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Handmade European Chess Set $126.75 (Was $169) Delivered @ AUS Chess Store via Amazon AU


Nice handmade chess set to spend time with your kids/teenagers. Pieces look classy and well-crafted. Grabbed one for myself as I have been looking to replace my tiny chessboard.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Sorry, I only play The Queens Gambit Official Boardgame

  • You sunk my battleship!

  • But how do I draw arrows on this?

    • use Sharpies. but seriously , don't :D

  • Looks cheap quality. Try house of chess. Their stuff is nice and generally well priced.

    • House of Staunton sets are really nice and weighted.

    • Which one do you recommend from their collection in the similar price range ?

      • Havent looked lately. But when I did, house of chess offered very nice sets in comparison to others available at similar cost. I've got one that looked like this in pic before, and while looked good in pic, wood quality very poor and board squares just stained. Looks cheap. They are all over AliExpres - they all take photos of nice sets, and send a cheaper version…

        • Hopefully , this is not some knockoff chinese version. I will be returning it if the quality is off.

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            @bluehorntail: Hope so.

            I got another set from Amazon that looked perfect and reviewed well. But they supplied incorrect pieces, and their white wood used varied in colour so much you couldn't tell if some pawns were white or brown…

            After those problem, tried house of chess, and quality is meticulous.

          • @bluehorntail: Did you receive this yet? Was it good quality?

  • Thanks. Bought one :)

  • Thanks! Bought one as well

  • Just wondering "Handmade European". Does that mean it was made by a european but not necessarily im Europe or physically made in Europe but could have been made by a non-european labour force?

    • From the listing:

      Classic aesthetics are embodied in this complete chess set that is handcrafted in Poland from farm-grown wood; its exceptional craftsmanship makes it worthy to be put out on display

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      Handmade by children for your children

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    FYI I paid $141.84 last year. The whole set is ~OK, but very light and built in Poland to a low price point… so poor quality.
    Looks OK from a distance, but closer up the green velvet is off centre, the board latches are wonky, piece holder is that flimsy blow mold plastic (like a $0.60 water bottle).

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    Can this set be smuggled into prison?

  • Also would Australia border force allow polish wood to be imported? 🤣
    May need to be polished first

  • i bought this one because it is cheaper (and i needed a slightly smaller board to fit on my table). Will be the same crap quality - https://www.amazon.com.au/Brand-Crafted-Wooden-Senator-Profe...