AENZR 5A USB-C Fast Charging $9.99, 2X Xiaomi Zmi 45W Car Charger $15.99 + Delivery (Free with $39 Spend) @ Mostly Melbourne


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2X Xiaomi Zmi AP721 45W Fast Charging Car Charger-$15.99(was $31.98)

Also, pay $9.99 now, you will get AENZR 5A USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Fast Charging Fast Data Cable 1m(was $15.99)

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2X45W Dual-port Travel Charger-$39.99

Free delivery with $39 order

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  • Does it support super fast charging or only fast charging?

    • Hi there, the cable is up to 100W

      • The car plug

  • I couldn't find the voltage/current specifications. When it says 45W, does that mean PD charging? As in 20Vx2.25A=45W.
    This is what my DELL XPS requires (and many other thunderbolt USB-C port laptop and tablets) at a minimum to be charged?
    Could you please list what each port is capable of, or if I've missed it could you please link where the specs are available, thanks.

    • Dear customer,
      PD is 18W and USB-A is 22.5W.