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[NSW, VIC] 6 Pieces Fried Chicken for $6.95 @ KFC (App Required)


Last week's deal is finally available on the app.

Max 2 per order and only available until 6pm.

Not everywhere, not forever and subject to availability.

Mod - Related Deal: 9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes NSW, VIC & SA) @ KFC (App Required)

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    Thanks OP. They have it in VIC too..

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      • woohoo yes its on my app . order until 6pm but if its anything like their previous deals you could probably order after 6pm but to be on safe side if you want it just order and collect it whenever

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    Max 2 per order but I am sure you can loop the drive thru until 6pm😆

  • Is this for Tuesday only?

    • Yes. Starts today.

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        Looks like not Tuesdays only- I got an e-mail today on this deal and it's available on the app still.

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    yeah 9 alone is hard, 6 should be easy to finish

    • agreed, i thought 9 was good value but between me and the wife, it was too much lol and we always had leftovers

      6 is purfect to eat for lunch or dinner :)

    • if having a new recipe with survey number you will have a complete meal >:)

      • How can you get the survey freebies when ordering through App?

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          if this is the free chips and drinks after spending $4.95, i just did it once, screenshot it and tell them i have a code for free chips and drinks and 95% of the time they just accept it and you get it with no issues.

          then theres the 5% of the other time where they want to see it and i dont know if they still capture it or is cbb but i still get it anyway so yeah :)

          • @prankster: Yep this is the best way, I've used the same screenshot for over a year with 100% success rate. Funnily enough, I used it again last night but for the first time was asked how long ago I did the survey, which I just replied with "recently" and the guy still didn't check. I took another screenie of that old screenie to refresh the date ;)

      • how can I get the survey? is it via the app somewhere? so we get a free chips and drinks by showing them the receipt or something?


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          At the first window, where you pay, the cashier gives you a receipt. If they don't, ask for one. The receipt has details that you enter in on KFCFeedback.com.au
          You get a number that you write on the receipt, and you mention that you filled out the survey at the drive thru window the next time you order.
          Show the receipt to the cashier and you get the free Chips and Drink.
          6 Pieces, Chips and Drink for $6.95 is great value.

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            @chriswalker: awesome thanks for the detailed instruction @chriswalker! :)

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      My suggestion: Eat the drumsticks and smaller pieces, say 4 in a row for lunch, then save the larger pieces for dinner with rice and chilli sauce

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      that's why you nominate another KFC-lover in your "singles bubble" ;-)

  • Yum

  • Finally, my faith has been rewarded. 🙏

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    I love it ..
    But the 17 grams of saturated fat , it feels like my coronary arteries are clogging up.
    Decided no ..

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      Just eat greens for the rest of the week

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      Do you think saturated fat is what's clogging your arteries and not trans fats, carbs, and sugar?

  • If you place an order before 6pm and say collect it at 630pm do you still get the deal? I'm guessing yes but just want to make sure from someone who has done it

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      System crashes at 5.59pm…

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    Don’t get me wrong ..I really love it , but work in cardiology.. I suppose it could be ok occasionally..
    I would never tell anyone to eat or not to eat .. give the facts and let others decide .

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      Agreed, no point in deciding for others at least on ozbargain. Only put the facts out in the open, they pretty much can speak and preach for themselves.

    • give us the facts, also you should do an AMA, you think?

      • Sorry.. if I have posted something wrong .

        • nothing to be sorry about mate, I was serious and had missed your previous '17 grams of saturated fat' comment hence asked. Cheers

    • I had hotstar chicken yesterday, 4 pieces of KFC today and I'm planning to have the leftover 2 peices tomorrow. Will I die?

      • Yes, in 60 years time, having lived a happy and fulfilled life.

      • Watch your sodium intake and suggest you complement with plenty of veggies….

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    Thanks OP. Ordered x2. One for lunch and one for dinner. All sorted.

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    Is this just for this week? Or next few weeks?

  • Thanks. Can you still add the 4 sides for $9.95 with this offer?

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    only until 6pm?? Awwww but I need it for dinner

    • Microwave or even better, a Foreman grill is your friend.

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        Best option is to Airfry!

        • Airfryer is fried chicken best mate!

    • Should still be able to pick up after 6pm as long as you order prior to 6pm (might even be able to still order after 6pm like you can with the $4.95 fill up before 4pm deals).

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      Order at 5:59pm

      Dinner, 10 minutes later.

      Migrants eat late dinners ,
      but Anglo Brits/Aussies eat at 6pm…ha.

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        Heaps of cities in Asia stay open really late, you could get street food/hawker food at odd hours of the morning and it’s a normal thing over there.

        Singapore and Bangkok, a couple really good cities for food lovers.

        Over here late at night my only choices are McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks :(

        • usually when people have to work hard, all hours of the morning and evenings,
          it means that they don't get paid as well (eg. minimum wage, etc. the real 'gig hustle economy'),
          so that's why life in Asia is good for food lovers = people with money

          ( i grew up in Asia, and i didn't realize this, until i was here, where worker's rights mean something )

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    Finally they came around and saw the light. What was the point of doing a Aus wide promo when you exclude the 2 popular and useful states.

    • "popular" and "useful" states ? o_O

  • The bastards playing tricks on me.

    Over the past few days it had been appearing and disappearing from their 'invisible' menu. Even last night it was gone but it's here again and now put on the visible list, without even a promo email going out.

    Anyway, glad it's live. Happy gains all :)

  • Almost worth risking the $5,452 fine to get this.

    • the rules state if you need to leave your LGA to get something you can't then you can so if you get pulled over i'm sure its legit reason to go get KFC unless you are in sydney and planning to drive to wollongong to buy KFC then thats a different story lol

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        I want to see the bodycam of this convo. "I needed to get KFC officer!"

        • Can't forget the controversial forum post which will follow arguing they're in the right.

        • Just waiting for a mate my KFC

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      buy 2 sets of 6-pieces.

      then, if/when police pull you over,
      you have a box to share with those officers :-)

    • Shut up and take my money

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    im fat

  • I want this for dinner. Order at 5.45pm and specify pickup at 6.15pm?

    Last time I did an order from the app, they didn't start putting it together until I clicked "I'm at the store now" button in the app…

    • but you would have paid by then ?

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        Yeh I paid via the app at home. Got to the store and my initials weren’t in the screen that shows what order numbers are ready.
        Pressed I’m at the store and it instantly showed up.

  • Looks like PICKUP only?

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    I eat KFC chicken once in a blue moon and this deal is probably got me there. Are there still decent sized bits of chicken and can you still request breast and thighs when ordering?

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      If its like the Menu Hack 4 pieces it'll be a mix. FYI you can't order what kind of pieces you want in the app, I've even tried calling KFC while ordering and you can't

      • Ahh ok gotcha thanks - fingers crossed!

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      You can't request in the app, but since they don't (usually, in my experience) put together the order till you're at the drive through, you can always ask when you're telling them your order number. Can't hurt to ask

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    Just ordered 2x of these, plus 24 nuggets for $10. Lunch and dinner sorted in one drive. Airfryer to heat up again for tonight's dinner.

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      OzB deal for AirFryer
      OzB deal for KFC - lunch & dinner
      AirFryer to reheat KFC.


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    If only I could log into the app without telling me my session hasn't been expired

  • this was delicious

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    Just got 6 tiny tiny pieces with no wing from kfc earlwood. Not worth it.

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      It's a restaurant, tell them what you want maybe.

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        Many KFCs are pickup outside the venue… basically impossible to request any specifics of the order. Getting the items you actually paid for is a win with KFC

        • Yeh drive through pick up only. To add salt to injury. I can see they ripped the wings off my pieces ug

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      I think I won KFC lotto today

      From the 6 pieces, I got 1 wing, 4 MASSIVE breasts/thighs and 1 drumstick. I can only finish 4 and left the 2 big pieces for tomorrow

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      I got 2 thighs, 1 wing and 3 drumsticks from Randwick today. The young girl called out my initials, I put my hand up, she looked at me and then she started making the order.

  • Just got 3 standard sized drumsticks, two thigh, and one breast piece from kfc carlingford. Worth it.

  • -3

    KFC wings and burgers rule would get them straight away if they had deals but KFC chicken is only good if you have a few but even then it does depend which KFC store you go to recently I haven't had any decent chicken pieces so not liking the kfc pieces.

  • Tonight's dinner is decided.

  • Hmmm… I can't seem to add Hot and Spicy instead of the Original pieces like before. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • Want to know too.

    • Mine works

  • App ordering at my local store is conveniently not working at the moment. It was working fine earlier today… very sus

    • same here, again, like last Tuesday, can't sign in, won't send reset… ;(

      • mine works

        • Went down there with a mind to "insist"… my local actually ran out of Original Recipe!?!?

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    Put order through at 5.55pm and just picking up now.

    Confirming that they do not get the order until you press “I’m here” button on the order page.

    So I could’ve waited until I actually wanted to have my dinner.


  • KFC George street in Sydney CBD was a 30min wait, and you gotta wait outside in the rain aswell.

    • Surprised the app allowed you to order at that store, generally they pull the app is not working today excuse on tuesdays lol

      • yeh I ordered at 5:50pm

  • 40mins wait for 3 pcs+3 wings… Lol

    Though worth it with fresh chicken

  • im from NSW and its not available on my app.

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      I suspect because kfc was closed when u wrote that post?

    • I'm in Sydney North Shore and it doesn't show up for most of the stores in my list except Chatswood Interchange - try to change to other stores Nr you if possible. Should be under "Colonel's Offer"

  • Wondering, would I have been able to place a order and then not collect it and then come next day and say here’s my order but I forgot to pick it up yesterday?

    I should try this scenario out if no one has tried when they have the $1 chips deal lol

  • So every state except SA are getting deals on original pieces ?

  • Wow I read comments about how small the pieces can be… I struck jackpot yesterday and found one the size of a small mandarin in my box! Sent an e-mail to KFC will see what they come back with….

    • I got two drumsticks, three thigh pieces and one breast.

      It was massive!

      • To be fair the other pieces were reasonable- 1 drumstick, 2 thighs and 2 breasts. It was the last piece that was disappointing…

        • thats fair, the wings are always tiny.

  • Drove past the kfc near Warragul Road, Oakliegh today, cars out on the main road queuing!

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    Does anyone have receipt details so I can use that for free chips and drinks