and this works perfectly on marketplace items such as those sold by Carlton and United Breweries to get some awesome prices.

Cheap beer is available here from Low to High such as the following:

I believe this may only be single use per email but can't confirm.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    is ozsale legit?

    • +1

      Yes they're legit, note that it's sold by CUB who are well respected.

      • +1

        I recall hearing some pretty dodgy/negative stuff about CUB in the past, or at very least people on here not wanting to support them… Can't remember the reason though so hopefully someone can chime in if this is the case or not.

        • +3

          They weren't paying workers correctly, and there was a major strike. A lot of people did change beer after that.

          There was also the time they changed VB from 4.9% to 4.5% without telling customers to get a tax break.

          Or when they dropped the size of Carlton Dry bottles and claimed it was just to use a pulltop lid.

          Both majors in the beer game are owned by Japanese companies now. Maybe they won't be as dodgy.

          • @albyone: wow thanks for the history lesson.. didnt know about it

    • As legit as CUB selling on Kogan or Catch

    • Ozsale has been around for a long time. I never knew there was beer on there, until now.
      Ive only ever purchased beauty products.

      • I checked my email, I had purchased from OzSale before (years ago), it was shoes… probably this deal

    • ozsale take time to ship and are iffy on returns
      Their support sucks.

  • +1

    Code worked for me. Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Thanks op! bought few.

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Worth a punt. Paid via PayPal just in case.

    PRO tip. After completing one purchase, their system gave me $10 account credit for the next order straight away.

    2 packs of Wild Yak Pacific Ale delivered for ~$70

  • +1

    Code appears to be once per email, but after placing the order a discount was applied to my account for $10 off $40 as well.

  • Thanks grabbed some Pirate Life

    • +2

      Since when does 16 cans equal a case of beer? And they're not even 375ml.

      Thanks for posting doweyy. Might get some Wild Yak.

      • +1

        I know! Have had to get my head around this lately too. Think alot of craft beers are being sold in cases of 16.

      • Yeah i know 16x 330 ml cans is bullshit.
        A carton is a carton. This is a 16 pack.

        It's all about margins, selling in those 16 packs to get you thinking you're getting a good deal because it's the same price as full cartons of everything else.

        Pirate life (now owned by Anheuser Busch InBev) doesn't need to do it. I just don't buy it any more.

        • +1

          Incorrect. CUB portfolio was purchased by Asahi last year.

  • +1

    Yak is no more

  • Aus post delivery?

  • +1

    Just ordered two. I hope this won't turn out to be the short expiry date stocks they are trying to get rid off.

    • Same here. I got some short expiry date beers from CUB ebay deal recently.

    • Mine just arrived and expires May 2022 so pretty reasonable. Reschs for $35 a case is unbeatable.

  • Ordered a carton of Pirate life, hope to have it before the Grand final, lets see though

    • It came today, that was super quick

  • Good deals, I still got too many carton of beers from last year! Unlike Wine, there's a shorter expiry.

    • +1

      lift your game mate.

    • Ive got 6 cartons on the go at the moment. Whittling them down too quickly in lockdown.

    • I got married in March and stocked so many beers, where I came from is associated with a lot of drinking

      The wedding was restricted to 30 people, mostly the wife’s side and I got left with a shed full of beers

      Been working my way through them, but added another 2 cartons thanks to this deal 😄

  • I was able to snag a case of wild yak just then- it was OOS previously but there must have been a cancelled order.

  • Got a case of VB

  • Thanks OP. I sent a case to my mate in Melbourne. Then ordered a case for me. Both $10 off.

    • +11

      I sent a case to my mate in Melbourne. Then ordered a case for me. - Gladys 2021

  • Any idea which country the Asahi's are brewed in?

  • Ordered!

  • +1

    Cheers Doweyy.

  • Code says it's expired for me but I did get the $10 sign up.

  • +1

    For those who were after Cricketers Pale Ale, it’s $41 pick up at First Choice, I think this is all the time

    Managed to get a Fat Yak carton which I thought was the best value, sold out by the time I went for the second

  • Not expired (tested on a new account).

    • yep not expired,
      I got Carlton Mid for $35

  • +6

    If code doesnt work try AUNEWSTYLE10

  • thanks bought 2 cases

    perfect timing too :)

    • Me too, more options come up if you search for 'pale ale'.

  • Ordered and code worked for me also. TY

  • Thanks

  • +2

    Asahi all sold out

  • All the good stuff is gone


  • +1

    Bought the Acai & Passonfruit, then read the reviews lol

  • I need a 1c item!

  • Got a slab of mercury hard cider for $43 delivered - https://www.ozsale.com.au/product/Mercury-Hard-Cider-Crushed...

    Thanks OP 👍

  • This beer makes a great snail bait.

  • Most of those above listed are OOS, but managed to grab a case of Great Norther Full Strength [30 cans] for $49 delivered

  • +4

    wow I ordered 1st slab, $10 off promo
    then 2nd slab $10 off gift card and applied promo code and got another $10 off
    so $30 off total
    Thanks OP

    • +1

      thanks for the comment. I also decided to order another case and was also able to get $20 off.

    • Same .Thanks yellowfever.

  • +1

    Mountain Goat is on here too, a slab of summer ale or steam ale delivered for ~$50 is pretty good

    • Good beer

  • +1

    They yanked the CUB store products, wonder if the orders will be cancelled

    • +2

      I got an Auspost notification that shipping info from CUB had been approved.

      • I ordered a case, sat on a second and that was was a mistake 😂 - ordered a shirt from rivers, same price as their website but free shipping, not bad. Contemplated the cheap slazenger runners ngl…

    • Mine came today, wasn't even 24 hours after the order was placed!

  • I entered my credit card details on this site yesterday, lo and behold after two transactions I got a $130 charge from 'GCOHABFP' from 'Scammon Bay AK', what on earth, I've never had anything weird like that happen before

  • Check your cards, I had a double charge on mine.

  • Anyone received theirs yet? I ordered in the 16th and haven't received mine.

    • Still waiting .Ordered on the 15th both of mine haven't moved from Melbourne North for a week .

  • Austpost seriously sucks. Ordered something from the UK on the same day and it arrived 2 days ago.

  • My case of wild yak arrived today, 2 weeks after ordering.

    It was short expiry Nov 2021.

    Old stock. Asked to return it

  • ordered on 14th Sep, still haven't received, regret waiting so long

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