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Samsung T7 Portable SSD: 500GB $89.98, 1TB $149.98 (OOS), 2TB $299.98 (OOS) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Crazy low prices for Samsung T7 portable SSD's at EB Games.

  • 500GB - $89.98
  • 1TB - $149.98 - Out of Stock
  • 2TB - $299.98 - Out of Stock

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        Both OOS

      • (profanity), that was an insane price. Lowest I've ever seen was 413.

  • Thanks OP.
    My local had a 1TB for C&C.

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    unrelated to samsung deal, eb also has 75% off TP-Link (likely very limited stock):

    links to categories with items on sale:

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      Damn, spent 5 minutes reading reviews on the TP-Link gaming router and it sold out :(

  • OOS already

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    I don't need this but it's tempting

    • Same here…

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      Just bought a 500gb one for my ps5 a week ago for $99, got JB to price match Bing Lee. Seeing EB's prices hurts…

      • Why not just a T5?

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          +1 for T5, has much better random speeds and cheaper and DRAM cache.

      • 500gb bit small for ps5. Got 1tb for Xbox and it's already full…

    • same here so I just bought 1TB. bummer! 2 TB is out of stock.

    • Buy first, think later!

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    i'd be keen on the 2TB SSDs … when they hit AU$ 200 :-P

    ( which means the 1TB SSDs will need to be about AU$ 100 … and it will get there! )

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      Chip shortage may disagree with you though …

      • which chip, the TSMC chips ?

        or Chia-related ?

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          Literally every chip (except potato luckily) every electronics manufacture is struggling and will do into 2022

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            @Simster275: You can do a Kira and eat a potato chip whilst wiping out the existence of computer chips in the death note.

  • Thanks, got the 1TB

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP got 1TB! The 2TB is out of stock.

    • Just got a refund for the 1TB, guessing less stock than predicted.

  • Thanks! Great price!

  • Thanks, just ordered the 1 tb.

    • They just cancelled my order. I suppose it's out of stock 😞

  • Does anyone know the internal specs of the SSD, was thinking it might fit into a PS5 if taken apart

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      might be a completely different format, don't think its worth the risk of disassembling it and voiding warranty of the SSD

      • yeah wasnt thinking, see a bargain and pounce

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      Can't be shucked.

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      Most off the shelf external SSDs are not standard drives. that said this is also far from PS5 spec of PCIE 4 and 5000MB/s even if it could be. Will be great for PS4 games but wont be running PS5 on it

  • Thanks!

  • Splendid, thanks so much OP! Edit: Bought the 1TB and received a refund :(

  • Are these a lot better than the T5's? I have a T5 purely for backed up photos/videos and I need another.

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      Significantly faster transfer speed I think. But the T5 is no slouch, it’s honestly already pretty fast.

  • I bought a 500GB from ebay this morning and now I bought a 1 TB. Need to sell the 500GB.

    Anyways, worried about going out of stock I bought it without Gift cards (1TB). But, if you have time, you can buy gift cards from Macquarie bank for 6% off and bring down the price to $140. If your birthday is this month then you can get this for $130 Delivered. :) Great price.

    • my birthday is every month

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    1tb seems to be out of stock as well :( you can add to your cart but when you go to pay it states "unfortunately the items below are not in stock for delivery in your area. Please choose Click & Collect to proceed."

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      yeah, I placed the order and got refund

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    Damn missed the 2TB. Serves me right for failing the 5 minute ozb check

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    My 1TB order got cancelled and got my refund back! OH NO!

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      Same. And I placed order again still got cancelled.

    • Well this is embarrassing.
      It seems that the team at Hay Street couldn’t find one or more of your items. Please view your order to see your options.

      • and got cancelled now

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      My 1TB order is also cancelled…

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      Got cancelled as well.

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    My order was cancelled too. But no refund. :D Yet. May be this is a pricing error?

  • I am in the hunt to connect external drive to my 500GB PS4. I am on the fence with 1TB of SSD or 2TB of this https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/ps4/267309-marvel-avenger...

    Will it be noticeable performance difference? I am ok with current internal one so if the 2TB of seagate match that I am fine.

    • Noticeable on loading screens yes definitely. Noticeable in actual game play mixed bag, generally no. I have only ever played games off of an HDD and while there are a few games that it can be awful for most its not noticeable especially if you're fine on the internal HDD. Only really comes in play when trying to load things in on the fly rapidly eg GTA 5 speeding along things popping in or for me its planetside 2 (big map which you teleport around quickly)

  • just a quick question, i need a hardrive for my ps5 and since you cant play ps5 games off a hard drive would it be more logical and cheaper to get a hdd instead of an ssd? would it make much of a difference?

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      You can. But loading time is faster when you use ssd

  • Shipping cost kills it…. $14.95
    Really need one 😩🤷

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    Got a refund

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    500gb variant now available at their eBay store for the same price

    Even better if you're a plus member to utilise express shipping+the monthly $5 voucher to bring it down to $85.

    Personally waiting for the price to drop further, but hopefully my find will help someone!

    • owe you one, many thanks for the notice

    • I bought the last 1tb version off their eBay this morning, got for $142ish with ebay plus code. Got a notification that it was shipped this afternoon so might be worth checking if they restock

  • Sigh! Got a refund for the 1TB.

  • https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/samsung-50...

    $98 at office works - not sure if they will price beat 5%

    • Thats T5 not T7

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