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[Switch, Pre Order] Metroid Dread: Special Edition $139.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Was dreading having to pay inflated prices on eBay when this got sold out earlier in the year.

It’s back now. No idea for how long so get in quick before they do.

The Metroid Dread Special Edition includes:

  • Metroid Dread full game
  • Steelbook® Case
  • Holographic Art Cards
  • Artbook

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    oh nice my friend was looking to get this.

    Thanks OP

    PS: for some reason OZB has automatically associated me with EB for some reason and i have never worked there before.

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    • No worries mate! When you post a comment there’s a checkbox above “preview” which asks if you are associated with EB Games, you might have ticked it by accident? ;)

    • Hi,

      I've removed your association with EB Games.

      Appears you accidently associated with your EB Games Deal Post

  • They must read your post already

  • Is this even worthy of collecting? would this be worthy any values if kept unopened?

    • If this game won the game of the year, then yes.

    • +5

      Nope. Nope.

    • +2

      I dunno about long term, but historically these limited editions tend to spike a lot in the week after the game releases.

    • Ask again in 10 years time.

      For reference, my copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii is now 3 times what I paid for it back in 2010.

      • +1

        MY copy of Metroid Samus returns on 3DS is worth $150-200.

        My boxed copies of Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission go for $300-500.

        And these are confirmed sold eBay prices.

        Even normal cased games have shot up in price due to limited copies being made (i.e. Dragon Quest XI, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 / Torna, Dragon Quest builders 2, Octopath traveller, Diablo 3, Doom, etc.)

        In terms of limited edition / special editions go search on eBay limited editions like Zelda Botw, links awakening, xenoblade, etc etc. they have all doubled if not tripled in price

        Nintendo also doesn't release high quantities for Metroid series from past experience.

        • I bought Samus Returns last year for $60. I knew it was going to go up shortly.

          I have all the Shin Megami Tensei games on 3DS. I could probably buy an RTX 3070 if I sold them all.

  • +13

    Damn, ripoff price ngl

    • +7

      Agreed. The special edition doesn't have enough in it to justify its cost but I am looking forward to the artbook.

    • +1

      Yep. Luigi’s Mansion 3 came with a glow in the dark steel book at normal price…

      The art book with this surely doesn’t justify an extra $70

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up OP. I was also dreading having to pay scalpers for this.

  • +4

    Why pay inflated ebay prices when you can pay slightly less inflated prices at EB.

  • -3

    RRP is not a deal which is why I will downvote.
    And regardless of that it is just a poor value for money special edition, double the price of the orginal game for a steelbook, artbook and cards.

    • +9

      Although RRP is not a deal, I would never have known it went back in stock had it not been posted here. The OP and myself would then resort to paying more than RRP from scalpers. For that reason, I consider it a deal myself.

    • Assuming the artbook is like the ones they did for Xenoblade (large, hard cover), it's worth that price. I'm not big enough into Metroid to pay double for it but if I was it'd be an easy buy.

  • Insane that we've waited 15 years for this game.

    • I'm counting 4 years because the gameplay footage of Dread looks so similar to Samus Returns I suspect it's in the same engine…?

      • It's been 15 years, sure it's not the original vision but it would be based on the original script.

        • Imagine if they remastered all the OGs. drewl

  • +1

    One of Nintendo's greatest franchises of all time.

    • +1

      Greatest underrated franchises

    • +1

      Other M, Federation Force intensifies

  • Sold out now

  • +1

    Not too fussed with this to be honest. Game looks good but the reveal the EMMI isn't just one robot kind of bored me

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