Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter Question

Hi All,

I have purchased the Xiaomi air purifier 3H model not Pro. Wanting to know if this model is compatible with HEPA filter than the one I have currently installed?

This is the filter i'm talking about:

Also, I want to make a purchase for someone else and want to make sure that e.g. like this model it already has the HEPA filter and not needing a replacement to have the HEPA filter installed separately.


Hope this makes sense.


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    The all use the same filter. The only difference between models is the airflow and features

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    The 3H comes with the HEPA filter you posted the link to. You don’t need to buy a separate HEPA filter but yes the one you posted is compatible.

  • Hey mate its currently on sale at PC Byte for 39.95 with 9.90 delivery, if you buy 2 or more might be cheaper. I just purchased mine last Thursday and has arrived today. (https://www.pcbyte.com.au/p/xiaomi-mi-air-purifier-hepa-filt...)

    • thanks just wanted to make sure it was compatible first, are you mainly using it because you have allergies?

  • Was another thread on this just a week ago or so. Search is your friend!!!


    Get he 3H. Got one. Good bit of kit!
    The end….


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